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  • Scribers and Vibers Book Club 2021 | Orientation Week Now! |
    1.2K 140 7

    Welcome to the lil' cosy corner of Wattpad that is 'Scribers and Vibers' ! A Book Club in which absolutely everybody is welcome to grow as an author and reader, make friends, support fellow small authors, take part in competitions, prompts, do interviews and share your own personal experiences! In light of the crazine...

  • The Avalon Awards 2020 [JUDGING]
    7.1K 518 25

    Welcome to The Avalon Awards Contest, 2020! [ ] Accepting Entries [ X ] Judging [ ] Closed

  • The Olympus Awards
    6.5K 411 36

    OPEN {⚡️} JUDGING { } CLOSED { } Do you think that your book isn't getting the attention that it so richly deserves? Then congratulations, this award is definitely for you. This award aims to help undiscovered writers get recognition on their book. Want to know more? Then tap that read button for further inf...

  • Crystal Clear - Treasure Chest Reviews & Graphics [Hiring/Open]
    7.6K 329 73

    This is a review book for those who want an honest judgment of their work and grow as a writer. We aim to help writers improve and want to support them on their way to mainstream recognition. We are always trying to find hidden gems within the endless ocean of Wattpad stories. If your book manages to blow our minds wi...