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  • Ask & dare for Shu kurenai.
    3.5K 224 14

    Hey guys, this is my first book. In this you can give dares to Shu kurenai and ask him anything you want. This book also contain Shalt, Shu I and Shree.

  • fear. | meliodas
    108K 4.3K 24

    fear resides in not only terror, but worry. "do i scare you?" "..." "you scare me sometimes, meliodas." the boy only broke in a soft smile. "then i guess we're even." lowercase intended. BASED OFF SEASON ONE OF THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS.

  • Beyblade - RaNdoMnEss( ̄ω ̄;)
    22.4K 2.1K 167

    Just random random random random random random random random ............................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .i . . . . ......and randomness

  • Ask and dare Shu, Valt, Rosy, & Red Eye!
    11.3K 291 51

    ok sooooo this book is a ask and dare shu and valt and I always come and go soooo don't expect to get fast updates infact they'll prolly be really slow lol but it doesn't mean I left, you can always comment asks and dares and I will reply! Enjoy!

  • just your bestfriend [shalt]
    39.3K 2.8K 89

    i fell in love with my best friend ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ Dear Valt, I'm writing to you to cope. Cope with what, exactly? Cope with losing you. You were never mine in the first place though, but maybe that's why it hurts so much. Because I don't have a right to be angry at you and him. I know you're happy together, and I won't do a...

  • Lost Without You (Valt X Shu/Red Eye)
    5.5K 144 6

    "The space between us, made me realize how much I miss him.." It's been a few years after hearing about Shu's disappearance, nowhere to be found. Valt couldn't help the fact that he missed Shu, and hearing his name made his heart ache. "Where are you Shu, I hope your okay.." Shu/Red Eye, has been challenging bladders...

  • Blue and Crimson (Valt x Shu)
    11K 301 12

    After the District Tournament was concluded, Valt Aoi is training hard for the next upcoming tournament, the National Tournament. With his team of five bladers, they were prepped to be ready to face off against other stronger bladers. Although, Valt was never like himself because he began to develop some sort of relat...

  • 💙My Stupid Bluenette💙
    13.6K 303 14

    Aiger Akabane and his little sister Naru are going to a boarding/Public school, Beigoma Academy for the first time. But Aiger develops a small crush on the number one blader in all of Japan, Valt Aoi who also goes to Beigoma Academy. But Fubuki Sumine and Toko Aoi are also attracted to him and will do anything to hav...

  • Running Out Of Time ~ Shu X Valt
    11.9K 549 22

    Only 365 days left for Valt Aoi, and he was running out of time. But, being the rebellious 17 year old teenager he was, he wasn't going to let it go to waste. He was going to have the time of his life for the last year he had left. He was going to rebel against the laws of life and break as many rules as he possibly c...

  • YandereShu x Valt 2 "Back for another strike" 🔪☠
    3.9K 96 6

    Shu at Raging Bull working late at night, when he decided to take the night off. He went home to see a broken glass with water on the floor. He began to panic as he ran upstairs to his room to see it was a disaster. He then went to his son's room and it was also a mess but he found a note on his son's nightstand. He...

  • Shu x Valt {Yaoi Story}
    3.5K 110 7

    Will Shu confess to Valt? Well start reading and you'll hear about the drama!

  • Art and oneshots!!!
    11.9K 467 43

    I take request on art or oneshots!!

  • Red and Blue (Shu x Valt)
    17.5K 389 29

    Valt Aoi and Shu Kurenai are good friends, of course you know that. And Valt has had a little secret that involves Shu... his love. Valt gets nervous around Shu everytime and all that. One day, he wants to confess his love to Shu but he doesn't know how to approach him. Valt is always confident, but this is something...

  • The Fall Into Darkness (Shu x Valt)
    20.5K 482 12

    This takes place a year after the events from Red Eye and Shu is forgiven by the bey club except Valt who is unable to trust Shu after everything that happened and the pain Shu caused him soon Valt hears about a forbidden bey called Corruption Burst and how it was broken into fragments and spread throughout the fores...

  • Stories | Shalt
    49K 840 20

    #1 in Shalt Saturday, June 23 Shalt is my favorite ship! Also it has been requested :)) So here ya go! Read many story's about Shu and Valt. It'll be also beyblade burst/god! Requests are welcome!

  • |Shu x Valt one-shots|
    20.6K 420 11

    Hey guys! Rules: 1. ☺️ It's a Shu x Valt ☺️ 2. 🤔 Request are open 🤔 3. 🕊 No nasty comments 🕊 4. ✨ ENJOY THE BOOK! ✨ Hope you like it! p3ace

  • Tangled Hearts| Shu x Valt yaoi fanfic|
    35.2K 748 28

    [#1 in #shuxvalt (2.8.2018)] Sooner or later, shu and valt both know that they need to show their feelings to each other, will they suceed, or will the plan fall apart? But what they didn't know was that there was something hidden beneath Shu after this... Continue reading....

  • Valt x Shu vs Free
    14.2K 330 35

    a battle with shu VS free The prize is..... Valt's love Oof

  • Whatever it Takes (Sequel to Anything for Him) ✔
    19.3K 571 16

    Sequel to AfH❤❤

    Completed   Mature
  • Anything for Him ✔
    53.1K 1.1K 29

    Gotta read c:

    Completed   Mature
  • Do you Remember? (A Shu X Valt Fanfiction)
    19.1K 454 12

    Shu and Valt has been best friends since their childhood years, but they had to part ways. A few years later they meet again, but they don't remember each other. Shu and Valt has been very distant ever since. Valt made new friends, and Shu remained a loner. Until a beybattle brought them together. Feelings for Valt...

    Completed   Mature
  • i do love you Shu x Valt
    23.3K 334 17

    my ships will never die!!!

  • Lighthouse ✔
    86.6K 2K 46

    Uhh, good bit of trigger warnings -Depression -Anxiety -Panic attacks -MAYBE self-harm -Abuse -Mpreg -Possibly DID ------ There MIGHT be some smut. ALSO, they're 18+ in this. Just imagine how they look in Burst Turbo.