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  • Incorrect Detroit Become Human Quotes
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    Quotes from DBH that aren't real but are probably funny. Some are kinda gay. Actually, most are pretty gay. Also a lot of rk900, because I relate to him in an unhealthy amount. None of the characters are mine.

  • The Defected Zombie | Bnha Zombie Apocalypse Au
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    "Wait, I don't want to hurt you!" "Y-you can talk?!" "Er, it's a long sto-" "DEKU, YOU BASTARD!! KILL THE THING!!!" "I HAVE A NAME, YA KNOW!" ♡♡♡♡♡ Just a thing. I do not own Bnha or its characters Don't steal or copy please

  • Fantasy Bakugou x Reader
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    ◾ Cover Credit: SlutMight ♡ ◾ Art Credit: @Moromi100 ◾ I do not own My Hero Academia ◾ or this fantasy AU ◾ Characters belong to Horikoshi You, a young hunter, leaves her home to go on a quest to save her village from the tradegy of war. But what happens when she's given false directions and runs into a hot heade...