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  • The Broken Series: Extended [JayTim]
    3.7K 111 17

    Smut oneshots set in the Broken universe after the series. Please read the Broken series first. Warnings for specific kinks (beyond what is in the original Broken series) will be at the top of each chapter under the summary. [Art on cover by @minm31 on Tumblr]

  • Charm the Dragon Tamer (A Charlie Weasley and Hermione Granger Love Story)
    56.2K 817 13

    After being cheated on, Hermione disappears without a word. After trying to find her for days her friends finally give up. Where did she go to mend her broken heart? Far away into Romania, a place her friends wouldn't find her but she forgot a Weasley works in Romania with Dragons. What happens when these two meet? Wh...

  • My billionaire kidnapper
    642K 14.8K 22

    I was trying to breathe quietly but I was scared shitless. He was in the house looking for me. What does he want from me? I was currently hiding in my closet in between my clothes hiding from him. I heard him open the door. "Luna my darling, I do love a game of hide and seek but you chose to play with the wrong pers...

  • Titans 2.0
    147K 2.9K 40

    Follows DC universe tv series Titans "So what are we? Titans 2.0?" -Rachel Roth Richard Grayson x OC Alithea Grace Wayne. Bruce Wayne's daughter. Gotham's golden girl by day and Batman's trusted Batgirl by night. She grew up with Gotham's playboy Richard Grayson by day, and the fast flying Robin by night. They were...

  • Panic Room//Titans//D.Grayson
    71.7K 1.7K 29

    "Rose, I look at you and I think you're a lot like me. There are these things I have to do. Not want but have to. I can do them alone but I bet whatever it is that's in me is in you? and I don't want you to get hurt."

  • what is love? [Completed]
    11K 350 19

    this is a winterwitch fanfiction, Don't read if you Don't ship. Bucky has just joined the Avenger forces, Wanda is still mourning her brother Peitro. Bucky is the only one that has been able to bring her out of her mood. They slowly become closer and closer friends, maybe even more. DISCLAIMER: I Don't own any of...

  • Forbidden Crush
    90K 2.5K 38

    As he settles into the Avengers Compound, Peter begins to develop a crush on a fellow Avenger. He hopes that it goes away, but he continues to fall. Started June 27, 2019

  • Red Winter - COMPLETED
    43.5K 1.9K 70

    "I've been in your mind, you deserve much more than you think." A flash of magic, a glimpse of metal. Two very different people learn they are more a like than they could ever imagine. Read other branches of this story, Red Winter: Aftermath and Red Winter: Timeline. #64 -mutant [August 2018] #32 -mutants [May 2019] #...

    Completed   Mature
  • Red Winter: Aftermath
    12.6K 507 32

    Love and loss. Two very strong emotions that the world was feeling with the aftermath of the war. The world was healing, which was hard to do when so much happiness was flowing through their hearts. Those who had disappeared were home again, but there were a few that would never cross the threshold again. The Avenger...

  • The Age Of Villains
    22.3K 676 25

    SEQUAL to The Winter Witch

  • The Winter Witch
    88.2K 2.3K 30

    Pietro's death is still haunting Wanda. She can't seem to find a reason to be happy again. That is until she meets James Buchanan Barnes. Steve Rogers brings James AKA Bucky to the new Avengers compound where Bucky meets the new Avengers. Wanda wants to let Bucky in, but she's afraid too. She's scared to lose another...

  • His Yasmina [Completed]
    596K 35K 46

    Little did he know, her flame couldn't be put out. And little did she know. . .Cristiano always won. ************************************************ Ruthless, cold-hearted Cristiano Russo is out for revenge. He thought she'd fall like a ripe peach into his hands. He'd even planned on it. Nothing and no one wa...

  • The Secret Love (UNEDITED)
    2.9M 95.3K 35

    Contains swearing and mature contents. Eleanor Pallos, the daddy's girl. The only man she loves were currently arranged to her older sister Victoria. The guy whom she secretly desired and fantasized every night. She watches him from a distance as he played with every woman's heart while she dreams of him that...

  • His Wicked Ways (Unedited Version)
    4.2M 126K 43

    Warning: THIS BOOK IS FOR MATURE READERS ONLY (18+). CONTAINS MATURE SCENES, VIOLENCE, AND LOTS OF CURSING. (A sequel to The Infamous Rafael Valiente, Giovanni Santorini's story) EXCERPT: "I need that tape, Gio. I know you could have it anytime you want, kiddo. I fucking know you're holding the ace!" His expecta...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Billionaire's Awakening (Unedited Version)
    2.1M 72K 43

    | Sequel to Secret Love | Previously called "The Steadfast Love." "If you are here to give me hope yet again and then ditch me, I'm sorry to tell you, Xandrous, but I'm no longer the girl who is head over heels in love with you. You already have Cassie. I know you two are perfect together. You chose her to begi...

