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  • Songs of Home
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    A tale of fear versus hope, pain versus endurance, and a people lost in space, trying to find their way home. [WINNER of wattpad scifi prompt April 2018: Beacon] [Featured in NanoBytes: A Scifi Short Story Anthology]

  • dat ubuntu nothing drag
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    Young Challie doesn't understand. America doesn't have guns. America doesn't have violence. At least, not since the Sixties. If you so much as throw a punch, no one sees you ever again. This is a world without human violence, what that means to those who survive a world without war, conflict, and sense. What you think...

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    book #1 (formerly titled "the land of val'winaal") cover by @marvelity ---------- 15-year-old Winnie Vanette has always dreamed of becoming a superhero. But when she discovers that she actually does have superpowers, she learns exactly what they mean when they say "be careful what you wish for." She learns that she's...

  • Redemption Man
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    In the year 2056, after a devastating cyber war, a falsely incarcerated tech geek has to survive a real-life World of Warcraft game against AI beasties in order to earn his freedom. *****...