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  • The Secerts and the Obivous (Combined Aus?)
    141 1 23

    (Inspired by "3 Secrets" A Jamilams book) What happens when a couple of people with secerts go to the same collage? What happens when some of those people have even more secrets? Lets find out, Shall we?

  • Dreams (Midas x Reader)
    45K 931 21

    I was bored so have this lmao From a young age, Y/N always had the desire to be rich, that's why she became the world's most dangerous hacker. It started with just hacking into things like video game accounts, then it became large companies. Y/N always liked to have power over things, that's basically what inspired he...

  • Love At First Sight - Drift x Brite Bomber
    58.8K 648 38

    As Drift enters the world of Fortnite and faces new challenges and discoveries, Brite and her squad will help Drift find his role in their world. As for Drift, he will have to be face-to-face with one of his fears- admitting his love and feelings.

  • Close Encounter (Drift x Brite Bomber)
    46.9K 644 30

    Sometimes things happen and you don't expect them. My ordinary has always been what I'd expect. But he is nothing ordinary. - Drift's eyes shifted towards the sound of an ATK approaching him and the first instinct was to run. He knew just a bit how Fortnite works, and with his knowledge of the game he knew for a fac...

  • ᵂᴵᵀᴴ ᴸᴼᵛᴱ ᶜᴼᴹᴱˢ ᴰᴬᴺᴳᴱᴿ (Midas x Reader)
    15.7K 356 11

    When you kill one of Team Shadow's greatest bosses, Shadow is now trying to kill you. But Midas, Team Ghost's greatest boss offers you to join Team Ghost and protect you from Team Shadow. Credit to @piyo__art on Twitter :)

  • Fortnite One-shot Stories For You
    8.3K 90 5

    I honestly write out of my own pure pleasure. You can request/make a suggestion, but there's absolutely no guarantee I'll write it (and tbh i probably won't) I enjoy writing for my own and for my closer friends on ig. Peace. Art also by me on IG @Flower.Bomb.V and Twitter @FlowerBombV_ (unless said otherwise) All righ...

  • (DISCONTINUED) Sinister (A Fortnite Story)
    161 16 15

    2nd book after ace. I have scrapped the story in this though, since I am rewriting the first one, things won't add up. Everything looks to have calmed down for Ace and her friends. She settled in fine with the new environment of Sinister City. Only 2 poeple know that things move in the shadows. One, a friend, another...

  • The Rift- A fortnite story.
    205 8 7

    This is based off of a roleplay. This is a mistake of a book but imma try to do it anyways. This may or may not have a lemon in it, if it does then it'll be my first time writing one, so don't hate too much. :3 Don't hate too much in general actually XD This is my first book, hope you like it.

  • Overhaul x Reader One Shots♡︎
    115K 3.2K 29

    the title says it all kids. enjoy and don't forget to bring along a few snacks(ΦεΦ) [REQUESTS ARE OPEN]

  • Platinum Heart | Overhaul x Reader x Dabi
    151K 6.1K 24

    "One word from you was all he needed to make it rain fire on earth." [ In which you are a consulting detective and Jin's sister. ] ➴ Highest ranking: #1 in "Chisaki Kai", "Overhaul", "Kai Chisaki", "Dabi" and "Overhaul x Reader" ➴ 2,000+ words per chapter. ➴ Completed.