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  • King Izuku: Awakened Powers
    7.1K 186 13

    Was humiliated and abused, being the son of the 1st ranked villain. Eyes that filled of joys before, now's lifeless and emptiness are apparent on them. "I feel empty" "I'm sorry for being his son" He thought over and over 'till sudenly, A massive and multifolds of power rushes to his whole being, and he awakens. Supp...

  • The flames of my fire
    4.6K 136 13

    izuku was born with a powerful quirk called hyper pyrokinesis. this is his journey to becoming a hero

  • The Glitching Quirk
    125K 3.1K 15

    During his deadly meeting with the sludge villain his 'quirk' manifested suddenly, Though the cost is questionable, Would you exchange emotions for the power to be able to be the strongest thing in the universe? (PICTURE IS NOT OWNED BY ME) (My first fanfic, Feel free to criticize)

  • Iceman Wolverine Nightcrawler Quicksilver Power deku
    14.5K 182 5

    Deku always wanted to be hero he then find out he the only guy with a quirk

  • Alpha Wolf
    93.2K 1.9K 24

    What if Izuku really did have a quirk, what if he didn't have to wait for it to develop he was born with it. Will Izuku still receive One for All from All Might? Izuku was born in a forest not far from Yueii. His parents abandoned him because he was not what they wanted. Will Izuku be found and if so by whom? Will I...

  • Mute Tamer
    34.8K 1.1K 7

    Izuku, terrorised at a young age, lost the ability to talk. He became an orphan after losing his mother and had been living there for a few years. Quirk: Tame Can tame any animal, but, will feel their pain if hurt. Started: 10/11/18 Finished: ...

  • I need him~
    26.7K 726 7

    this is an AU and yes, they do have their quriks. But, Izuku is know as the Sakura's gift. or as the cherry blossom. Bakugou, his dragon kirishima, and many others fall for this imperfect blossom. a war breaks out and all of izuku's comrades discover his magical ability (his quirk) was more than 1 and had been given t...

  • Lonely Esper (Izumomo)
    27K 284 15

    This will be a Izumomo story, but i think ill start things "SLOW" It was the first day of school and what's school without bullies?

  • The Beast Within
    50.3K 1.3K 12

    Want to know a secret? Izuku Midoriya (Deku) from Boku No Hero Academia isn't exactly the person you think he is....

  • The quirkless arrow
    54.8K 1.4K 10

    Izuku never recieved one for all, instead he recieved training from a certain billionair. Izuku was trained to take his skills to a whole new level before he entered yue. He was given a become a hero and save the city... he is the arrow

  • The Mysterious Bodyguard
    49.5K 1.4K 30

    Izuku is a werewolf. The only two people who know he's a werewolf is his mom and dad. In his childhood Izuku's family was poor. Since his dad walked out on them leaving him and his mom behind. He studied different martial arts and learned how to use the Katana. His mom had to work at THREE jobs to support him and hers...

  • He's mine not yours (bnha Au)
    7.4K 97 1

    It was an awful stormy night at the dorms of ua while deku was doing the laundry for his clothes until he heard something hitting the ground outside of the dorms so he went out to investigate

  • My Hero Academia / The Disastrous Life of Saiki K [Crossover]
    52.4K 1.5K 8

    Crossover of "My Hero Academia" and "The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo" Volume Guide: - Vol. 1: Introduction Some Notes About the Story (shortened): 1) Spoilers 2) If you don't know about either show, this may be confusing. 3) This will be written seriously, but will have humor here and there. 4) I'm not the best wri...

  • Diamonds in the Rough
    166K 6.4K 40

    Everyone told Midoriya he couldn't be a hero without a quirk. Everyone that is, except his best friend Bakugo Katsuki. Then again, no one else has seen him beat the shit out of someone with a brick and a 2x4 plank of wood... Cover art credit goes to mapleleauf on tumblr. I found the picture on google and finally track...

  • The Problem Child
    47.7K 1.1K 17

    when izuku is born with the most powerful quirk he attracts problems and trouble watch as izuku grows with his crush, katsuki and his best friends to become the greatest heros and stop all for one, forever.

