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  • Dance Around It
    12.2K 920 39

    This is a FREE STORY with paid bonus content. When a struggling Broadway talent agent reluctantly agrees to represent a male stripper, she finds out there's more to her new client than oiled abs. -- Today might be the worst day of my life. I just lost my biggest client to a rival acting agency in front of hundreds of...

  • Gangster's Girl
    6.6K 674 17

    In the world of money, sex, and drugs, there is only one law: Angel Knox. And he'll do anything to save Kira, the woman who wants nothing to do with the man who broke her heart. Kira Ward returns home two years after being sent away by Angel Knox, head of the crime family that her father works for. Determined to disco...

  • A Cowboy for the CEO
    2.4K 388 22

    *WEEKLY UPDATES* A jaded executive needs to save a horse and ride a cowboy instead. * * * * * When a careless mistake forces Manhattan financier and champion show jumper Alejandra Barros into a posh Colorado rehab facility as a term of keeping her jet-setting job, the perfectly chiseled abs of a local cowbo...

  • His Pride & Her Prejudice (in the 21st Century)
    673 61 9

    Ever wondered what Elizabeth Bennett will be like in today's world, like driving a beat-up Volkswagen, sharing a place with her sister, Jane, and being sassy while she is figuring out why Darcy sends her world spinning? Welcome to the world of Ella Bennett and William Darcy, where the regency tale meets the modern tim...

  • Raven of Water
    11.5K 851 23

    Updates every Tuesday All Lexi Rivers wants is to teach preschool, marry her jerk of a fiance Jackson, and lead a normal human life, but coming from a family of gifted magic users dedicated to summoning a demon and bringing about the end of the world makes her dreams... unobtainable. When Lexi's group summons Kirroz...

  • All this Time
    125K 7.7K 35

    Five years ago, Gabrielle left Castle Rock to follow her high school sweetheart and the father of her child to college. After he walks out of their lives, Gabrielle finds herself back in her home town with her daughter while she tries to start over. Enter Nathan, her best friends older brother. He offers Gabrielle an...

  • So I Married a Rockstar
    13.6K 1K 17

    When Camden Harris accidentally marries global rockstar Jude Scott after a crazy night in Vegas, her world changes forever. ***** Camden Harris didn't mean to marry her favourite rockstar in Vegas, but after a night she can't remember, she wakes up with superstar Jude...

  • The Zamboni Driver
    17.2K 1.4K 18

    Spencer West has always lived in her twin brother's shadow. With each passing year, Lennon West continues to gain recognition in the hockey world. And it only gets worse when Lennon is drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Evidently, she becomes the twin sister of Lennon West. Not Spencer West, the aspiring author. You'...

  • Unexpected
    3.2K 435 9

    After a nasty breakup, romance writer Joanna Wilson travels to her best friend's parent's beach house for a much-needed escape and an opportunity to write a new book. The last thing she expects, though, is to find rock star Gabriel Morales - aka her best friend's older brother and lifelong crush - only wrapped in a to...

  • In Over His Head
    537 29 2

    When Kevin Crawford, the 2nd Earl of Rathwell hires Sharla O'Brien as his wine investment firm manager, he doesn't expect to fall in love in the bargain. With his meddlesome mother completely against her, Kevin finds himself in over his head with the feelings he has for Sharla contradicting his title and status at eve...

  • Falling, Fallen
    3.4K 318 2

    A one-night romance is what it was. Or what it was supposed to be. Sienna Monroe is the daughter of Deondre Monroe - a retired basketball star who's brought dishonor to his family upon rumors that he'd stepped out on his wife and cheated with his assistant. It was a misunderstanding - a misconstrued photograph incrimi...