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  • Fated #ONC2020
    370 74 10

    When fate chooses who you love... Jaejin Choi is a renowned author and flourishing businessman who is living the perfect life until he meets someone who rips his fairytale life apart. Who do you blame when every choice you make feels right, yet everything turns out wrong?

  • Darkness Falls #ONC2020
    180 49 7

    What would you do if your worst nightmares become someone else's reality? Julia Abbot is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life with the ordinary man of her dreams until an extraordinary twist of fate brings a new man into her dreams. Jahlin has been on the trail of evil his entire adult life, a trail that leads h...

  • Uncontrollable/ ONC 2020
    140 24 16

    What do you do when life gives you an impossible choice? Do you follow your intuition or your destiny? What if it is not your choice at all and you are forced by an outside power to inflict judgment upon others? This is what happened to me. I didn't have a choice. My actions were not my own, but I followed them noneth...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rose
    78 16 4

    It's summertime!!! Alexa swimming with Rose in the lake near their house. She enjoys herself and starts to dive in while Rose just floating around. When Alexa's body comes up for air, she feels the chill in the air. The snow is falling and covering the ground! She looked back to tell this impossible event but Rose's b...

  • Paranormal Diaries ✓
    1.5K 149 13

    |Completed| Erika, a highly secretive agent of the Paranormal Council has to solve a conflict of twenty years between the Montagues, an ancient werewolf family, and the Capulets, their rival vampire clan. The only instruction that she was given, should she fail to maintain her cover and not be able to steer away an al...

    Completed   Mature
    180 43 9

    "Life's a café with oblivious waiters, you don't always get what you ordered." Handel Bhatia had taken an internship in Xavier Versailles, the most iconic teen fashion label of the 21st century. Her problem? The internship only asks her of serving coffee and putting mails. But soon her luck turns when she overhears th...

  • The Repercussions in Time
    113 23 5

    "People would topple and destroy worlds to take your place." "They already are... toppling and destroying worlds." A man finds himself living in two different eras in alternation. With no recollections of why, he is forced to live in this hellish reality. But when a same unaged face seems to appear in all the years, h...

  • Gemini, Letters to the Sky (ONC Entry - Voltron: Legendary Defender Fanfic)
    162 3 20

    Rachel finds solace from the antics of her idiotic brother Lance by writing to her penpal Ryo Shirogane, yet does she really know him from those letters? She starts to doubt the fact she does when she starts learning some things he'd not told her. Disclaimer - I don't own Voltron: Legendary Defender. This is a spin of...

  • ...confirm humanity? [ONC 2020]
    666 187 21

    Ted has suffered a hell of a week. Losing his family, his eyesight, and the ability to walk in one fell swoop, he's been forced to pick up the pieces in a whole other world entirely. The land of the fae, where everyone trusts no one, and the streets basking in neon light are on the verge of war. He wholeheartedly beli...

    3K 533 19

    Cain Ito-Sallow has always known that as the next descendant of Hell, he would be meeting with the demon tied to his family tree when he turns twenty. Unlike the rest of his demon-worshipping family, he is determined to break from this contract and be free from the Demon of Land of Mirrors and Death; Eris. What he di...

  • Tread Softly (ONC 3)
    601 141 12

    Eshe has always been able to read the ground. Skeletons, buried ruins, precious metals and gems. Everything was laid bare to her mind. The problem is, it's impossible to unsee something, and dangerous when someone would kill for what you know, but devastatingly lethal when that person is someone you thought you could...

    Completed   Mature
  • King Of A New Era | Open Novella Contest 2020
    218 57 8

    Nikita Yahontav, a boy who'll do anything for his survival, doesn't feel much. The graphic stories of when monsters, such as zombies, existed were told to him by his father, they only numbed him of fear and cowardice. The years of constant humiliation and isolation from society numbed him from the feeling of lonelines...

  • Becoming A Queen In Another World?
    110 25 4

    Thousands of years ago, there was a race of Dragons that had the power to challenge the Gods and change the course of the world as they deem fit. As a newborn Dragon was celebrated, a rumour that this infant had the collective powers of the elements, the Gods feared that the child and the Dragon race would takeover th...

  • #aboutlastnight (ONC 2020 Shortlist)
    2.3K 435 14

    For influencer Carolyn Danes, #aboutlastnight is the best hashtag. It perfectly sums up an evening filled with adventure and excitement. And her last evening out really WAS perfect. Her dress fit perfectly, her hair and makeup were on point, and she met the man of her dreams, out-of-this-world-hot and charming Damian...

  • All I Dance Is Death (Open Novella Contest 3)
    223 61 8

    (In the world of 'I Am Sorrow') A prison of ice. A dead Queen. A Goddess's curse. An innocent mother. A truth that has never been told. I used to be many things. I used to dance many dances. A daughter's dance, a sister's dance...a lover's dance. Now, all I dance is death. Eliseya Barranni was a healer and a killer...