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  • Symbrock One Shots {REQUESTS}
    15.3K 428 9

    Just a bunch of one shots. HIGHEST RANKING: #3 in symbrock (04/05/20)

  • The Angel With Demon Wings
    4.3K 183 9

    This is an AU where Tord was experimented on and was turned into a demon. Tom is his caretaker, and the two hit it off at the start. Hope you enjoy!

  • Bloody Hell
    8.1K 502 6

    One day Tom runs into a strange man in the magic shop who offers Thomas a fortune of money for the simple price of his blood; and of course like any normal human, he rejects the offer. The man gives him a card and says to him, "If you ever change your mind, come to this address~" and walks out of the store, Tom swore...

  • Love knows no bounds
    29.3K 650 9

    This is an omegaverse AU where Eddie is an omega with a broken heart and past. Venom is one of the most powerful alphas on the planet searching for someone to be his mate and bride/husband to carry his pups. When those two meet they will learn the true meaning of love and longing.

  • SCP-Bryan 《Complete》
    26.1K 714 15

    This is partly based on thefamousfilms video but its its mostly my version. Also don't now many names of SCP'S so sorry if they are wrong.

  • Nightmare being a dad
    302 13 5

    little onshots of Nightmare sans being a dad for the bad sanses, you may request. ships = errorink crossdream horrorlust dustberry and i think hats it, i will add more later if there is more.

  • The Demon and the Hunter
    1.4K 60 2

    Thomas, a demon and tord, a demon hunter. They are destined to interact at least once in their life, but it's not exactly what they expect (ART IS NOT MINE. IT BELONGS TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNER.)

  • TomTord SmutShots (with a lil eddmatt)
    111K 1.1K 17

    Sup uhhhhh I'll update in my free time and I'll try to update as soon as possible this is a TOMTord which means dom Tom and sub Tord This is my first book so don't judge Achievements: Num. 1 in DomTom :) Num. 1 in Buff :)

  • Brothers
    28.3K 733 6

    Ban finds a demon in the woods. But not just any demon. One who isn't on good terms with Meliodas. Will Ban tell him or leave it alone?

  • The Love of Family
    14.2K 331 9

    What if Estarossa didn't kill Meliodas because he loves him too much. He and Zeldris leave Meliodas in Ban's care and make many appearance's while their brother is recovering. Meliodas is critically injured and dying and only has Ban to take care of him while trying to reach a village or the Boar Hat. Will Ban be able...

  • Mercy {TomTord Angels And Demons A.U.}
    5.1K 209 8

    ♫Tord, a silent serenade♫ ♡Tom, the instrument.♡ ⚣warning: tomtord⚣

  • Future tomtord
    3.8K 72 6

    This takes place after the 'incident'. Tord almost takes over the world. Tom and Matt join the Red Army and Edd has been missing. Tord found out that Tom can transform into a monster but needs to be with someone he loves to detransform. And yes it is Tord. This is my second book so please don't judge me. And that is...

  • My Little Tordle Tot [Re-Write]
    332 21 3

    After the "incident", a different version of Tord was found by Edd and the others. What happens when new feelings start evolving and a few certain people start getting closer? [Re-written, new Blurb]

  • My Tordle Tot (Neko!Tord x Tom) {Being Re-Written}
    12.3K 346 16

    After, "the incident", Tord is found by Edd and his friends and is taken care of, but one things wrong, he grew cat ears and a cat tail, now having the habbit of biting, scractching, hissing, begging, and cuddiling to anything warm. (He also enjoys knocking things off of tables, like those evil cats in the world. You...

  • High School Seniors vs High School Juniors
    18.9K 371 9

    High School Seniors, Lucifer, Mason and Corey find themselves in strange situations when they bump into High School Juniors, Kyle, Gemini and Cue.

  • Monster Tom Story...Idfk
    3.2K 72 6


  • Yeah, I'm Normal [TomTord]
    24.6K 671 6

    #3 in shipfic Original Photo For Cover By: HuiRou [SFW] [Monster!Tom x Tord] [Foul Language Warning]

  • Only For 2 Weeks~tomtord
    126K 2.2K 13

    Read to find out!

  • Help Me Remember (TomTord) {COMPLETED}
    65.8K 1.9K 15

    Tord wakes up after the explosion finding that he's deaf and blind in the right side of his face. His right arm is bleeding bad and the worst thing of all is he can't remember a single thing. Out of curiosity he decides walks to the 2 destroyed houses below the cliff he stands on. (TomTord) (EddMatt) If you don't like...

  • TomTord Stories and Pictures
    67K 657 28

    hello,I'm just some kid who her and her friend can't stop talking about tomtord and eddsworld (but thats what makes them best friends)

  • lets rule together my lovely omega (second book of dearest alpha) (TOMTORD)
    10.9K 366 3

    after five years after the incident with tom and tord tord leaving tom helpless with a twins to care of tord finally became what he wanted to be a reckless ruler but he was missing something what a alpha and king always needs a omega, a queen

  • You're a neko...!?
    58K 1.1K 9

    This is about tomco and how well tom finds out something interesting about Marco.... Also Marco is 16 ?i know in the show he is 14) but yeah he is 16 now

  • Cinderella with a twist
    41.6K 1.3K 9

    Kie is a 17 year old omega who works as a slave to his step mother and sisters. Never in his life has he had anything that was new or beautiful. So when the annual ball rolls around his sisters decide they will put him in a dress and take him with them as a joke. What they didn't expect is that someone would take inte...

  • We're Perfect Together (A Danger Dolan X Hellbent Story)
    16.4K 449 12

    This is a Danger Dolan x Hellbent story. (Of course!) It's one of my otps! I hope you enjoy! Ps the story will be on Dolan's pov unless I say otherwise.

  • Goku X Vegeta Photo Book
    190K 3.2K 33

    This is a little collection of VegeKaka pictures, I got the idea from my lovely friend Aussie Madness, @Mockingjaygamer12345 . So for all you you VegeKaka fans out there, welcome! And if you aren't a fan, you might be after reading this photo book. If you are reading this story on any other platform other than Wattpad...

  • The Life Of A Vampire King
    19.3K 607 7

    What happens if a new student transform Midoriya into a five old kid? How will Midoriya's classmate react when they realize they have a vampire king as their friend? How would Todoroki react when he realizes his crush isn't human? Warning: There are a few characters from other anime.

  • Ship pictures
    31.9K 592 5

    This will be a book on pictures of ships I like and that I have on my phone. They will consist of Billdip, Fonnie, Tomtord, Tomco, etc.

  • My Beta My Omega
    12.4K 315 7

    This is a soulmate and omegaverse AU. Not everyone has a soulmate only those that are omegas and their mate. They both get the mark once the omega turns 16. If omega dosen't get a mark than they will know who is there mate by dreaming about them in different ways until they know exactly who they are. Omegas are lucky...

  • Headaches and kisses
    42.8K 1.2K 20

    When you turn 12 you will get flashes of things your soulmate loves or hates go through your head when they think about it or them. Soulmate au Todobaku Fluff Possible smut and possible trigger warnings !Angsty warnings! 13+ All rights to the artists and Anime and Manga creators