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  • Warmoon {ONC 2020} [Shortlisted]
    1.7K 350 27

    Witchspawn. Rotbringer. Changeling. There are many names for someone born under a Warmoon, and Rhoa Strongcastle has heard them all. It doesn't help that on the night she was born, the Rot began oozing down from the mountains, ruining the land and bringing sickness and famine. In spite of the suspicions surrounding h...

  • Open Novella Rec Book 2020 (Closed)
    15.1K 2K 104

    We're back with Open Novella 2020! A recommendation book to promote this year's fabulous and standout entries as well as a chance to get to know other people. **Please note that this is not affiliated with Wattpad in any official capacity.** **Cover by the fabulous Crimson_Graves**

  • Debbie's Vengeance (ONC 2020)
    475 93 9

    Fourteen-year-old Debbie's love for money is well-known in the neighbourhood. When she is arrested, accused and wrongly implicated in a drug deal gone awry, the law sentences her to a life in juvenile prison. Through her life in prison, Debbie learns of her perpetrators and the crimes they committed. And now, she wan...

  • Timeless (ONC2020)
    1.5K 335 17

    [ONC SHORTLIST - ONC AMBASSADOR PICK 2020] When Rylan Walker wakes up almost 25 years in the past, the only explanation she has is that it's a vivid dream. But when her eyes open the next morning and she's transported back into the American Civil War, she knows it is real. She is utterly lost; the only familiar face...

    Completed   Mature
  • Evoke ~ ONC 2020
    255 60 4

    When a disgraced actress decides to sell her memories to the Evoke clinic, a frenzy starts. People are lining up and paying huge amounts to have her memories inserted. But the frenzy soon turns into obsession and when the actress suddenly disappears, there are whispers of murder. Robin makes a modest living out of se...

  • Anaya: A Dark Voyage [#1 LightBlood Series]
    3.4K 499 29

    Anaya awakes from a month in a coma to find herself in an empty room - an abandoned pig slaughterhouse. Filled with horror, she tries to run only to be met with a sealed envelope drenched in blood addressed to her. She opens the seal and finds a letter with the writings, "Dear Anaya, the body you are wearing used to...

  • Untie the Knot - Hades & Persephone
    10.2K 1.2K 22

    Penny Lane hates weddings, especially her mother's. She'd rather spend time at the flower shop or listening to music, no, not the Beatles. She never quite forgave her mother for that one. Haze Delacroix, tall, dark, and handsome, is the charismatic owner of Underworld Delicacies, and always gets what he wants. The on...

  • [ON HOLD] The Garden
    311 63 5

    LABYRINTH x SECRET GARDEN Legend has it if you stand in the woods at midnight holding a key and a candle and call upon the Goblin Queen, a door to her realm will appear. When she turned 9, Vivianne's Gramma gave her a book called The Garden, and a beautiful key. Entranced by the fairytale of Goblins, a sentient gar...

  • Flicker & Flare (ONC 2020)
    208 31 3

    'Find me at the edge of the universe.' Five years ago, Tilda woke up to find her father gone and a one line note on the fridge whiteboard. She has spent years chasing down answers for why her father left, now it is time to find him. To do so, she will have to use the ability they share: traveling through time and spac...

  • Billy and the Book of Wonders
    42 6 5

    Billy is spending his holiday in bed after an accident. Grandpa gave him a book to spend the time, but who wants to read a book when it is sunny outside and his friends are playing in the park? Resigned, Billy opens the book. Who knows what he could discover as he turns the pages?

  • Funny Business
    584 91 8

    [ New Adult Romance ] Embry has high hopes for her senior year at Smithfield College. She has the work ethic, the grades, and she's landed a financial planning internship at the prestigious Beckett Wealth Management, a leader in the financial services industry in the Providence, Rhode Island region. Her personal life...

  • The Dreamers [ONC2020] | ✓
    6.1K 585 12

    * ONC 2020 AMBASSADOR'S PICK * * ONC 2020 SHORT LIST * * HIDDEN GEMS * Sean has a problem: his dreams come to life. It causes him enough trouble that he moves across the country to start fresh at Everwood Institute. But as his repetitive dreams become more vivid, he wonders if anything he sees is real, and if the blac...

  • Forget me lots❀Wattpad Picks: Hidden Gems❀ ✔︎
    10.9K 1.2K 29

    ❀Wattpad picks: Hidden Gems❀ ❀ONC Amb's Pick ❀ONC Longlisted ❀ONC Shortlisted Seventeen-year-old Dawn Gray Brooks knows how to ride a whirlwind. She has her mother, her dog Clover, and the twins. She has her yellow bicycle parked in the shed of her new, light-blue clad home which she'll use to pedal to her new sch...

