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  • My Pocket Fairy - Taehyung x Reader - Fairy AU
    239 54 2

    When my eyes saw him, I knew right away that he was the one. My sweet little fairy, the one bonded to my soul, the only one I would ever need by my side.

  • Heartmates - Namjoon x Reader - Vampire AU
    202 38 2

    Vampires and humans have coexisted together for so long that we barely pay attention to origins anymore. Yet ever since I met this one, the urge to talk to him, to get to know him, to have him close to me gets more and more overwhelming with each passing day. This has never happened before, a soul bond between a huma...

  • Kagome x Sesshomaru
    75.2K 2K 8

  • SessKag; Breath of the Wild
    4K 304 59

    Kagome only wanted to help Inuyasha but as Sesshoumaru tried to melt her, something else happened. Who would have thought with the presence of so many power, reality will be ripped apart for a moment? Now stranded in Hyrule with nothing but the clothes on their back and Sesshoumaru falling sick to an illness that only...

  • A Chance of Breath. A Severus Snape Fanfiction (On Going)
    11.2K 447 13

    The war is over, and for once Hermione Granger is ready for a long awaited quiet year at Hogwarts. Her and Ginny are the only ones of the older two years returning to Hogwarts to finish their education. However Hermione's plans get turned upside down when the Minister passes the inane marriage law. And for the man who...

  • Lunula
    378 32 12

    The Witching Hour- Part One When twenty-five year old Luna White returns home to Oregon after the deaths of her parents, Raven's Knoll seems just the same as it ever was. Quiet, and peaceful. But things are almost never as they seem. And Luna quickly discovers this the hard way. Shownu, a cat spirit with a blatant dis...

  • Butterflies |K.TH|
    73 6 5

    Everyone receives a butterfly when they're fourteen years old. Abigail is almost sixteen and hasn't received hers yet. Taehyung x Jade (Abigail) -no language barriers- wholesome (short - like 10ish chapters)

  • Control (Yandere! Bumblebee)
    46.4K 22 2

    TFP! Yandere! Bumblebee x Human! Female! Reader ~~~~ "I'm going now!" "To where?" "My, uh, comic book club!" "Since when we're you interested in comic books?" The skepticism in your fathers voice and his crossed arms were more then enough to know he had his suspicions. "I've always been interested in comic books!" "D...

  • Tear Drops // Jin x reader: Soulmate Series
    7.4K 451 7

    You were happily dating at 23 years old and you still did not have your soulmate sign. It felt right, after all he didn't either and it's been 2 years. Then one day you get a call, your world was crushed in a matter of seconds. After that, you soon hate the concept of a soulmate. You don't even know if true love is r...

  • A.I Want You | K•TH ( On Hold )
    18K 1K 3

    There's a medium sized-box with your name and address waiting at your doorstep. Though skeptic at first, you decide to take it in anyway only to read that the sender's none other than your sister. Cover © Jeonomel

  • Sanctuary
    264 22 2

    Your bed & breakfast has a new regular...Jeon Jungkook of BTS

  • (KNJ) Wolf hybrid x reader
    69 11 1

    Sometimes life likes to play with your emotions. Life makes things to be so very confusing and able to bring you down sometimes. But you just gotta get back up. Just like how you met a certain hybrid who caused you to question a lot of things.

  • (JHS) Vampire x Reader
    260 23 2

    Baby can't you see, I'm calling~ A girl like you, Should wear a warning~ It's dangerous, I'm falling~ .. There's no escape, I can't wait~ I need a hit, Baby give me it~ U're dangerous, I'm loving it~ .. Too high, Can't come down~ Losing my head, Spinning round and round~ .. Do you feel me now?~

  • Stay With Me
    69 10 1

    After moving away from home, your car breaks down and you're forced to travel through an unfamilar forest. You're saved by a rabbit hybrid named Mark. The problem is, you don't want to leave.

  • Vampire Bodyguard (Taehyung ff) on hold
    34 2 1

    You are just a normal girl, you work at a cafe, you have a best friend Momo, and altogether you live a normal life. But what will happen one day when you almost get yourself killed, but someone saves you and that person changes your life. Contains: Cussing some fighting I hope that you all will like this book, I will...

