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  • A New Life
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    (Made again since I Accidentally Deleted it) Henry the vii had six wives, but what happened to them? Did they ever get a happy ending? The wives were given a second chance in life to finally have their happy ending. Let go of grudges and learn how to forgive and forget. Wanna know what they will do in there second lif...

    238K 10.3K 35

    Zara McMann and Peyton Mitchell aren't exactly what you'd call 'friends'. An incident in eighth grade turned Peyton against Zara, and they haven't spoken since. After being assigned partners for their latest English assignment they are forced to communicate, but when a lockdown ensues and they are trapped and alone, w...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Difference Between You and Me (GXG)
    371K 12.9K 44

    lucy. the popular, "straight" girl, who everyone adores. all the girls want to be her, all the boys want to marry her. she has a boyfriend of course. the star player, captain of the basketball, nathan hunter. what happens when lucy encounters the shy girl, dakota. dakota. the not so popular, lesbian girl, who people...

    Completed   Mature
  • Without You - (gxg)
    98K 6.2K 27

    - Sequel to Stuck With You

    Completed   Mature
  • Luck Be A Lady (Parrlyn)
    383 46 15

    In the wake of a recent divorce and liberated from her previous contracts, Catherine Parr found herself in a new city. It took some grit and a little bit of luck to be where she is now, but she couldn't be happier. However, by some cruel twist of fate, she ended up neighbours with her infuriating online rival, who goe...

  • The Tudor Secrecy: Six The Kids
    132 5 3

    Edward, Elizabeth, and Mary arrive at a new school, And everything seems normal until history class, Where they learn about the horrifying tale of the Six Queens of England.

  • Aralyn High school AU
    1.7K 175 25

    Six the musical secondary school AU Fun fact this book used to be parrlyn.

  • More Six One shots
    31.7K 2.5K 200

    I reached the limit on the last one.... ENJOY!

  • Musicals react to musical ships
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    ... yeah I don't know what you'd expect

  • Adopted by Dear Evan Hansen: Could we go on For Forever?
    4.9K 230 39

    At thirteen-years-old, Ryder Lukassen was confident that nothing good was ever going to come. Her parents had been killed in a car crash when she was nine and she'd been bounced from foster home to foster home all across New York City ever since. But what happens when she runs away from her most recent family and fall...

  • Who I Want To Be 2
    425 46 2

    After Izuka came along, everything started getting better. Everyone was slowly growing as people. Anne and Cathy loved their daughters, of course. Everyone grew closer as a family overall. No matter what they went through, they would stay together... or would they?

  • My Sunshine
    594 29 5

    I present to you a Vatalie story 🙃 I have absolutely no clue where I am going with this story but I'll figure it outttt. I'll probably add more to ze description soon 🙃🙃

  • Orphan to Adopted | SiX the musical AU
    753 41 4

    Katherine Howard and Anne Boleyn are young children trying to find their place in a cruel world. They had escaped their abusive homes and went through more families than any orphan should have came from. Best Friends, Catherine of Aragon and Jane Seymour take the two beheaded cousins into their home. Cathy Parr was ne...

  • 『-*𝙾𝚗𝚎-𝚂𝚑𝚘𝚝𝚜*- 𝚂𝚒𝚡 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙼𝚞𝚜𝚒𝚌𝚊𝚕』
    515 43 4

    Just read the title also the picture is not mine

  • Behind The Curtain - A Six The Musical FanFiction
    7.2K 208 15

    'SIX The Musical' has taken the musical theatre industry by storm, reaching top charts and surpassing all expectations.... but what really goes on behind the infamous purple curtain?

  • This Is New
    14.7K 708 30

    A modern Six The Musical AU. The queens are in high school, and Catherine Parr is a new student. She was only walking through the hall, but she had already heard more than enough about the oh-so-popular Anne Boleyn. Little did she know, Anne Boleyn would be in most of her classes. She also didn't know that she would...

  • Different end of Anne Boleyn's story
    23.4K 682 39

    Anne Boleyn gave Henry VIII five sons and one daughter during their short marriage but Henry still divorces her to marry Jane and goes on to marry his last three wives. But is it really the end of king's obsession with so-called Harlot? While Mary Tudor was a servant at Hatfield manor, she started an affair with Geor...

  • We're six
    1.5K 63 7

    The queens have been reincarnated into the 21st century. How will they cope? Will there be any OTPs? There will be alot of drama No smut 😅 ONLY fluff! Some swearing only a little bit

  • We're All Hurting (SiX The Musical)
    4.5K 319 13

    Catherine Parr had taken care of Elizabeth I. Although, she wasn't considered to be good at it... She sent the poor girl off. Anne Boleyn, of course, wasn't much happy with the fact that she had done this to her daughter. Hatred was mutual between the two. They didn't like each other, everybody knew that. Yet, they st...

  • Six death oneshots
    177 9 1

    I needed somewhere to do all the death oneshots where someone dies in

  • SiX The Musical Group Chat
    1.7K 62 5

    Kids are included!

  • Domestic Life Was Never Quite My Style
    647K 23.4K 44

    The sequel to Hamilton University: Senior Year!!! Join the meme team in growing up, getting married, and even having kids. Will they stay together, or drift apart? IF YOU KNOW WHO DREW THE COVER PLEASE TELL ME!! Word Count: 68,600

  • Tower of London Trip - Six the Musical
    1.7K 68 6

    Kitty and Anne are having lots of nightmares and flash-backs to when they got beheaded, so Anna and Kate try taking them to the Tower of London. But are the girls really ready to go back? Will they reveal themselves as the queens to the public?

  • Don't Cry
    208 12 1

    Kat and Aragon are close friends until Aragon does something unforgettable. What will happen?

  • Love Notes (Pinkberry~) (Completed)
    922 47 5

    Brooke has been a secret lesbian her whole life (even though she did have feelings for Jeremy) scared of what others would think manly her best friend Chloe. Brooke as been crushing on Chloe since the beginning of the junior year the SQUIP incident. She finally gains the courage to ask Chloe out through letters after...

    Completed   Mature
  • Musicals react to musicals
    1.5K 26 6

    I will be having the characters of some musicals react to musicals. List of musicals: Hamilton Six Heathers Into the Woods The characters will also react to some songs of different musicals, not the full musical because I only like some songs, so those songs will be reacted to. Musicals of the random songs: Dear Evan...

  • Saragon Oneshots
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    read the title

    6.6K 327 40

    Six Oneshots. I will be taking requests. Fan art on cover is not mine. It's by you-need-a-jello-shot on tumblr. Full credit goes to them.

  • Sincerely, N (A SIX the Musical Fanfic)
    2.1K 78 20

    SIX the Musical Megafan, N, vanishes. N, aware that this is her last day to get help, creatively thinks of a way to get help without drawing suspicion. The night before she vanishes she gives SIX the Musical actress Vicki Manser a mysterious journal with a key that lead to clues to who her captor could be. If the clue...

  • Six one shots
    4.5K 198 21

    Just some one shots I'll update probably every week! I promise!