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  • A Four Letter Word | Ongoing
    11.7K 924 34

    After her father's untimely death and her mother's subsequent drinking spiral, Keila Sheldon found herself in the clutches of the foster care system. Scared and alone, she was forced to adapt to an unfamiliar world, with no family or hope for a future. Fast-forward through eight years of bouncing from home to...

  • New Beginnings
    9.1K 493 55

    "From now on, you are whatever the system wants you to be, but you are no longer mine" was the last thing I heard her say to me, before she exited my life forever. Isla Lenova has been in the foster care system ever since she was seven years old. She's been living in a facility along with six other girls who all come...

  • Until There Was You
    100K 5.6K 29

    When Jude Lockhart found out that his best friend and girlfriend were hooking up he was utterly destroyed. His envious reputation began to crumble, and his heart slowly took the fall from this surprising turn of events. The two people he cared for more than anything betrayed him, and on top of that, exposed him in fro...

  • Stereotypical
    2.6K 544 18

    ☆FEATURED ON WATTPAD'S MUTLICULTURAL PROFILE☆ {Teen Fiction First Place- The Fiction Wars} Thandiwe Harlow is an ambitious, outspoken girl, and getting pregnant at the very young age of sixteen was never ever part of her well thought-out life plan. Being pregnant alone, is enough to put stress onto her but when her pa...

  • Misery Loves Company
    211K 15.4K 64

    Her name is Misery, and she does NOT want company. *** It's not every day sixteen-year-old Misery Hayes finds a rock band full of pretty boys on her door step. Actually, it's not every day Misery interacts with humans, because being named after an emotion Merriam...