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  • I Got Reincarnated As The Psychotic Villain In A Novel
    1.6M 82.6K 44

    A story about an idol who died and got reincarnated in a body of a psychotic villain from the novel. Adrien Waterston was a popular idol who was admired by a lot of people. Because of his unique voice, he became one of the most famous artists. But things weren't going really well in his life. He's actually facing a l...

  • Static Crush {M/M} ✔
    182K 20.8K 58

    WATTY 2019 WINNER Hale, a state of the art android, can do nearly anything a human can. He cooks meals, cleans and organizes the house, repairs broken appliances, and runs errands. He can even provide for the more carnal needs of his owner. None of these tasks should present any challenge for Hale, and they don't-unti...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Not A Piece Of Cake (boyxboy)
    178K 6.9K 25

    When Gabriel Bloom, the crossdressing seventeen-year-old, is forced from his high school due to bullying, he transfers to an All Boys Private School. Once there, new feelings will emerge, new people will come in to Gabriel's life, and others will abuse his submissive personality. But as Gabriel grows, he comes to le...

  • Far From Home Two: The Monster's Heir-- a M/M/M fantasy romance
    451K 29K 37

    *** COMPLETE- Far From Home book two: Sequel to The Warlord's Chosen. A M/M/M fantasy romance*** "For the innocence of my mother, I suffered alone in the dark. For the sins of my father, I give my blood." Llyric has lived his life beneath stone, among darkness and cold. Having seen the sun for the last time when his f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dangerous Love (ONC 2019 - LGBTQ)
    35K 3K 22

    (TOP FIVE WINNER!!) Patrick Morgan didn't usually invite strangers home, but when he saw Harlan camping out in the space terminal, he was prepared to make an exception. Breaking the rules seemed like a good idea at the time, but then- My entry for the Open Novella Contest 2019. Using prompt 4 under 'Romance'. LGBT ro...

  • The Art of Gravity
    84.4K 4.8K 24

    Toby's world is chaotic. Still, that doesn't stop Noah from becoming apart of it. completed; ©, masonkaour

  • Because I Deserve It - Drarry
    113K 5.5K 34

    The war just ended, and the world has been saved. But Draco Malfoy and his family are now facing trial, and Harry has to wonder whether he should reveal what he knows. Summer ends, and the students have been invited back for an 8th year. How will Harry and Draco act now that they have been freed from their obligation...

    Completed   Mature
  • Carrion (The Bren Watts Diaries #1)
    515K 40.5K 122

    When a deadly plague spreads like wildfire, 17-year-old Bren Watts is trapped at Ground Zero of a global pandemic. ---- Bren and his classmates are stranded in New York City, now filled with thousands of murderous infected and desperate survivors. Forced into an unlikely alliance with his school bully and former frien...

    31.6K 1.3K 47

    When humans become zombies and the world starts to crumble. It is when a group of teenagers acted as one to protect each other. But is it enough to save them from their death? But what if their friendship starts to break, their secrets being revealed, hard decisions to make and as usual love starts to intervene, can t...

    589K 35.1K 92

    [Ranked #1 in Spideypool] December 2018-February 2019 Almost everyone receives a stopwatch. It counts down to the very second that one will come face to face with their soulmate. It supposed to be one of the most precious things anyone will ever possess. Peter has a Stopwatch. He hates it. He hates them. He hates his...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bathe in Color (boyxboy) ✔️
    173K 9.8K 109

    Paris Wills is a dreamer. His father always said he got it from his mom, an artist who was unlike any other. Her virtue was painting, and Paris' is poetry. No matter where he is, Paris finds inspiration for his poems. In the summer after his sophomore year of high school, Paris finds his biggest inspiration yet, one...

  • Out in the Wind
    110K 5.8K 47

    When Cory's father suddenly dies his entire perfect world is torn apart. Gone is the loving mother, doting sister, lovely house, and the huge allowance. In stead Cory needs to deal with the bank auctioning off the home he gave his first steps in, a illness that befalls his little sister, and the depression that's eat...

  • The Prince's Dark
    611 66 17

    I tried to come up with a title related to The Prince's Mark and this was the best I could do. This is a collection of non-canon lewd scenes based on The Prince's Mark. Sometimes I get an idea that seems fun and I write it, even if I can't use it in the main story. Unlike The Prince's Mark, I won't have an upload s...

  • K I N G
    52.4K 3.4K 33

    Neil was caught between a hard place and a rock. His lungs heaved as he desperately tried to suck in air, but to no avail. He couldn't breath. Tears ran down his face as he smothered his strangled sobs against his pillow. He didn't know how long he could keep up this act. All he wanted was Todd. Todd couldn't sleep...

  • Devil's Worship [ManxMan]
    66.4K 4.9K 19

    Tobias has been alone since he was five and taken from his home after an unexplainable event. Twenty years on and Tobias is still alone. However, no longer confined to the four walls of the nun-run convent he lived in after that fateful day, integrating back into society isn't as easy as he wished. Forbidden from to...

