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  • GUESTHOUSE || BTSxReader ✔️
    179K 6.5K 46

    Y/n is a quiet and Introverted 20 year old girl who runs a guest house previously owned by her mother. Living her peaceful but young life away hidden in the safety of her guesthouse home. Month after month welcoming new and regular customers to her. Happy and content with the minimal social life she owns until she rec...

  • Bound by Blood
    815K 58.1K 157

    In a world where vampires and humans have to co-exist, where the line between tolerance and animosity blurs, how can you ever expect to get your happily ever after when your soulmates hate your very existence?

  • Cursed Fate
    838K 42.5K 102

    The universe has designed soulmates- someone that completes you. But what happens when you don't have one but seven? And all you want to do is run in the opposite direction when you see them...

  • Our Serenity within the Stars || BTS x Reader
    98.7K 11K 75

    All you wanted was a little excitement to your life. Something more interesting than a herd of cows getting in the middle of the road and farming. That's all you wanted and somehow you end up with a new life beyond the bounds of Earth. (A/n: I'm so excited for this story! I hope you guys enjoy it!!) Started: 4/25/202...

  • The Seven Princes || A BTS FAN FIC || BTS X READER
    243K 11.2K 46

    "Are you all brothers?" You pointed at the men scattered around the room. They all nodded in their way. Others raised their eyebrows once, others send thumbs-up, and others nodded normally. You put two and two together and sighed out and groggily slumped back down the chair. The pain on your thigh that started to subs...

  • Tamed (BTS FF Sequel to Wild)
    222K 10.6K 23

    Normal and quiet. It was once again yours and no one was around who would control your every move or tell you who you couldn't be friends with. The seven hybrids who had come into your life were left far behind three years ago after you learned what they truly were and what they had done. At least... you thought so. Y...

  • Wild (A BTS Fanfic)
    2M 84.7K 60

    Simple and quiet was your life, just like you. Then when you find seven adorable stuffed animals, your life changes to be anything but quiet! They aren't so adorable anymore when they turn into seven sexy men who are all vying for your attention. The most difficult part about all this is that they have the needs of th...

  • lip gloss | OT7 x Reader✅
    51.7K 1.5K 8

    Having seven boyfriends was always eventful, but in the beating heat of the summer things tend to dry out. So, to liven things up a bit, your boyfriends decide to do something fun. By giving the taste of your lips a fun, new twist, with various glosses involved! warning(s): MATURE CONTENT. fluff. swearing. groping. lo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Seven Fathers « BTS »
    99.7K 5.6K 31

    " Congratulations Mrs Byun, the procedure was successful! You are now pregnant!" " Tell me the bad news...." " Uhm-uh..... you see-hmm.... The seven cells we've implanted surviv-" "what?!!!!" " Apparently You're pregnant with seven babies!" Crdts to @Deniana_sky for the book cover! [Highest Rank #5 in Namjoon] 010320...

  • Allies With Benefits | BTS X Reader Pirate AU | Spinoff of Seven Seas
    8.5K 594 4

    Allies With Benefits | Spinoff of Seven Seas "Wait. What day is this?" "Tiwesday." "Of?" "Fall's month." "Of?" "Fall season." "I'm talking about the fucking year, dude!" "I_it's 1715...dude..?" "...fuck." A cursed pocket watch set you off on a journey to an era of darkness, violence... and pirates. Seven of them...

  • Who We Are •|BTS × Reader|• BOOK 1 ✔
    357K 23.5K 142

    [COMPLETED] [Trailer in the introduction~] [GOING THROUGH EDITING] Heroes put others before themselves. Heroes make others feel safe just with their smiles. Heroes face danger at any given moment. Heroes save lives. But who will save the heroes? This will be a long story (I've decided to make it in to three books caus...

    450K 14.8K 81

    I create imagery at particular chapters to help your mind to refer to the scene! SELF DRAWN! - - - - - - - -- You, Y/N moved out to a town called, Daegu due to some past incidents, you decided a fresh new start of your life would be your best choice. Away from your possible soulmate and family. Did your choice...

  • Never Alone • a BTS fantasy ff
    83K 4.8K 39

    A BTS fantasy AU set in a fairytale world ... In which seven supernatural creatures decide to help a determined human on her mission to save her mother. ... A story of companionship, hatred, adventure, a lot of flirting, crackhead-energy and of course a supernatural bangtan~ ... Started: 11/06/2019 Completed: 25/01/20...

  • Encoded in our DNA (A BTS Reverse Harem x OC story)
    559K 26.7K 130

    The year someone turns 18 they have the opportunity to be injected with a serum that will produce a soulmate mark somewhere on their body. This serum is costly and the procedure to get the injection is not covered by insurance. A rare illness cropped up about a decade ago that solely targeted females. Because of thi...