  • Part Of Me (A Min Yoongi Fanfic)
    7.7K 654 9

    My best friend Jimin and I had been advocates for hybrid rights for as long as I could rememeber, which eventually led us to become hybrid whisperers, taking on cases of hybrids who had behavioral issues and needed help. Being a hybrid was such a taboo thing nowadays, and people either thought they were simply pets, o...

  • Not Of This World (Namjoon Fanfic)
    4.9K 263 2

    My friends always teased me about having a bleeding heart. I was always helping out those less fortunate than myself, volunteering at the homeless shelter and the soup kitchen, doing whatever I could to give back. I grew up without a family so I knew what it felt like to have nothing and no one. Everything changed on...

  • The Guardian (Jeon Jungkook Fanfic)
    1.2K 51 1

    I was just a normal, boring member of society. I waited tables, spent my spare days hanging out with friends, and lived in a small apartment in the middle of the city. I was no one special. I had my weekly routine that I rarely strayed from, seeing the same faces and same places often. But during that routine, one...

    15K 365 9

    "Y/N can I kiss you?" •Just another hybrid x reader story•

  • Silent Love {Slow Updates} [Hybrid!Namjoon X Reader]
    130K 5.3K 15

    Adopting a Hybrid... okay, let's see. Name: Namjoon Age: 12 September 1994 Hybrid: Lynx/Human Traits: Silent, will rather use body languish. Hides a lot, likes to be up at night. "So, this is your home now!" You looked back at the hybrid who was standing right behind you.

  • Industrialised beauty
    7.6K 276 5

    An abandoned hybrid, an isolated girl : what will happen when fate draws them together? A love story in the city Hybrid PJM x Reader

  • The Game (BTS JK And Tae FF) *On Hold*
    16.9K 1K 7

    The newest and largest online game has finally hit the shelves! You couldn't be more excited to take a break from stress and dive into the most anticipated game of the year. The Game 'Dimensions' turns out to be even better than you hoped, especially when you make two great friends online. You don't know who they real...

  • A Haunted Heart (BTS Jungkook FF) *On Hold*
    10.1K 684 5

    You sneer at cheesy ghost stories and laugh at the tv shows. Why? Because you know what the haunted world is really like. You are a rising ghost hunter and with your skills, it won't take long to make it to the top. At least that's what you always told yourself. As difficult as it may be to make a name for yourself in...

  • Texting Yoongi
    162K 6.3K 32

    Hi, I'm bored and typed a random number in ... Why? Like I said, I'm bored and looking for entertainment I'm not much of an entertainment That's fine c: just talk to meh Oof no RUDE Yes I'm back and at it again Also credit to the person who made this beautiful cover @ #7 in weird #1 in oof

  • Young Forever | Jungkook Hybrid AU
    36K 1.1K 5

    You walk down the road late at night and find a certain hybrid on the ground in a alley way, will you keep him? Find out!

  • Noona, you bitch.
    255 27 1

    He was a hybrid, rare and unwelcome. She was cold, alone and surviving.

  • Wild Boy
    308 22 3

    "Your new pet is a grown ass man?"

  • The Hitman and Her
    1.1K 51 2

    Jungkook is the best hitman in all of South Korea. Maybe the best in all of Asia, but there is one person he can't kill and he's going to be at a club tonight Jiyeon was just dumped by her long time boyfriend out of nowhere. Heartbroken and sad her friends take her to a club. The same club Jungkook is at. What happens...

  • Her Euphoria
    351K 12.7K 38

    One girl Seven hybrids What could go wrong? ©2019Randomgirl300

  • !Android BTS x Reader
    28.4K 980 8

    BTS was an escaped group of Androids from a facility in Detroit. One member, Kim Namjoon, got injured during the escape. But, not all hope was lost. Despite that some people hated androids, the youngest (Jungkook) goes to a girl for help. She takes them in and managed to help them and another escape. BTS crossover wi...