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  • Fuck Me Daddy
    66.9K 1.1K 7

    Eren Jaeger is just your average teenage boy when he falls in love with Levi Ackerman, an upper classmate who has the wrong intentions. But what will happen if this silver blue eyed guy falls in love with this cheeky but yet cocky ocean green eyed little shit?

  • An Interesting Fan (Ereri/Riren)
    68K 2.3K 13

    Eren gladly accepted an offer for a part time job at his neighbours publishing company. There he takes a liking to a mangaka by the name of Levi. Over the course of Eren's time there, the man named Levi decides he wants to get closer to the weaker male. This results in a constant fight between Eren's heart and Eren's...

  • SLAVE Sex (Ereri)(levixeren)YAOI~~~
    46.4K 611 3

    This story contain ereri smut..... a fanfiction..... and everything bla bla bla.......... I hope you'll enjoy it....

  • Pleasurable Torture (Levi X Eren *Smut*)
    57.7K 886 4

    (Modern AU)A military force called the Titans lead by Captain Levi Ackerman and commanded by Reiner Braun planing to enslave all of humanity but a group called the Scouting Legion lead by Captain Eren Jeager and commanded by Erwin Smith fought against them but at the mids of the battle General Jeager had been capture...

  • Our Little Secret Ereri/Riren
    83.4K 2.3K 4

    When Levis' "Father" Erwin Goes Out To Find Levi A Gift For His 21st Birthday Things Happen And He Ends Up Bringing Back A Certain Green-Eyed Brunette With The Idea of Helping Levi 'Relieve Stress.' *wink wink.*