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  • TOXIC [Coming Soon]
    286 61 2

    The "Kuti" family has its own history with maids. What happens when Mrs Kuti has no other choice than to hire a maid. in order not to let history repeat itself, she gets a timid young girl from a village. Rebecca. A sixteen years old girl, who is brought from the villiage with an intention of completing her SSCE...

  • FRENEMIES:Betrayal 1 [✅]
    52.8K 12.8K 123

    April Kuti, a student on scholarship, finally joins "Hallel Colledge" She is your typical calm and cool-headed person. Finding herself around devious personalities, will she be able to pull through her final days in secondary school, especially around this rich spoilt kids? Jordan Adenugu, the cutie with a very calm...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lion of Soweto
    25.4K 1.3K 55

    Sheline is a pretty and ambitious young lady married to insecure Moyo. The desire for a journalism degree takes her from Bulawayo to Johannesburg where she lives with an aunt she hardly knows, vowing to keep her marriage while also studying. Bandele is wealthy and influential but he's also a bully. A lothario. Ladi...

  • The Kwerekwere Saga (Warmest Welcome in Durban)
    359 21 7

    A short story collection about African nationals living in South Africa. "Warmest Welcome in Durban" is the 11th story of the short story collection.

  • The Valentine Frenzy
    1.3K 107 31

    An alpha-male educator due for an office promotion has to implement a curriculum change project in a high school, but schoolgirls and female colleagues stand in the way of success. Will he return home to his fiancée or get carried away in the tide of temptations and challenges?

  • Lady Desperate
    113 29 4

    Jane a single lady approaching forty thinks it's time to find someone to father her first child. She approaches a dating agency, but what she finds blows her mind. Will it yield any positive results or will she remain single?

  • Don't Call Me Ugly
    87 12 3

    The struggles and challenges of an ugly man in a city where good looks open doors of opportunities.

  • Alayonmbere - The Gecko
    1K 173 8

    Friends deride her, people make fun of her name, Alayonmbere queries her mom why she has to share a name with a reptile. The feisty teen soon finds out that the name she hates so much has a story behind it - a story she wont forget for the rest of her life. #WattysNG2020

  • The Teacher's Exit
    335 53 9

    Only two days left to wrap-up his service year and get his NYSC certificate, Emeka exits the village for safety reasons. He won't risk his life because of a sheet of paper. His unexpected departure raises dust in his homestead and in the school where he worked. His landlord wants him back, just like the school teacher...

  • KEHINDE [✅]
    60.3K 10K 70

    Kehinde, a young adult who is still trying to deal with the realities of life, shutting people out of her life, not ready to let go of her terrible past becomes a pain in the neck to her parents making them send her away forcefully to go live with her maternal aunt, ignoring the fact she is the only child and sendi...

    Completed   Mature