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  • how could I hate you?
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    this story is for my best friend Kaia who loves dramoine it makes me happy to write about these characters for my friend happy birthday kaia.we all know Hermoine as the smartest witch of her generation but what will happen when Ginny decides that she wants Hermoine to stand out? Draco Malfoy former death eater and hea...

  • The Emerald Shard
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    Charlotte London is a freak. Her family has been hit my an atomic blast and she was born with a tail. The world is dying, people are killing each other. The government of Canada find a way to get rid of all their freaks. It's very costly, and dangerous. Charolette finds out that there's a mysterious prophecy about he...

  • soaring love
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    READ THIS! THERE IS STONG VIOLANCE IN THIS STORY IF YOU DO NOT LIKE BLOOD OR DEATH I SUGGEST YOU READ SOMETHING ELSE! magnolia Greenberry is a smalltown girl. but what will happen when she's pulled into a world she never knew existed? a world of sirens and fairies. but when the only people she's ever loved are at ris...

  • Getting To Know The Crazy One
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    I've noticed that a lot of people hav been doing this. I guess so people can get to know the person who's been writing some of the books they've been reading. Or so they know who they're following. Sooooo...Yeah.

  • My art!
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    Hi! Here in this book you can see my AMAZING are and my art that absolutely SUCKS!!! I hope you enjoy! Make SURE to comment on what you think of my drawings!

  • Destiny Is a Book You Write Yourself
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    "DESTINY IS A BOOK YOU WRITE YOURSELF" The small North American Wizarding Kingdom, Katolis has been at war for 6 years with an unknown force of magic. 6 years ago the king sent his sister in law to move to London so his sons could attend a wizarding school away from the violence. Callum, a step prince of Katolis, is a...