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  • But Who's Counting?
    320K 12.7K 67

    "I'm pregnant with your child, Alex." Sophia was determined on convincing Alexander that besides her being pregnant, they couldn't work out. "And I know that. Now, stop think of all the bad things that could happen. Give me one reason why we could and we could run with that." Alexander was determined on making Sophia...

    Completed   Mature
  • When LOVE is not Enough
    43.9K 2.1K 51

    Axel is a man that values family over everything. He's ready to make sure his family has the best life at any cost but finds himself at a loss when he thought, he had the right to speak for someone else's heart. Angel has a heart that people considered to be a 'heart of gold'. She always believes that everyone deserve...

    Completed   Mature
  • NO DOUBT [bwwm]
    468K 19.2K 42

    『 𝙉𝙊 𝘿𝙊𝙐𝘽𝙏 』 What happens when a 22-year old lands a job in a restaurant, and meets the owner's son. Excerpt from book: 《 His voice was low, raspy, laced with something of desire, maybe, but all I could hear was lust of the most unchaste kind. "You know, you drive me crazy,... so fucking insane. And it m...

    Completed   Mature
  • ɪɴᴄᴀɴᴛᴏ
    151K 5.4K 43

    IT was a cold dark night. Somewhere in the city was the opening of the new Opera house that Vincenzo Armani created. The business mogul wanted to expand his business. In front of the Opera house there were a lot of people in front it waiting to get inside. A lot of influential people were invited. Nellie Rose was look...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving The Wrong Sister (BWWM)
    136K 7.7K 42

    Olivia isn't the most attractive girl in the world, so it makes dating hard for her; but she reluctantly makes a tinder account using a different identity just to test it out. She didn't expect to get a message from the hottest boy at her school; and he's also her bully.

    Completed   Mature
  • Killer Secret
    47.1K 2.5K 38

    Kaito Takashi is an assassin who does business with the Yakuza. However, while doing some dirty work in America, he is caught and arrested. While serving his time in Queenstown Penitentiary and waiting for an execution order, Haruka, a Japanese detective meets with Kaito and offers him a job. Katashi, Kaito's younger...

  • Damsel's Tattooed Temptation (18+)(Complete)
    976K 42.6K 42

    James ran a finger down her arm and felt her body shiver. "Why are you here, right now, with me?" _____________________________________ Damsel and James have opposing philosophies about life and how to live it. Damsel is disciplined, values structure, and lives by rigorous planning with meticulous execution; while Jam...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. Wright Secretary (Interracial story)
    357K 13.1K 39

    "I love you Jada." He whispered against her lips. "You are engaged, I can't be in the middle of this affair. We should walk away before there is more pain and damage." I responded, but he smashed his lips into mine. Our lips moved in sync, the emotion I concealed inside me was now pouring out. "I only love you, and I...

  • His Priority (Book 1)
    967K 46.1K 37

    "Look," he said sternly, his green eyes blazing with anger as he looked down at the small woman before him. The dark skin that covered her body made him want to reach out and lose himself completely in her beauty and those dark chocolate eyes weren't helping. He gave a frustrated sigh when she stared up at him with an...

  • Taste of sin
    72K 3.3K 37

    They say the war is black and white but love shouldn't. He was torn between his soul and his heart. Torn between what is right and wrong Raise in different side of the track. In love with someone who didn't deserve his heart. Until he found some to control those demons with her sweet innocent soul *James is foul m...

    Completed   Mature
  • No More Secrets (BWWM)
    286K 7.2K 39

    Secrets. The things everyone has, yet no one shares. Because if you share a secret, it's no longer a secret. Cody Anderson was a player, high school heart throb. But, one day, his whole perspective of life changes when he meets the beautiful Allison Cooper. She's been through...

    Completed   Mature
  • All That Matters
    163K 7.3K 41

    Spin off from My Bad Ass White Boy. Tiana Harrison is a shy girl on campus. Most people don't really know she exist because she's so quiet. The funny thing is that she's a very talented singer with a heavy musical background. She wants to share her talent with the whole world but is afraid of getting judged by everyon...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hidden Behind Walls
    412K 16.7K 39

    Raven Bordeaux never liked dealing with people. She liked being encased in her drama free bubble with her few close-knit friends. Though that changed when Clayton Sorenson, the epitome of popular jocks, decided that she was going to help him with his French. The world isn't as crystal clear as we would hope. There are...

    Completed   Mature
  • Princess Amara
    171K 10.9K 49

    Being a Princess is some heavy shit. Princesses do NOT use profanity. Princesses do NOT get drunk. Princesses do NOT try to commit homicide. Princesses do NOT threaten others. Princesses do NOT act on sexual thoughts. ... Well shit. But Princesses do NOT get kidnapped and dragged across the Realm by some unbeli...

