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  • Mini Stories 2
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    It's back and it's (I think) better than ever!

  • Mini stories!
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    I have an ask and dare book but a friend of my dared me to do mini stories in the book so I did. But that book wasn't made for mini stories so I'll put the mini stories in this book.

  • Fazbear's Fright: The Novelization
    7.6K 276 3

    When Ersa gets a phone call imploring her to come in for a job interview, she jumps at the chance and arrives at a spooky horror attraction that's a little scarier then it has any right to be. The interior is a labyrinth of horror, with bloodied walls and hulking animatronics that seem to watch her every step. Will th...

  • You're My Buddi Until "The End"
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    (base of Child's play 2019 movie but different characters) it was JMfoxgame 1 birthday and her friends gave her the new doll named "Elise" and they're be best friend until "the end" (oh and all of my friends from Youtube and probably here are in this story and they live together in their big house)

  • Afton Family - Side Stories
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    Different moments with the Afton Family. If they don't have the same titel they won't be related to eachother. Mostly inspired by Gacha videos that I've watched, but I don't have the pantience to make my own Gacha videos, so I'll just write instead. But there will be Gacha pictures in the story to show what's happenin...

  • Molten Freddy X Bryan
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    This is my #1 FAV ship and meh first story so hope u like it!😊

  • ship book
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  • Random Art I Have
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    Random art

  • Springtrap's Insta bitches
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    READ THE DAMN TITLE P.s. in this, springtrap has children,but no wife, he single if anyone wants to date him...................................................( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)