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  • The End/NaLu
    143 10 3

    It had been a full year since the Hibiki incident when Lucy had Natsu had realized their feelings for each other. Now comes the highs and lows of an official relationship and some trouble brewing around Natsu's hidden power... Find out what happens in the END {A stand-alone sequel - you don't have to read the first b...

  • The Queen of Dragons and Stars
    376K 9K 21

    lisanna came back from the dead and everyone started to ignore lucy Want to Know the story ? The continuation is on @Mekaloid_FTLovers

  • Dorm Zero (Lucy harem book)
    10.8K 181 14

    Lucy is a new somewhat feisty student that has just transferred to Fiore Academy. On her first day she meets eight annoying yet quite attractive boys. Being the competitive girl she is, she instantly becomes enemies with them. But being put in a dorm with the boys, that's just flat out cruel. HOW WILL SHE EVER SURVIV...

  • Dorm S! ~Lucy Harem~
    445K 14.7K 106

    82 main chapters 3 special chapters 1 teaser chapter 7 authors note 3 contest chapters This is a Lucy Harem. And the book is an AU. Also, as the story goes, the characters become more off from the anime/manga. Just a heads up Lucy is a transferring to the Fiore Academy. But before that, she runs into some rather...

  • The Dragon and the Phoenix (NaLu)
    1.9K 83 3

    The Sakura Phoenix Glade. It was is said that phoenixes of every element once resided in this forest. From the well known Fire Phoenix, to the Dark and Light Phoenix Twins. Even the most powerful phoenix in existence, the Celestial Phoenix Queen, had a nest hidden there somewhere where not even the other phoenixes cou...

  • Kiss of Truth (Book 2 of the Kiss series)
    10.4K 474 7

    Small and few groups of magic users band together to face the goverment. Mira group seek out the truth behind the sudden man hunt of magic users over one person death. Lucy group struggle with the power outburst from Natsu. Will peace be reached before a war happens?

  • Nalu | Bad Boy's Good Girl
    123K 1.9K 54

    WARNING My first fanfiction 🍋May have some lemons.🍋 Lucy is a girl who has been a "nerd" all her life. She is very kind and loves to help people. One day Lucy moves to Magnolia for a fresh start and starts her high school life at Fairy Tail High. What will happen when she meets the number one...

  • The Last of Her Kind {A NaLu Fan-Fiction} (On Hold)
    123K 3.9K 12

    Lucy has a secret. A secret she has kept this secret from her closest friends. A secret that has finally caught to her present day. Lucy isn't normal. And as her friends begin to adjust, she must return to her previous life as an ancient tribe begin to resurrect against her village. But how can she defeat somethin...

  • Let the Rain Fall (Gale, Nalu, Jerza )
    896K 27.7K 42

    A Delinquent and a Bookworm. A Teacher and a Student. A Boy with an Unforgettable Past and Girl with no Past. This is not a simple love story. Each couple will face sadness, anger, grief that will follow up to their love. People think love is so easy? Well, not in this story. A NatsuxLucy, JellalxErza, and a Gajeelx...

  • headphones part three.
    434 20 5

    Just giving what the fans want, a continuation of the last headphone story.

  • Nalu - E.N.D and his Queen
    57.5K 682 55

    After the Tartaros Battle and everyone getting the guild back together. Gray's new power that he has gotten from Silver changes him and he gets suspicions of Natsu. After being kicked out Natsu gets so angry he turns into E.N.D and his demon side begins to take control of him. Now with Lucy. Zeref. And the Alvarez Emp...

  • FairyTail weddings!
    7.5K 215 14

    This is a sequel to 'What a princess would do for her family'. It's only going to be everybody getting married and when and what happens. Everything is still the same as the last one.

  • THE FORGOTTEN WIZARD | LALU = Laxus X Lucy| & Sting |
    54.2K 638 26

    When a old guild mate that came back from a other world and back to her normal world almost every one forgot about a celestial mage called Lucy and kicked her out of her team and called weak, some of her friends that still talk with her leaves with her to show revenge from their horrible guild and come back stronger t...

  • Our Life Together (Nalu Fanfic) *SEQUEL* Complete✔️
    1.3K 94 15

    *SEQUEL TO "MY NEW ENGLISH TEACHER"* Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or artwork. Only the storyline. WARNING: Contains smut, mature language, mental conditions, death, and addictions. Viewer descretion is advised. I'm glad people wanted a sequel to 'My New English Teacher'. I love that book and the sto...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vampires Of Fairy Tail Academy
    359 8 1

    The 7 strongest Vampire clans come to Fairy tail academy in search for a legend of 7 maidens. 1000 years ago, 7 maidens from the Gods Realms, were sent to protect the Earth. While there, they fell in love with the leaders of the 7 vampire clans: The Dragneel clan, The Fullbuster clan, The Fernandez clan, The Cheney cl...