  • Ghoul | bts au
    186K 12.2K 63

    "You're shaking... I know when someone is afraid of me." Being a ghoul all your life, you want to connect with humans. Could these seven people change your outlook on humans? ➣ a bts au x ghoul! fem! reader

  • Seven Seas [ BTS x Reader Pirate AU ] EDITING
    155K 7.9K 27

    The King and his men, Stole the Queen from her bed. And bound her in her bones. The seas be our and by the powers, Where we will, we'll roam. Yo-ho, all hands hoist the colors high! Heave-Ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die! . Cover by @LuvliMochi <3

  • Ready Player One | OT7 x Reader
    99.2K 5.3K 32

    Your endless game fantasies with BTS! "So what now?" Yoongi casually takes a sip of his juice, "What do you think? Y / N's a literal daddy. I think it pretty freaking obvious at this point that we need to kiss up and trust her to carry us. This little missy looks freakishly reliable " When it's up to you to save thei...

  • Safe 『BTS ✘ Reader』
    154K 6.6K 16

    In the world of hybrids, individuals of rarer species are in more danger. Logically, that makes sense. But, it's hard having to hide your identity and fend for yourself. All you want is to feel safe. • • • ❥BTS AU ❥Hybrid AU ❀Started: 『March 19, 2020』 ❆Ended:『Pending•••』

  • Who We Are •|BTS × Reader|• BOOK 2: INTERNAL PASTS ✔
    205K 18.9K 162

    [COMPLETED] [UNEDITED] PLEASE READ BOOK 1 FIRST!!!!! Published: 17/03/20 Word count: 100,000+ Chapter count: 135

  • the gatherer || bts
    269K 15.2K 46

    "Taehyung, you can't touch that girl!" Tae cocked his head to the side, studying your adamant figure, that was blocking him from the sleeping girl. "No?" You shook your head, crossing your arms. The incubus stepped closer to you, his breath fanning your face and your stance wavered. "Would you like to take her place t...

  • B.F.B. {BTSxReader}
    152K 6K 28

    "my best friends' brothers are the one for me." OT7 BTSxReader rankings. #6 namjoonxreader 02/26/2020

  • Gaming Or Playing? | BTS x reader
    306K 9.5K 36

    gaming with BTS: You've been playing Minecraft for a few years now. But you don't really trust anyone you meet on servers and realms. That is until you met Kookie.K, who introduced you to: Kim.Tae, Rapmon1, JinJin3, Suga22, JhopeJ, Chim12. You eight become friends over virtual cakes and make music as you play the game...

  • My Seven Hybrids
    517K 17.5K 93

    Bts hybrid oneshots. Lots of fluff and cuddles. Y/N adopts seven hybrids unexpectedly. Now she's busy juggling work and taking care of them.

  • Last Girl Alive | Bangtan
    426K 29.3K 159

    "She's the only woman on the entire planet. " A world where you're alone on the planet with seven men: the sole survivors besides you. "One thing's for sure: we can't go on living like this. We have to change this world. And we're the only ones who can do it." Science Fiction, Comedy and Romance, featuring the story...

    Completed   Mature
  • Card Master | BTS [Book 1] ✔️
    102K 4.6K 40

    "You can't turn back. Whether you like it or not we are here and there is nothing you can do to run from the mess you started." "I promised to protect you.... to love you. But I couldn't keep that promise because you changed" Getting trapped in a game can't be that bad. Except that if you can die you can't come back...

  • You Belong to Us || BTS ff
    747K 19.9K 38

    BTS hybrid x Reader - smut - mentions of depression - more smut - kinks - violence - smut, smut, smut (just a warning, if you are under 18- I actually don't care cause I'm underage) I walked aimlessly through the mall, just taking curious glances in the shops here and there when a particular one catches my eye. I walk...

  • Are You Calling Me A Sinner? {BTSxReader}
    162K 5.8K 32

    Sometimes the most beautiful flower is the most dangerous. OT7 BTSxReader [18+ at some times] highest ranking: #7 btsxreader - 11/13/19 #5 btsxreader - 01/01/20 #1 j-hope - 01/20/20

  • It's a Little Complex? 『BTS ✘ Reader』
    1.4M 62.8K 93

    Starting college and moving into a new apartment with complete independence has been your goal. Due to all the hard work at the cafe during your high school years, and your parents pitching in a few dollars, you can afford to stay in the apartment that is just the right size. However, did you get more than you bargain...

  • Pack - OT7 BTS x Reader
    366K 13.5K 21

    You went into a pet store looking for a cute little dog or a cuddly kitten, and walk out with 7 hybrids that are supposedly mated to you. You weren't quite on board with taking home seven fully grown hybrid men, but apparently, since you were mated to them, destined to be with them, they'd die if you didn't take them...

  • I'm Also A Fan | BTS × reader (COMPLETED)
    181K 5.6K 35

    You, Y/N, are an ARMY. You're the smartest in your class and you're the biggest loner of school. No friends=no way to get hurt. Until one day. One day just changed it all. That day was the day BTS preformed in the cafeteria.... You have finally shown your skills at rapping singing and dancing. In front of your whole s...