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  • Stuck on Earth - ONC 2020
    898 137 15

    Writing Challenge for the Open Novella Contest 2020! Hannah is just a typical sixteen, going on seventeen-year-old girl, but has an added interest in magic. She ends up going too far one Halloween night as she plays with magic to impress her friends. How will she respond to the actions that follow? Only time will tell...

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    237 38 5

    Open Novella Contest III Entry, based on Romance Prompt #66 - GameSetMatch, a new dating app/game that promises to find your soulmate, matches you with that one ex you hate, and who dumped you in a way you'll always remember. Vivian Giuliani is an extremely single, high school literature teacher, who spends most of he...

  • Sleepers (#ONC submission)
    101 10 5

    I see them, blurry people. They don't know that I watch them. They don't even know they're dead. Maybe they think they're in a dream. _____ After a near death experience, Sage sees spirits of the newly deceased. Only her best friend, Abby, knows. Who else would believe her? The truth is, Sage needs her help to find Ke...

  • Distortion (ONC 2020)
    2.3K 349 9

    When Ariella discovers a peculiar clinic offering to replace memories, she has to decide whether she should face her trauma or simply forget it. → ❉ ← Ariella's relationship with her boyfriend is a rollercoaster. When it's good, it's great, but when it's bad, it's hell...

  • The First Time || ONC2020
    162 39 5

    I always thought your life ends when you die. A bus hits you and then -BOOM- you're dead. Buried six feet under and left to decay. That wasn't the case for me. My life started with my death.

  • The Magic Thief
    799 84 11

    ONC First Round Qualifier On the soot covered streets of Kulay-abo, Tala is hellbent on snatching her first bit of magic. With it, she can finally become a member of an elite group of Magic thieves known as the Dark Prophets. One problem. The coven she's searching for finds her first. #OpenNovellaContest2020 Prompt...

  • Timeless (ONC2020)
    1K 208 17

    When Rylan Walker wakes up almost 25 years in the past, the only explanation she has is that it's a vivid dream. But when her eyes open the next morning and she's transported back into the American Civil War, she knows it is real. She is utterly lost; the only familiar face is that of a handsome stranger she'd met th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Witch Down - ONC 2020
    80 14 2

    Jasmine's sister intends to get married to a human, an accountant who has no idea his bride-to-be comes from a long line of witches. To make matters worse, her sister wants to exchange her vows under the cherry tree where their parents declared their eternal love for each other. The tree is currently infested by a her...

  • A Certain Kind of Magic (#ONC2020)
    557 97 11

    THE SECRET GARDEN meets PRACTICAL MAGIC. When Duncan and Pauline Weeks disappear without a trace, their three children-Nora, Claire and Julian, are sent to stay with their strange aunt - a reclusive woman residing in the New Forest of southern England. Augusta Mills is rumoured to be a witch, and her mysterious famili...

  • Flicker & Flare (ONC 2020)
    129 30 3

    'Find me at the edge of the universe.' Five years ago, Tilda woke up to find her father gone and a one line note on the fridge whiteboard. She has spent years chasing down answers for why her father left, now it is time to find him. To do so, she will have to use the ability they share: traveling through time and spac...

  • I Am... Elizabeth Bennet?! || ONC 2020
    2.6K 304 10

    Romantic, sharp-tongued, with a tendency to fall in love with tall, dark-haired, brooding men--Leah is the archetype of the Pride and Prejudice fan. For her birthday, Leah's friends and family pool together to get her the ultimate Janeite gift: a virtual-reality gaming device, that will allow her to live her favorite...

  • When All Else Fails (A Push of a Button Novella)
    83 6 9

    "When all else fails, throw a little magic at it" is the motto for most people on the technologically-advanced planet of Kalanun. But for Sebastian Auclaire, that couldn't be further from the truth. In a world where magic is determined by the button the government plugs into your brain, Sebastian's button simply reads...

  • Joy (18+) || Open Novella Contest
    710 151 13

    She's a beloved icon, a household name, a bringer of joy. But she's got a secret. Doesn't everyone? *Chosen as an Ambassador's Pick in Round 1!* Round 1 Milestone: Chapter three Round 2 Milestone: Chapter eleven Round 3 Milestone: *coming soon!* *** My entry for the Open Novella Contest III. Prompt #4. Because sometim...

  • Mind the Gap | ONC 2020 ✔️
    4.4K 654 20

    Two strangers on separate trains, divided by uncaring glass. A bond forms between them. But will it hold when their trains are bound for different destinations? Evan's heart has been bleeding since his little family was torn apart by divorce, and his nose runs with a cold. Trying to pick up the pieces of his life, he...

  • Untie the Knot - Hades & Persephone | ONC 2020
    5.5K 757 14

    [𝐀𝐦𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐫 𝐏𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐬] Penny Lane hates weddings, especially her mother's. She'd rather spend time at the flower shop or listening to music, no, not the Beatles. She never quite forgave her mother for that one. Haze Delacroix, tall, dark, and handsome, is the charismatic owner of Underworld Delicacies, and...