  • The Flat Friends (ROOM MATES BOOK 2)
    51.8K 1.5K 23

    Imagine a world with no mistakes...or rather, a world that doesnt allow them. Lucy Heartfilia wakes up two years in the past, having to relive the whole experience of university again... until she gets it right. 💚SEQUEL TO MY PREVIOUS BOOK 'ROOM MATES' 🚫I ADVISE YOU READ IT FIRST IF YOU WANT THIS BOOK TO MAKE SENSE...

  • (laxlu) abused
    38.6K 696 22

    Lucy was ignored and abused by the whole guild Laxus has not been at the guild sence he was kicked out. Will Lucy find Laxus and bring him back? Will Laxus come back? Read To Find Out!

  • The Criminal Has a Soft Spot (Nalu)
    29.1K 636 13

    Natsu Dragneel, the most wanted criminal in all of Fiore. Guilty of countless crimes such as robbery, breaking and entering, murder, etc. Lucy Heartfilia, a high school girl who lives in a small town. Her mother committed suicide when Lucy was young, and her father neglects her. What happens when the two meet? Will N...

    2.2K 56 11

    A demon named Natsu Dragneel showed his face to a little girl way back in year x777. However Natsu had already stopped aging a year ago at the age if 18. Natsu didnt realize how important the little girl was or that he would need to stay in contact. He visited the little girl throughout her years to check on her. Thou...

  • Lavender Rose
    196K 6.9K 60

    Can she cope with arranged marriage? "I also told you not to get excited, I ain't jealous... just territorial." placing a hand over her throat, he squeezed. "Well I suggest you keep your 'territorial' bullshit to yourself, I'm not your wife just yet Mr. Dragneel." she countered, grabbing the collar of his shirt.

  • starting again
    16.6K 334 8

    5 years since the tartorus indecent 4 years since natsu left 3 years since the guild disbanded 2 years since natsu brought it back together 1 year since the guild was a guild again But in the last three years no one has seen or heard from lucy heartfilia they have been searching for her since the guild got back t...

  • Bloody Love
    26.4K 762 5

    In the times where Mythical creatures rule, specially the originated Blood suckers, Fairy Tail.......The group of undeniably Fearing Blood suckers, they are what you can call the royal family, not my Blood but by Connections. Even though they appear Heartless, two person can't keep their feelings hidden, not like anyo...

  • The Tomboy
    5K 181 2

    Lucy Heartfilia is a tomboy. What do you expect. You live in a house of boys and turn out like a princess. It's not easy. Especially now that she's in high school where no one can be different or they'll never judged. But Lucy doesn't care, because she likes be her. Natsu Dragneel is the capitain of the soccer team a...

  • The Stars' Guardian
    145K 3.2K 45

    Due to injury, Team Natsu temporarily replaced Lucy with Lisanna. However, like always, Lucy is desperate for rent money and takes on a simple solo mission. Easy enough, right? ....But why isn't she returning home? DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT MY STORY, THIS VERSION IS JUST SLIGHTLY EDITED BY ME. THE UNTOUCHED ORIGINAL CAN...

  • Stepbrother
    14.9K 383 24

    Natsu and Lucy are now faced into a sibling relationship that could take a turn for the worst. Will they be able to accept their new life's as fate or will they risk it all just to see the future with each other as many times as it takes.. . . . "Is it wrong wanting more of you when I can't even have you"

  • Geekishly Perfect | Nalu
    165K 4.4K 24

    Lucy Heartfilia is a straight A student,with her IQ up in the satisfactory; she is elegant yet, intelligent. Lucy tends to hang out with the 'misfits' or 'nerds' even though, she could pick which group she wanted to be in. Lucy is referred to as a 'geek' since, she lacks confidence and, ignores those who attempt to as...

  • Blackmailed By The Dragoneel [Nalu fanfic]
    183K 6.8K 36

    "Looking for this?" Whispers a voice that sends shivers down my spine. I turn round and see the one and only Natsu with my diary in hand I try to snatch it but he has long arms. "Give it back it's mine!" "Well now it's mine and I gotta say I never knew you were one for skinny dipping" he laughed evilly. My eyes widen...

  • That One Question
    88.7K 2.6K 25

    Lucy moves back to her hometown and is new at Fairy Tail High but she has her Best Friend Levy on her side. She was about to leave math when she suddenly got pushed into the wall. And this mysterious person leans in and tells her "How bad?" Lucy is just shocked and puzzled. Read more to find out.

  • The mafia king [Nalu]
    50.7K 1.3K 35

    Lucy heartfilia is your average teenage girl till one day she gets a call from her mom and later finds out that she has been sold to a mafia and will have to marry the prince of the mafia... But what happens when the prince is dating his soon to be wife's best friends and how will she react? Read to find out!! DISCLAI...

  • The guy she made me
    35.8K 919 21

    LUCY HEARTFILIA Name: Lucile Heartfilia Age: 23 Date of birth: December 12, 1995 Family: father, mother(deceased), sister(deceased), and brother. Record: 2011, stolen car 2010, man slaughter 2009, mugging 2011, murder of prostitute 2013, mafia activity 2016, man slaughter 2017, gang violence 2018, murder of 18 p...