    Completed   Mature
  • Grey's Tale ✅
    125K 7.2K 42

    WARNING : CONTAINS SWEARING, SEXUAL THEMES AND SUICIDE He grabbed the nearest object, a vase, and threw it against the wall He was angry with himself and the world Why couldn't he just be normal? Why won't his demons leave? Why do people have to lie? Why do we have to die? Finn slid down the wall as his mind did flip...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jacob sparks ~1~
    193K 6.1K 45

    Jacob bullied everyone. Him and his friends. What happens when he falls for the new girl?

    Completed   Mature
  • The new Queen
    22.3K 1K 43

    "Hello Queen" "What?" I say confused He gets closer to me and whispers,"You're my new Queen." My eyes widen It all started when I moved to a new town in Mississippi close to Oklahoma. He was cute with that beautiful smile. Oh that smile that drove me wild and made my knees weak. Those eyes that held innocence , yet ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • After the Rain
    177K 6.5K 45

    ⚠️ NEEDS HEAVY EDITING ⚠️ Pain is only temporary like rain. There's sunshine after rain right?

  • I'm Yours || BWWM
    188K 7.6K 44

    [Completed] "Can I sit here?" A boy with dark brown hair asks as he rests his arm on the counter. She looks up into his green eyes, "Yeah go ahead." The boy takes a seat, ordering a cold beer. "You here alone?" He asks, taking a sip of his beverage. "Yeah, I needed a break from work." She smiled, then took a sip of h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sweet Moana
    297K 13.5K 45

    We're both broken and torn apart. We've been through so much and we don't know where to start, but as long as we're together we don't have to travel far. Because we are each other's morning stars She's broken and full of pain. He's hurt and full of regret . Can love conquer all? Or make them fall? What readers are s...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Italian CEO (Complete)
    1.7M 56.6K 39

    Completed   Mature
  • Try
    784K 21.7K 49

    (BWWM) Shana is normal college student. That is until she meets Luke Agrippa. After the hell of a lifetime, with love and misfortune, can these two young adults ride the love train? Or will it end in one big train wreck?

  • Angels Don't Cry
    825K 25.4K 42

    Valeria Patterson is the IT woman. She has everything: the looks, the brains, and not to mention the countless billions of dollars she owns. She's been grinding to get where she is since the young age of 14 after her parents and uncle are killed in a car crash. Her Aunt Ivy and herself are the only survivors of said e...

    Completed   Mature
  • IGNITED (+18)
    696K 26.3K 50

    (BWWM) EDITING "That cannot happen again." Sunny spoke breaking the silence between us. We must have been sitting in my car for a solid five minutes without saying a word to each other. "Why?" I said I not bothering to look at her. I kept my eyes forward. "Because it's not appropriate." She was stern in the way she...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fixation (BWWM) Preview
    124K 7K 39

    Now on Amazon After one year of ending the relationship with the only man she ever loved, to live a life of unhappiness with a man she couldn't never love. She lives a life of silence, being alone is the only happiness she ever has, but today is the Graduation Ceremony. After a year of schooling, and forcing herself t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr.CEO
    1.2M 56.8K 41

    Micheal Banes is the man who had it all. The money, the fame, the looks, he had power and even a nine month old daughter who he can't seem to raise. He hired a nanny to take care of her while he's at work and drop her off at his parents when the care taker had her days off. He loved his daughter no matter what people...

  • At Your Service (BWWM)
    31.1K 1.5K 38

    🥉3rd place in Action/Adventure on Writersgram Award *** He's a butler to a rich scientist. He's a ladies' man. He's an undercover agent... His job: To monitor and protect Professor Nicalus Alberstein, the first man to find the cure for cancer. When a criminal society wants to get the antidote for themselves, sell i...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Beautiful Mess (Under Editing)
    750K 36.2K 41

    ••^^"Meek......obedient.....naive....plain....emotional....docile....I guess she will do." I heard him utter to himself and I was lost as to what he meant by that. He reached inside on of the drawers to take out a file and pushed it my way. "I trust your feeble mind will be capable of memorizing everything in here by...

    Completed   Mature
  • Light In Darkness {Second book in the series of Eternal Love}
    643K 25K 48

    Read Forever And Ever before reading this one. ~~~~~~ "Do you know what scares me?" "What?" As his thumb lightly stroked her left cheek, Stacey leant into the soothing touch with closed eyes. All thoughts left her mind on the warmth seeping in her veins. Darius looked at his caramel skinned beauty. He smiled and the g...

  • Alexander || Complete
    348K 13K 38

    What if I can't leave you alone?" He says invading my personal bubble again. "I can't just stay away from you Xan, I won't. If I can be as close to you as I am now. I will be." Oh sh*t. Don't look in his eyes. He leans in closer and closer, damn does this boy bathe in cologne because he just smells great! He's so clo...

    Completed   Mature