  • Finally Found You
    39.9K 2.2K 14

    When life separates Gavin and Zane at the young age of 6, they're both devastated for each losing their best friend. But life's cruel game didn't end there. When they're thrown back into each other's arms in the form of enemies, things get pretty heated because of one thing: They don't know they were best friends.

  • For The Love Of An Angel (BoyxBoyxBoy) (Incest)
    744K 21.9K 23

    (Highest rank #2 in boyxboy) Angel is a 17-year-old boy, Who at the young age of 5 lost his two older brothers. They didn't die, their parents sent them to live with a relative. At 12 and 13 years old Dean an Caden were caught with their pants down, both coming out as gay and interested in each other shocked the paren...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness [ManxBoy+]
    237K 7.5K 41

    [Incest & Poly Relationship] Book 1 15 year old Gregory Kia Giovanni has been struggling with trying to stop himself from falling in love with his brother and his brothers best friend's but we all know it isn't that easy especially when they all start teasing him. It's like Gregory is trapped in the drama world...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Triad With Ash Minor (MxMxM) ✓
    91.7K 6.1K 30

    🅜🅐🅝 ⓧ 🅜🅐🅝 ⓧ 🅜🅐🅝 Ash Minor - singer, song writer, billboard blasting track producer. A pop star. He knows how to play the heart strings. Sometimes soothing, sometimes shooting up the blood pressure. But always playing. Word count: 120000

    Completed   Mature
  • Count The Stars
    549K 28.6K 44

    Elijah Rosen, an introverted seventeen year old with a love for football, sneaks out almost every night to get away from the problems he faces during the day. He feels like his anxiety is taking over his life, and the only place he can go to escape it is the pitch black night right outside his window where he can be a...

  • Pardon My French (boyxboy)
    73.1K 1.7K 5

    Jason Drew is Silver High's golden boy. Star quarterback. Captain of the football AND the hockey team. Straight A student. Your typical ladies' man. Cocky yet all around nice guy. Laid-back. Straight as a pole... Blake Kingston is the school's bad boy. Trouble-maker. Has been suspended many times. Very short-tempered...

  • Vanguard | ONC 2020 ✔
    2.2K 497 18

    🏅ONC 2020 || Round Two Qualifier 🏅The Peacock Awards || Science Fiction Best Graphics 🥇The Next Top Book || Science Fiction 1st Place Winner 🥈The Bubble Tea Awards 2020 || Science Fiction 2nd Place Winner 🥈The Moonshine Awards || Science Fiction 2nd Place Winner 🎉The Dream Awards 2020 || Science Fiction Honourab...

  • Interstellar Love
    41.5K 2.6K 17

    Past the stars that your eyes can see. Deeper into the universe than you have ever dreamed any could go is a world where only the things of fables live. Creatures far beyond what anyone could ever imagine reside in a world where there are two moons that illuminate the entire night sky. The morning sky is a royal purpl...

  • Rivals [BXB]
    57.7K 1.2K 13

    Two Boys , One Summer , & A Big Mistake . Tyler Parrish and Gregory White have never been friends, they've always had to compete with each other for everything. But on one summer night everything is going change.

  • No Better Than The Beasts
    169K 8.2K 60

    (Completed MXM) In a kingdom of wolves, a prince dwells with an unappealing attitude and a way of distancing himself from anything that deals with 'love'. You could say he was Prince Charming's opposite. His only true hatred was a certain beast, a species he wanted to obliterate until extinction: wolves. No one really...

    Completed   Mature
  • Marked
    286K 11.8K 34

    A black handprint somewhere on your body. Whether it's just on your hands, or somewhere else. If you even have one at all. That black mark is one of the most important things of your life. Because that is where your soulmate touches you for the very first time. And you'll know when it happens to because that's when yo...

  • Miles (BoyxBoy)
    358K 13.2K 33

    Miles Brigg is a kindergarten teacher who lives a simple life of working and spending time with his family. Until he meets him. Julian Caldwell is a wealthy businessman who helps run several companies, including Home Our Community, a non-profit that provides homes for members of the LGBTQ+ community that were kicked o...

    Completed   Mature
  • duty. (boyxboy)
    22.8K 1K 12

    Forven is a prince, and princes marry princesses. "I will look for you in every lifetime, until we finally stay."

  • A Man at Sea [COMPLETE]
    54.7K 996 15

    Aboard ships, Eneas has always had luck finding someone to sleep with at night. But the young chef has never found romance, someone who truly understands his reasons for sailing and his love of food. Eneas sails because there are hardly any rules aboard a ship, and any one can find success as long as they play their c...

  • Keeping A Straight Face | ✔
    343K 16.1K 38

    Taylor Ferguson & Darko Ulyanov, two closeted best friends with unrequited feelings for each other, decide to come clean before high school ends. With problems in either person's lives, will coming out be as easy as they think? ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ♫ A Wattpad Featured Story (2018) ♫ The Wattys™ Longlisted (2018) ♫ Winner...