  • Into the Clouds [ONC III]
    201 22 11

    [Round 2 Qualifier] A chance encounter amongst the clouds. Adventure across the stars was Kull'e Lathenna's dream, and when Vax crashed into her life and promised her just that, she never looked back. Their newest adventure brings them to The Cloud Empire, on the planet Nubaeths, where a past enemy will test the bonds...

  • All
    333 55 8

    Open Novella Contest III Entry, based on Romance Prompt #66 - GameSetMatch, a new dating app/game that promises to find your soulmate, matches you with that one ex you hate, and who dumped you in a way you'll always remember. Vivian Giuliani is an extremely single, high school literature teacher, who spends most of he...

  • Prospect's Past - ONC2020
    163 34 10

    Tick-tock goes the clock, time passing slowly, time passing quick. But it's all in our heads, just one big trick. What if time didn't exist? For Sybil Avant, her reality is close to that. Imagine being locked in a room and never knowing how long you were in there, not even an estimate. Dyschronometria. Sybil has neve...

  • La Belle Époque
    1K 216 6

    Twenty-year-old Estelle has never cared much for the frivolous finery her mother makes or the pompous, wealthy clients that frequent her Montemarie shop. But as the daughter of one of the most skilled couturières in Paris, she has learned how to behave among the Parisian bourgeoisie, how to become invisible in their c...

  • The Mouse Who Sang for Paradise
    2.1K 312 21

    They called her 'Mouse'. Kie Loren just wanted to be left alone to study the music she loved. But now she was teamed up on a biological survey project with Ben Finn, the son of Mora and Gan Finn, the heroes credited with saving this newly terraformed world called 'Paradise'. It didn't help that Ben was handsome and ir...

  • Linus
    1.3K 402 21

    Jilted. On the run. Stone cold sober. And now her apple has started talking to her. Mollie da Silva has been having a strange few weeks. An anatomy of the collapse of a coercive relationship, addiction and mental illness. INSIDE OUT for grownups. With fruit and booze.

  • Chasing Colors | Fade to Grey #1
    1.3K 360 20

    BOOK ONE - Scarlet's perfect world gets turned upside down when life begins to drain of color. After losing her parents, Scarlet realizes she has the power to see things no one else can. Struggling to bring it all back to normal, she finds herself on a hunt with her best friend in order to learn the truth about her fa...

  • Back to Boise
    831 260 23

    Charlotte Janssen is an Air Force C-17 pilot. She was raised in Boise by her grandparents and returns home to care for her ailing grandfather. She takes a job as an airline pilot and begins the task of a full renovation of her 100 year old house and that's when she meets Justin. This novella is written for the Open...

  • Wild Weekend - ONC 2020
    766 203 22

    Willow's life is often complicated by her over-the-top family, but things are taken to a new low when she meets Heath on the set of a cheesy dating show. Though the two are both happy to see the backside of the other when filming wraps, fate seems determined to keep putting them in each other's path. Now if they can o...

  • Curves | ONC 2020
    28.1K 2.2K 33

    When your girlfriend gives you a gym membership for your birthday, your relationship is probably doomed. Too bad Jenny didn't realize this before proposing. Rejection stings, but it's the catalyst Jenny needs to move her stagnant life forward. When a well-padded but cute woman starts frequenting the gym Juliana works...

  • Dreamcatcher (ONC 2020)
    942 196 15

    When Liam Yang asks Dakota to go dreamcatching, their first answer is no, absolutely not, never in a million years, NO. Dakota is just fine with how life is going for them, and they definitely do not need the added anxiety of managing a fifteen-year-old kid with the brain capacity of a preschooler. But things start to...

  • Obelus (ONC 2020)
    6.8K 519 13

    COMPLETE. Eli just wants to get through college in one piece, but that goal becomes a whole lot harder the day he awakens from his simulated reality. Will Subject 801 submit to the system? Or will he fight his dreamscape-- and those desperate to keep him there? Featured on WattpadExplorer's Hidden Gems reading lis...

  • Soul Harvester (#OpenNovellaContest2020)
    2.9K 525 12

    Seventeen-year old Jacey Marques is a soul harvester. She travels to other dimensions to hunt down the alternate souls of those recently deceased in her own world with the goal to reawaken them. An unlimited supply of lives -- at least for the wealthy elite who can afford the steep price tag. But like so many doors...

  • CLOUD NINE | Wattys 2020
    684 218 32

    What if there was no freedom of speech and expression in your world? What if every writing, every art and all pieces of creation were censored with an iron hand? The defectors dissappear without a trace, the free press is gagged and suffocating and the government had no opposition whatsoever. Set in a world of trust a...