  • 𝓛𝓾𝓼𝓽𝓻𝓪𝓵 || ONC շօշօ ||
    1.1K 285 7

    Two souls on the run from their past, manage to bump into each other on a distant planet at just the right time. Lustral: rite of purification. ONC 3 Prompts #57, #68, #60. 2K milestone ✅ chapter 2 📖 👽 8K milestone ✅ chapter 6 🛸 📖 🔎 👽 Featured on @Mystery 🛸 The Sixth Sense reading list 🔍 3.2020

  • The Curse of the Topsy-Turvy (ONC 2020)
    474 65 8

    In need of a profitable load, freighter captain Kalina ap'Theron takes on a mysterious box to be delivered to an obscure rim planet. But soon the space patrol as well as a band of infamous rim pirates are on her heels. Out of options, Kalina steers her precious ship into a ion storm, a dangerous manoeuvre with unexpec...

  • The Egyptian Queen ONC2020
    53 9 2

    A goddess. A queen. A lover. In the times of ancient Egypt, where pharaohs ruled and gods and goddesses brought great gifts and curses, a young soldier comes to power. Commanding the armies of the great empire Modu finds himself drawn to the queen: Nehabet, the Pharaoh's favorite wife. During a celebration to honor th...

  • The Janus Project (ONC 2020 - LGBT)
    1.3K 298 14

    "Can I suggest you remove the fangs?" the jester added with a grin. "Otherwise, this will be a kiss neither of us will forget any time soon!" Ash Calvin hadn't wanted to attend the New Year's Eve party - he was too old for fancy dress, but then he met Kai. My entry for the ONC 2020

  • Buried Roses
    4.8K 483 31

    Grace, the illegitimate daughter of a king, finds her world crumbling apart when her father dies. Her only anchor is her stepmother, a woman who always rises from ashes. She should find herself again if she follows her stepmother. But as she follows her stepmother, she loses more of her world. How long will it take fo...

  • Knight of Fire | ONC 2020 | Round One Runner Up
    2.2K 442 14

    Renowned psychic Desmond Wells has it all: money, grandeur, and family. The only thing he doesn't have on his side lately is luck. With his psychic gift mysteriously gone, he relies on the talent of Ava Sinclair until he can get his power back. After reading about a new ritual involving a cup and a mirror, granting hi...

  • They Shall Take Up Serpents || ONC2020
    185 51 4

    16-year-old Desmond "Dizzy" Bolden doesn't need any saving. He's completely fine with being the black, gay kid who can see clouds of emotions over people's heads. But after a salacious heartbreak and a disastrous apartment fire, Dizzy is open to a little redemption. His kooky step-mother, Gwen, thinks she's found jus...

  • His Little Bag of Thoughts
    1K 243 21

    Entry for ONC III - 2020. Jack is an author. He might only be twelve years old, and his time torn between school, perfecting his model train line and helping his struggling mother, but at his core he is an author. And this murder mystery story is going to make him famous. *** Open Novella Contest Entry - Prompt 50: T...

  • Alternative
    1.3K 333 15

    | ONC 2020 Ambassador Pick - - - How far would you go to be remembered? - - - Do you wish you could dance? See the Grand Canyon? What if you could experience those fleeting moments, as though they were a dream? Alt-life, memory distributors, can do that for you. With breakthrough technology, any moment you wish for ca...

  • Zeelandia -|- ONC Round One Winner (Completed)
    3.1K 601 21

    Camille disguises herself to gain a position as the captain's cabin boy aboard a ship bound for the Caribbean in 1676. She soon discovers her natural urges, and her feelings must be expressed as a young boy looking at a father figure, not as a smitten young lady of eighteen. Written for ONC prompt 39: "The ship be cur...

  • Señorita Pufferfish | ONC 2020
    2.4K 497 15

    Sapphire's mournful howls of despair and grief pierced through the battlefield between her fits of hopeless sobbing. It was the sound of heart being shattered into a thousand, tiny bleeding pieces as the mermaid looked upwards. It was as if she was making a vow to the Heavens themselves. "I'll never love again." The w...

  • Soul Harvester (#OpenNovellaContest2020)
    1.8K 323 9

    Seventeen-year old Jacey Marques is a soul harvester. She travels to other dimensions to hunt down the alternate souls of those recently deceased in her own world with the goal to reawaken them. An unlimited supply of lives -- at least for the wealthy elite who can afford the steep price tag. But like so many doors...

  • Parallel | ONC 2020
    1.8K 298 11

    The world ends at 10:43am. February 12, 1950: an atomic bomb hits central Pennsylvania. All life for miles is wiped out. Except for, somehow, Alexander Dombkowski, who has no idea how - and why - he was the only one to survive. Told through the perspectives of two men who, in another life, might've been the same. ONC...

  • TaNgoFiSh (#ONC2020)
    2.6K 586 28

    TANGERINE FISHER, otherwise known as Tangofish, has a pretty great life. She gets good grades at school, her parents actually like each other, and the indomitable Theresa Jayne Baker, aka "TJ", has been her bestie since the first grade. TJ is everything Tango isn't: brave, extroverted, smart and beautiful. And every t...

  • Open Novella Rec Book 2020 (Closed)
    13.3K 1.9K 98

    We're back with Open Novella 2020! A recommendation book to promote this year's fabulous and standout entries as well as a chance to get to know other people. **Please note that this is not affiliated with Wattpad in any official capacity.** **Cover by the fabulous Crimson_Graves**