  • The Incident [DISCONTINUED]
    51.1K 913 24

    Izuku Midoryia has been bullied and tormented his whole life, so when he was 4 he gave up. He is now a badass and he is slowly falling for a 'cute' Bakugou Katsuki! But what happens when his love is kidnapped! Will he be able to save his love of be forced to loose him forever...

  • Izuku the Sinner
    33.4K 448 13

    So basically Izuku will have all the powers of the seven deadly sins by the current point in the seven deadly sins manga So yeeaaa

  • Endure the Pain (Izumomo)
    21.2K 265 9

    We all know Izuku Midoriya was a quirkles boy. But what if the doctors were wrong? What If his quirk was able to endure pain. Find out in this story. Also, Izuku develops feelings for a girl named Momo Yaoyorozu. But will she feel the same way?

  • Izuku The Combat Butler
    45.4K 706 9

    After a tragedy struck the Midoriya Family, Izuku had nowhere to go to and was taken in by a certain organisation who trained him to be the perfect bodyguard and butler despite being quirk-less. After multiple jobs here and there he was finally, permanently hired by the Yaoyorozu family as a butler for Momo. After ser...

  • The son of nedzu
    24.5K 547 3

    One day nedzu finds a baby wrap with blanket on the floor outside of ua gate he then decided to adopt the baby and name him izuku nedzu who has a infinite quirks (Also izuku was born with a girl thing not a boys member )

  • Pantomath
    71.3K 2.6K 41

    A my hero academia fan fiction where All Might didn't lose the slime monster... and Izuku, dreams freshly crushed, decides to help in a way even a "quirkless Deku" like him could. He becomes an information broker for the heroes. Because while his dream had always been to be a hero, his goal had always- and will always...

  • Quirkless, Not Powerless
    40.4K 1.6K 10

    Midoriya Izuku is a bright kid. His analytical skills and planning rival that of U.A.'s own principal, and yet he is beat and ignored. His childhood friend became his worst bully, giving him many burn scars. His Mother blamed herself, but never noticed the bullying. The teachers flat out turned a blind eye. Why was th...

  • Soaring!
    32.8K 695 27

    Deku was born with a rare quirk no one everhad. changeable wings. well really, they changed into flames. and at full power, flames will become blue. Read the journey of izuku as he faces new opponents, Evil villians and a head strong IQ. With the three best heroes as a team, Theyll beat multiple Enemies, self sacrific...

  • The promise
    29.2K 452 7

    What if deku still quirkless but still want to be hero so he's train himself so hard to become stronger. this is my first fanfic i'm write this to practice my grammar and writing skill so please feel free to point out wrong grammar or wired thing.

  • The emotionless hero
    34.8K 835 7

    Izuku is cool..... izuku gets hit in the head and loses all emotions. will izuku find out who his parents are? how much quirks does he even have?

  • The Five Times Izuku Scared The Heroes, And The One Time He Scared A Villain
    71.4K 1.8K 8

    Description Inside, but it is pretty self explanatory!

  • Midoriya Pool
    149K 2.8K 28

    This story is about Midoriya having the same abilities as Deadpool, just as a quirk. It will have adult content. And some gruesome stuff. So if you can't stomach the regular Deadpool. This book isn't for you. Rating 18 NLVS Disclaimer: I do not own the My Hero Academia series, the pictures or music featured in this b...

  • The powerful barista (bakudeku And dadzawa)
    35.5K 708 15

    Ok so you should know why I'm doing this and some of the summary. If you don't then look for it anyways imma give you all some of the warnings for this fanfic. Contains: Smut Suicidal thoughts Cutting Abuse Depression Deaths And other things that you will be warned before it happens

  • Musical Love (DabiDeku)
    56.6K 1.8K 19

    Izuku is one of the quiet kids in his class due to his past and his depression. So, naturally he finds something to help him through everything, and that something is music. Everything was tolerable, but what happens when UA decides to put in dorms? And what happens when he finds someone who shares his love for music...

  • Glass Doll
    33.6K 891 7

    Izuku is only 10 and has graduated collage, he may be young but mentally: He's 567 Opdeku, no ships, bla bla bla. Anything else? SLOW UPDATES BNHA DOES NOT BELONG TO ME This story is only on Wattpad if found somewhere else please tell me