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  • DreamNotFound - Conversion Camp
    4.4K 125 4

    This fanfic could contain violence, slight sexual themes, slight gore, abuse and all that dark stuff :( This is not shipping real life people, only their online personas :) I will try to make it a bit happier at times instead of all darkness and green jelly babies. Ew. Inspired by @MiguelLikesGeorge4 This is my first...

  • The Lucky Switch {Gream/DreamNotFound}
    253K 11.2K 21

    For as long as George can remember, he's always felt like an outcast. He'd learned to be cautious when letting new people into his life, never allowing anyone to get too close. As time passed he gradually got used to relying solely on himself, but he still desperately wished he could just put himself out there a littl...

  • Undiscovered [DreamNotFound]
    409K 13K 21

    George and Dream have always been good friends - bonding over plugins and Minecraft and YouTube. However, George begins to feel something...different. Different feelings for Dream. A feeling in the pit of his stomach when Dream calls out his name. George is afraid to admit this. How could he, anyway? NOTE: Contains a...

  • My One and Only, Protector - Gream
    19.7K 637 14

    Dream and George are living in the world of blocks caused by a failed experiment that killed most living things. Can they find a way out and reverse the effects before they are killed? (Youtubers beware! What lies ahead you will cringe at! Beware! Beware! This is your last warning! Ooooo! This is stupid lol. Ok, but...

  • Dream6d vs DreamNotFound
    89.4K 2.5K 27

    Dream finds himself in a problem when he realizes he has feelings for two people. Vincent and George. George, his best friend for 4 years now. Vincent, a friend that has recently became closer to him. Is choosing one, losing the other? Paused as of september 2022. :) [Art of the cover: @_plantboi.uwu_ on insta!]

  • ❤New Love❤ (Gream/Dreamnotfound Highschool Au)
    53.8K 1.5K 12

    READ DESCRIPTION This is a Gream highschool Au, it may be a pretty short story maybe like 10 Chapters, idk. Pretty much George got exposed about being Gay in school, he get beat up by someone, Clay helps him then they fall in love or something. ( pretty cliche I know). Theres gonna be lots of fluff and sad moments...

    Completed   Mature
  • Infatuation~ Dream x georgenotfound (Gream)
    103K 1.3K 7

    infatuation-a feeling of foolish or obsessively strong love for, admiration for, or interest in someone or something fanfic of dreamwastaken and Georgenotfound 3rd dreamnotfound fanfic yes this really was the 3rd ever dnf fanfic ever wrote, I was an og

  • More Than Friends ●Dream×George(Gream)●
    769K 10.6K 51

    This is a fanfic between Dream and GeogeNotFound.Ship name is Gream or Dreamnotfound. I kinda like Gream a lil better. Also I'm one of the first person to make a fanfiction of this ship. UwU ⚠️Some trigger warning⚠️: There will be lime cause it's more chill. MAYBE smut in later chapter. Also there's talk about homoph...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gream oneshots❤|dreamnotfound
    4.2K 44 2

    oneshots for the ship gream/dreamnotfound •Georgenotfound x dreamwastaken send requests pleaseee

  • Text back
    737K 23.9K 20

    WARNING: Some chapters contain triggering subject material. Reader discretion is advised. I, defelala, wrote this fanfiction. If you see anyone else posting this fic, or using it's cover, please let me know. Dream has feelings for George, and he accidentally confesses whilst recording a video. 💖 Sapnap approved 💖 (...

    Completed   Mature
  • Your Heart (DreamxGeorge)
    2.8K 75 4

    This is a little short story about the ship between two Minecraft Youtubers, Dream and George. Please read the introduction chapter, as it has important information! NOTE: I do NOT ship these people in real life. I respect their lives and personal relationships. This ship is rather between the characters Clay (Dream)...

  • Conversion 👬➡️👫 (Gream/Dreamnotfound)
    62.9K 2.4K 14

    Okay so, this is a first and COMPLETELY ORIGINAL fanfic idea and I think NO ONE as ever done it. So um, it's a Gream/Dreamnotfound fanfic in a Conversion Camp. Those places don't work they just really bad places. I fully do not know how they actually work so I'm just going to assume and use my knowledge of them from...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Day That Connects Us (Dreamnotfound)
    64.1K 2.4K 19

    Gream/Dreamnotfound fanfic In a world where your birthday connects you and your soulmate, George has no idea what his birthday is. He's lost all hope in ever finding his soulmate, so he only wants a good friend, something he never got as a kid. When he meets his next-door neighbor outside his new apartment, he's ecsta...

