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    BEING A TEEN SERIES: CLOCKING SIXTEEN (BOOK 2) Every teenage girl looked forward to clocking sixteen. Not that there was anything special about the day you clocked sixteen but the fact that you were sixteen already. To some girls, its the time to have a boyfriend, the age to get disvirgined, the age to set loose. To...

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    BEING A TEEN SERIES: PERFECT BAD BOY (BOOK 3) Parents generally classify teenagers into two categories, its either you are a good, obedient, respectful teen or you are a bad, disobedient, adamant and disrespectful teen. And most parents liked their children to be the first, they naturally despised the latter but for...

  • His Bride (Slow Updates)
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    _she said she really grew up poor like me Don't believe in nothing but the Almighty Just a lil' jean pure white tee She never did forever be nobody wifey_ ....Tonight I'm walking away, Lined up in mind, on the grind, yeah yeah.. Ayo Fashola grew up between hate and love of women of different kinds into a successful aw...

  • SOLD
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    She was sold by her foster parents to pay their impending debt , later resold to slave traders and bought by the worst bidder . A romantic love story between the slave and her master...

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    Shine like a Star, In the darkest of nights. Star Adedeji, just like her names implies, shines wherever she finds herself. She is smart, easy-going, funny, lovable. You just can't stop yourself from loving her. Due to personal issues, and relocations. She is transferred from her previous school to "Calvary Compreh...

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    They say you can't stop the heart from yearning for what it wants. Love makes you do the craziest things. You can't force the heart to love someone. The heart chooses who it wants. Remita, a sixteen-year-old, naive, shy, reserved and an easy-going girl. She comes from a strong God-fearing home, coupled with overp...

  • Basma likes Fendi
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    Almost every girl loves designer apparel right? But this one is just different as her greed is fed by her favourite designer brand; Fendi. Basma's obsession with worldly materials is the one reason for her impending downfall. Bashir Jalal is the unrepentant playboy who'll humble the dangerously beautiful devil in Fen...

  • CODENAME: 14
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    ---------- SLOW UPDATES -------- Every year once a child turns 14, a special exam is conducted all over the country. No one knows why the exam is written or the purpose of the exam because there are no results and most of the questions pertain to one's view of life and mentality of a few things. No one knows that, th...

  • Our Naija Babe
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    "If I told you I am in love with you, how would you react? " he leaned close to me. Hmm... I could faint, jump in excitement, cry, run away, hug him, kiss him, shrug... I don't know I have never had a love story before. "I don't know" I looked back into his eyes. "Then you need to find out," a smirk danced on his f...

  • STUCK IN BETWEEN [Coming Soon]
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    Shantel Is a teenager, who has always had to deal with a low self-esteem. She always hid behind her sisters shadow. Never goes to any family gatherings. She is your typical nerd. She has this mentality of being the least love by her mother, She really wanted the love and care her mum showered on her siblings. Most tim...

  • TOXIC [Coming Soon]
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    The "Kuti" family has its own history with maids. What happens when Mrs Kuti has no other choice than to hire a maid. in order not to let history repeat itself, she gets a timid young girl from a village. Rebecca. A sixteen years old girl, who is brought from the villiage with an intention of completing her SSCE...

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    #4 in Tas 9/5/2020 A story filled with secrets, envy, jealousy, betrayer and hatred. "Alexandra" a pretty young damsel whose heart is filled with anger, deceit and envy for her elder brother "Raphael" (an adopted child) who had been away from his family for long. He is finally back home and only huddle is "Alexandr...

  • The Void Between Hearts ~~ongoing~~
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    #1 wattpad teen 12/05/2020 #2 Nigerian teen 12/05/2020 #34 Newbook 12/07/2020 #23 New Author 9/05/2020 #18 Naija 10/07/2020 ~◇~◇~◇~ "A beautiful story about two young hearts merged together to save a dying one..." A few months to her 18th birthday, Boma is informed that her sickle cell...

  • The Ambassador Program
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    The Ambassador Program is comprised of a global team of Wattpadders who are strongly passionate about connecting readers & writers through storytelling. They live, breathe, and share Wattpad with the world, one step at a time. If you want to learn more about the program, and how to apply, this is the story to chec...

  • FRENEMIES:Betrayal 1 [✅]
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    Started: April 21th 2020 Ending: 10th September 2020 #1 in TAS Highest Ranking Tuesday 2nd August 2020 #1 in hostel #1 in BookCycle #1 in AfriBookCollection #1 in AfricaBookClubs #1 in AfticanStory #2 in projectnigeria #2 in your a #3 in Betrayal #5 in Nigerianstories #8 in Naija

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    ----------------------------- PUBLISHED AS A PAID STORY ON GOODNOVELS UNDER EDITOR'S PICKS. ------------------------------ You are an 100 lvl student bah?" "Yes" "Turn right,there's a guy in black overalls,he'll register you" "Thank you" "You are welcome" I gave a curtsive nod as I walked forward and turned right. P...

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    | PUBLISHED ON HINOVEL | - This book is under heavy editing - "Love is needing someone, Love is putting up with someone bad attitudes because they somehow complete you" Semiloore yelped as she lost her footing and came crashing down on the grass but instead she landed neatly into Nathaniel's laps freezing her. From...

  • counting stars
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    An African Story about existing, living and surviving.

  • The Voice Of Africa (Talk Show With Wendy)🌹🌹
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    The Voice Of Africa. This is a Talk show with Wendy Strictly for Africans

  • Along Came Timi✅
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    Love can change people. Love Endures. Love can't be explained. Love is REAL. 'Along Came Timi' is a love story about two teenagers who's only wish is to be together. 10k reads🎀. 2k votes🎀 20k reads🎀 3k votes🎀 50k reads🎀 5k votes🎀

  • Trapped
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    TRAPPED (Three stories woven into one) centres on disparate lives of some characters as they thoroughly battle with issues concerning their lives. Samantha Benson, a successful woman and owner of RITEL, a non-governmental organization becomes troubled when marriage which she had always fantasized about turned out to...

  • KEHINDE [✅]
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    Completed #2 in Tas 9/5/2020 #1 in BookCycle 20/5/2020 #3 in tca 1/6/2020 #1 in africabookclubs 1/6/2020 #2 in tca 5/6/2020 #4 in 9ja 8/6/2020 #1 in foreverandever 10/6/2020 #4 in foreveryours 10/6/2020 #1 in Tas 20/6/2020 Kehinde, a young adult who is still trying to deal with the realities of life, shutting people...

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