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  • Ariana Grande Imagines & Short Stories
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    Imagines of Ariana and reader mostly will be GxG but probably will put a couple GxG!p in from time to time! Now need I say more...just read them ;) If you like this plz vote!! and follow if want! Oh and don't steal my stuff kay? Thank you, next

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    A story based on Needy by Ariana Grande. G!P #2 in arianagrande

  • Love & Acceptance
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    Y/n has lived a rough life, getting rejected and dumped by every guy she's dated. All because of her special condition. She believes that it shouldn't matter, but to others that just hasn't been the case. So, Y/n swore off dating in order to protect both her heart and her secret. Well, that is until she meets Ariana G...

  • Baby Girl
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    WARNING: this story contains cursing, sex, drugs ect. So if you're under the age of 14 do not click. Jk i'm 13 no one would listen anyway lol ENJOY!!

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  • Adopted By Ariana Grande
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    Amber Keys lives the unfortunate life in an adoption centre. She was sent there because of the misfortunate of her family's death in a car accident, she was the only one who survived, she had relatives but none of them wanted to take her in. Amber is now 13 years old and has been living in the adoption centre for 7 ye...

  • Adopted By Ariana Grande
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    This story doesn't have a description but read it and u will know watt it's about

  • Ariana Grandes Adopted Child ✔
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    14 year old amber lives with a bunch of girls in a orphanage she's been there for two years and hates it she has always wanted to be adopted but they go for the little kids. Then her idol Ariana grande shows up and adopts amber as her own child. ~ DISCLAIMER! THIS STORY HAS HORRIBLE GRAMMAR! So it might not be the be...

  • Adopted by Ariana Grande
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    When Lindsey Hollow gets adopted by the one and only Ariana Grande, she learns more about the life of a pop star, and about the life of a Grande

  • Adopted By Ariana Grande
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    Bella lives in an orphanage with no friends and has no family. She has a bit of a wild side and does something unexpected. Something no one would ever guess.

  • Her 7th Ring
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    Y/n saw a great opportunity when told they'll be auditioning dancers for a new tour. She decided to jump at the opportunity since she loves to dance and is a bit famous on youtube for her dancing videos.

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  • Sinful Passion|A.G
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    "I don't like to be disobeyed,so now you have to be punished"she smirks pushing me against her desk harshly _________________________ Everyone says that if you play with fire you'll always get burnt in the end,but Y/n couldn't control the thrilling sensation Miss Grande gave her whenever they locked eyes or stayed tog...

  • The Sweetener Sessions (Ariana/you)
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    you meet Ariana at the sweetener slumber party and the two of you instantly have a connection. How far will you go to keep your relationship a secret?

  • The English Teacher (Ariana/You)
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    (Don't read the book if you're not into rough sex) Ariana is your typical high-school popular girl. She's beautiful and rich, has the basketball playing boyfriend, can be mean sometimes but usually has her friends to do that for her. But she knows she's been living a lie. At the end of the last school year one of the...

  • The counselor(Ariana/you)
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    The most beautiful thoughts are always inside the darkest (This book does get better when you get into it, trust me)

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Dancer (Ariana/you) | ✔️ ~Wattys 2017~
    515K 11.7K 107

    "The happiest I've ever felt was that moment I discovered you loved me too." *started: Dec 23, 2016* *all rights reserved* Highest Ranking ~ #1 in Dangerouswoman~ ~#2 in ArianaGrande~

  • Thinking Bout You (Ariana/You)
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    "I just want to fucking know why!? Why would you look me in the eyes, and fake the whole time? I was ready to come out for you! I am in love with you! I thought you felt the same." "I do, Y/n! I love you!" She pleaded, tears streaming down her face! "No. No, you don't. If you did you wouldn't be able to do this." I ch...

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  • Sweetener Tour Romance (Ariana/You)
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    You fly all the way from Australia to see Ariana on her Sweetener World Tour. During meet & greet she becomes very fond of you. * She took my hand in hers and lend her lips close to my ear, "After the show, stay in the pit and I'll get one of my guards to bring you to my dressing room" she whispered, leaving me speech...