  • Just friends? // George x Dream x Sapnap
    162K 2.7K 18

    They all think they're just good friends, but what are they rEAlly?

  • Locked and Lost // Gream/DreamNotFound
    29K 953 4

    Dream and George find themselves locked in a universe different from the post-apocalyptic world they live in. That's what they think until they realize that they have traveled to a place, separated from civilization, where supernatural things happen, every way you go is leading to where you've come from, hallucinating...

  • Stuck With Me (Gream/DreamNotFound)
    111K 4.2K 9

    Clay and George are somehow sucked into Minecraft. While trying to figure out how to escape, Clay is taken over by a strange force. George is left to fend for himself, his only hope being that defeating the ender dragon will take him back to real life. But what about his best friend (who might be more than just a frie...

  • suddenly soulmates (dream x george / dreamnotfound)
    43.6K 1.1K 2

    when george is kicked out of his apartment, dream offers to let him stay at his place.

  • all fun and games [dreamnotfound] »
    39.2K 1.3K 2

    It was all fun and games, until George felt his heartbeat quicken and his smiles get bigger every time Dream said a word. It was all fun and games until feelings were realized. George had a crush. Total Word Count (so far): 9,107 words

  • except. - dreamnotfound/gream fanfiction
    4.4K 252 1

    George has issues. A lot of them, actually. His mother was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago; his friends left him shortly after he'd suddenly vanished for two weeks, not responding to any messages or calls; and he was working two jobs a day - just to afford living here somehow. He felt as if he was all alone i...

  • Bromance without B (DreamNotFound)
    68.9K 1.4K 5

    [Discontinued] Just a fluffy story Gream/Dreamnotfound I wrote. I'm not really into angst myself so if you're having a bad day I hope you can feel better while reading this! If there's anything off about my writing or they seem out of character message me on how I can improve it and I'll try my best :) Cover artist: R...

  • Gream Oneshots
    122K 2.7K 13

    Gream Oneshots Requests closed

  • All I Ask Of You- Dreamnotfound/Gream
    4.1K 235 7

    wow what a great cover it's really great isn't it George and Clay go to a theater college together and the theater is performing the phantom of the opera. i have no script from this it's just from my brain uhm also I'm like really bad at updating so if I don't update for a month I'm not dead I promise just do by expec...

  • your "daily" Dreamnotfound
    27.4K 675 36

    This is just a fun story, no harm intended please, let me repeat... NO HARM INTENDED! There may be the following... ahem: sad boi hours, fluff, cuteness, absolute cringe and pain, and more! (End my suffering) Credit to @uncanni for the meme in the first chapter!

    Completed   Mature
  • art class // DreamNotFound
    16.6K 797 3

    Dream has been feeling down for a while, so his friend suggests joining an art class to forget about the rough days. At first, he doesn't believe it's going to help but gives it a try anyway. Little does he know, it's gonna change his life a lot. He gets introduced to George, a smart and progressive boy whose presence...

  • ♡I'm right here♡
    200 15 1

    dream is an upbeat and positive person, he can look at all situations optimistically... or so it seems. in reality he pushed all the bad emotions and thoughts deep down, telling himself he can't afford to get sad over stuff like that. what happens when these things start to surface after becoming too much..? what happ...

  • Lucky or Not, Here I Come (Dreamnotfound) HIATUS
    6.5K 239 6

    Dreamnotfound/Gream For all of George's life, bad things have happened to him. One might say that he has bad luck. But when he encounters a cottage while running from a pack of wolves, (it's a long story) his life might change.

  • Never seen your face (until you disappeared) Dream X GeorgeNotFound
    11.1K 661 13

    George works in the missing persons department for the London police. Dream goes missing. But looking for someone you have #1 never seen before and #2 may or may not like more than you're admitting sounds like a bad idea. (DreamNotFound, Gream, George x Dream)

  • rain || dreamnotfound/gream
    254K 9.2K 22

    Bro dream, George, or whoever... PLEASE DONT EVER READ THIS I ACTUALLY BEG YOU PLEASE DONT Dreams lost but he doesn't know what to do about it. So he resorts to shutting the world out.

  • Unlimited (Dream and GeorgeNotFound One-Shots)
    37.7K 926 5

    A collection of short stories starring the YouTubers Dream (Clay) and George, featuring other creators as well. A small disclaimer: this is for practice and for fun. As much as I love George and Dream's dynamic, I don't want to shove a ship into their faces, especially as they have both said that they're straight. Thi...