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  • International
    316K 8.4K 80

    Mapi Leon. Star defender for FC Barcelona and the Spanish National team. Mariana dos Santos. Break out forward for Sporting CP and the Portuguese National team. After meeting in the Algarve Cup final, how will Mapi deal with her new crush?

  • The World (Sequel to International)
    141K 4.3K 80

    In 2020, Mapi Leon met the woman of her dreams, Portuguese international Mariana dos Santos Mendes. In 2021, they started dating. Now after 3 years together, Mapi is ready to take it to the next level. Marriage.

  • Back to You (An International Story)
    218K 3.9K 80

    Jenni and Alexia were inseparable. But after leaving Barcelona in 2017, they have not interacted. Alexia doesn't want Jenni to know how much she misses her. Jenni doesn't want Alexia to know that all she wants to do is go home to her.

  • The Dutch Girl (An International Story)
    95.7K 2.6K 40

    You've read about Mariana and Mapi. Now meet Natalia and Daniëlle. Daniëlle van de Donk is a star for club and country. During the 2019 World Cup, after knocking out Italy she is immediately hooked on Italian midfielder, Natalia Garcia DeLuca.

  • The Quiet Girl (An International Story)
    39.8K 1.3K 50

    Nahikari Garcia keeps to herself. Playing football is the most important thing in her life. What happens when she meets someone who shows her that there's more? Her eyes are finally opened to new possibilities.

  • New Generation (An International Story)
    14.9K 389 25

    Their mothers were some of the greatest in their sport. Now their kids are in the spotlight. Who will follow in their mother's footsteps? Who will choose a different path?