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  • Bryan's lost Husband(thefamousfilms)(discontinued)
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    same timeline as Bryan's Life, but with this one he is only married to Rhino, but he was taken to a different dimension at the end of the pizzeria because he went there to look for Bryan, but the explosion made him go to another dimension, and now Bryan has been trying to find him while pretending to get minigames, al...

  • Arts Book And Random
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    Old A/N (author note): I will bem making fanarts or ships uwu Edited Date December 22,2020: I don't use this, because this have fully pages, there other book, you could check it out! 🧚‍♀️

  • Marriage
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    Bryan got engaged he told everyone, everyone loved it then They saw the seating chart Bryan's family &Freinds left Rhinos Family & Freinds Right But the list didn't have their names on it.

  • TheFamousFilms❤ OneShots :) ❤
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    Oneshots of many characters from the TheFamousFilms' Fnaf series :) *Cover isn't mine btw*

  • ''Who was i?'' - TheFamousFilms
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    (This Story supports the ''Bryan is Chris Afton'' theory. Credits to the Original Artist! You're a great artist.) ''Bryan, how come we never met your family?'' Baby asked me. To be honest, I have never met them... have I? ''Bryaaan! Come on, you should tell us!'' Happy Frog sounded desperate. Even Rockstar Freddy seem...

  • Bryan ex boyfriend comes to town
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    What happens when jackey wants bryan back , but finds out he got married to someone else? Well lets find out(the drawings belong to the artist)