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  • Trust-A Fanfic about Aryan & Aradhya from Krishnadasi
    996 39 3

    'AARADHYAAAA' Aryan screamed trying to get some breathe 'please I beg you!please stop have some pity on me' 'Oh my poor zero iq looks like you have not grown up yet;can't compete with a girl!shame shame' a running Aradhya screamed laughing like a child. The waterfall behind them continued to make a slashing sound as A...

  • Tashan-E-Ishq Ff...Remember twinj ff
    4.3K 100 7

    It is fan fiction on my favourite couple twinj remember the moments of love this story tells how they meet and how they fall in love and when one wants to sacrifice there love for others hapiness will it happen. will they forget there love and move on or they remember there beautiful moments and become one again.

  • kumkum baghya
    1.1K 124 3

    this is story of the love of Abhi and Pragya

  • Furqat (MaNan FF)
    138K 17.5K 19

    Copyright © 2018 MaNanlicious_Angel Two people met, Two people hated each other, those same two people got united for their loved ones and when... when they fell for each other fireflies glow for them... for their true love! ♥️ It was going all good... Until that one day when Manik had to choose... And Nandini left s...

  • Deceiving Veils
    191K 18.8K 75

    About a time when anarchy took over a place where once order prevailed. She being daughter of the one whose decision burnt thousand of shacks, she had never imagined how a world so familiar could turn so horrible. She was loved all her life; she could say she earned it somewhat. She was about to face a wrath she hardl...

  • Prithvi... [Vol 1] (Ongoing) (Winner of Wattpad India Awards 2019)
    474K 25.5K 32

    Winner of 'Wattpad India Awards 2019' in Both Popular Choice and Judge's Choice Categories. May 2020 - A request Please do not start reading 'Prithvi' right now. It is an ongoing story, and it will take me a long time to wrap it up. Once the story is completed, I would be very happy and grateful if you would give it...

  • I Got You |✔
    7.9M 269K 73

    Wrong Place. Wrong Time. Right Guy. ◇Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction, #1 in New Girl, #2 in Thriller, #5 in Featured, #5 in Bad Boy◇ (TwistClichè) ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ And before I could even begin to process what emotions I saw in him, he had stepped closer, pulling my face to his. At...