  • The Duke's Surreptitious Ways (Rafael Benedict Valiente)
    2M 72.8K 44

    Highes Rating in GenFic: # 4 He was the perfect man and every girl desperately wants him. He was loyal to his girlfriend, Natalia Petropoulis. That's what everyone thought. Behind that cold and gorgeous face hiding a rakish duke, with high sexual stamina. After all, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." He's aft...

  • Breaking Friend Zone
    986K 35.6K 28

    (Sequel to Possessive At First Sight) Highest Romance Rating: #70 Alexander James Demakis. One thing for sure, he's a drop-dead gorgeous hunk with a stare that could make you cum right away. At a young age, he earned a spot in Forbes as one of the world most influential person. He turns silver into gold. And, as...

  • Undeniably Claimed
    269K 15.4K 64

    Luca Sanford has taken his rightful spot as head of Sanford Drake Inc. With his parents now retired, it's his time to lead the company. He is thick headed, stubborn and still emotionless to most. The only women in his life include a wild Aunt Cami, his sisters Cami and Cassidy, and his incredible mother. He doesn't un...

    Completed   Mature
    11K 563 41

    Sophia lives a normal life with Bobby who has taken her in as his own. Everything changes when the Winchester boys return. Read and follow Sophia in he journey as she falls in love, learns to hunt and finds out dark secrets about herself and her parents' past.

    29.7K 798 33

    Just a cute story.

  • Melwood
    11.2K 306 11

    Melissa is married to Blake Jenner. She finds out that he is cheating and she can't take it anymore. Blake files for divorce and Melissa moves on to bigger and better things named Chris Wood. She doesn't know if she can love but she's going to try.

  • Broken(Melwood AU)
    4.2K 98 13

    Warning, deals with heavy, triggering, themes. The Wood family runs a clinic for women with ptsd following sexual harassment/ assault, and rape, in memory of their daughter, Ella, who sadly passed away at the young age of fourteen following a fatal sexual assault. Chris is the son, and only surviving child of Julie...

  • Billionaire Saviour
    13.1K 575 51

    Melissa Benoist mother to her daughter Abby. She is knocked up at her senior High school Prom by her boyfriend. Melissa works in a dearly well know cafe, the money she earns pays the bills and if she gets extra tips well that her money on grocery's that night if she can't take home any food from the cafe. Chris wood...

  • Dean's Daughter (supernatural Dean x daughter oc)
    42.2K 723 21

    What happens when the rough and tough Dean Winchester finds out he has a kid with an old flame? And what happens when that kid is a sassy mouthed, stubborn, brutally honest 16 years old girl. She wears all black and isn't afraid of what goes bump in the night but is deathly afraid of what would happen if she got close...

  • Moose Jr.
    133K 3.2K 21

    Hello I'm Gabrielle .S. Winchester but you can call me Brie. I'm a young Hunter of the supernatural. I love books, Classic rock, and Hunting. Yes. I know my last name is in the Carver Edlund books you don't have to remind me. No I don't know Sam and Dean Winchester! I don't know who my father is but I have his last...

  • Dean's Daughter (A Supernatural FanFiction)
    71.2K 1.7K 35

    Ashley Robins is 15, living with her grandmother, Anne, who is very ill. On her grandma's death bed, her grandma calls a close friend of the estranged father of Ashley, knowing her time is soon.

  • The Hunter's Daughter (A Supernatural Fanfiction)
    156K 4.7K 27

    Emma thought she was just some normal girl with a mother who didn't care about her feelings. She was used to moving around not staying in one place for more than a year. One day, though, her life changed forever. And it all started with a boy named Michael. From the moment they met, her life would change forever. Afte...

  • The Hunter's Girl (Dean Winchester Fan Fiction)
    943K 26.1K 27

    He smirked and leaned against a locker. "I've noticed that you're different from other girls, aren't you?" "Ah, yes, from our extensive conversations," I said sarcastically. "So, tell me Dean Winchester, how am I different from other girls?" "You aren't falling head over heels for me." I rolled my eyes. "You got...

  • The Secret of Henley Winchester || Dean's Daughter (Supernatural)
    55.8K 1.6K 22

    She was an orphan. Her mother died in a horrific car crash when she was just two years old, and her father was a dead beat. The only family Henley has ever known was her Aunt Gem. When Henley graduates high school at seventeen, she decides it's high time she find out where she came from, and goes in search of her fath...

  • parley oneshots
    31.8K 598 8

    this is just some oneshots for parley/parkner (harley keener x peter parker)! i am really excited for this and im gonna open requests, just to get some more ideas :)) im also open to ideas about other oneshot stories, im hoping to finish my fanfiction story and then finish this, to finally make a hawkant/stucktony one...