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  • My Celebrity Housemate
    2.4M 54.2K 71

    Katelyn Valentine isn't a stereotypical high school girl. She isn't the type of girl who would crush over boy bands or dream about her wedding. She is, however, the type of girl who claims that all celebrities are overrated. Unlike her best friend Delaney, who is obsessed over hot teen celebrities, Kate simply enjoys...

  • Sleepwalker
    8.4M 342K 26

    When the quiet girl in Clayton Hugh's chemistry class comes knocking on his door at five in the morning barely covered up in her little pajamas, inattentive, and drooling like crazy, he has no choice but to take her inside. But once Lucy Walker wakes up inside a room she has never seen before wearing an over-sized t-s...

  • In Love With Mr. Billionaire
    34M 1.1M 47

    Caroline Marshall, a sweet, innocent and cute girl, who hates rich guys since her father threw her mother away to marry another woman for money. Living with a step-mother, a step-sister and a cruel father, her life was worse than hell. Aaron Woodwords, a multi-billionaire and the CEO of Woodwords corporation, has...

  • Love Just Happens
    191K 9.4K 73

    This story is based on our lovely couple , Shivika. It represents the love story of Shivaye and Anika on how they they met and fell in love. And also not to forget our cupids who make the story more spicy. So here we go on a roller coaster ride of love and friendship.

  • The Roommate Rulebook
    17M 504K 33

    Available as an audiobook on audible, iTunes and wattpad band camp! Be sure to check the new version out to hear the characters come to life! "And rule number three, knock before you enter my room," I finished, moving my fore finger down with the instruction. His smirk widened as he leaned on my door frame. "What hap...

  • The billionaire's assistant
    125K 4.2K 22

    Jonathan moon a 28 year old good looking billionaire who is not only known for his accomplishments but also for his cold heart and harsh attitude and also for all the nights he spends with girls but will that change Emily Jones a 25 year old girl who just finished collage and is searching for a job and is known as a...

  • You're The One
    4.9K 1.4K 105

    "Who will be the one?" See what happens... You're the one is a love story and a teen fiction... To contact me and know about me: Follow me in instagram @_afra_and_amra_ Pinterest @ afra and amra. Love you guys AmRa💕

  • Quotes
    7.6K 1K 92

    quotes that inspires..!! hope you ppl like it..!!

    Completed   Mature
  • കിനാവിലെ തോഴി
    9.4K 823 15

    College love story

  • Accidentally on Purpose • #1
    54M 2.2M 70

    Hannah Taylors finally gives in to her desperation and does one of the stupidest things a girl can do to grab her unapproachable long-time crush Jonah Gibbs' attention: spill soda on his white shirt and leave a motherfrigging red blotch on it. Accidentally. On purpose. ▪▪▪ Book #1 of The Purpose universe, can be read...

  • Tolerating Mr Popular.
    81.3K 7.6K 46

    {Completed} "Leave" she warned. "I can't.... I have something here". "Jayden, don't make this hard. Leave". "I have something of mine here". "Take whatever that is yours and leave". harsh much. With that I did the first thing in my mind. I carried a startled Emma in bridal style and walk out. Past the the annoyed n...

  • New Girl In The City
    901K 69.7K 69

    After losing the most important person in her life, Kehara is now moving to a different country to live with her father and Brother to start a new life. Life full of strangers. Aman has everything. Loving family, Caring friends, a perfect career plan. His life is perfect. At least that's what people think. Where on o...

  • Teaching At An All Boys School
    24.7M 971K 45

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Teen Fiction || Coral Stewart is a nerdy seventeen year old girl who is way too smart for her own good. She has already graduated and has been hired at St Martin's, an all boys school. The only problem with this is that she has to attempt to teach four boys History - and trust me when I say t...

  • നിനക്കായി...
    948 87 1

    "ആ വഴിയിൽ ഞാൻ വീണ്ടും കാത്തിരുന്നു നിന്റെ വരവിനായി...." (Highest rank #1 in shortstory - 13/11/19) Copyright © 2018 by Freya Wren

  • ഇഷ്ഖിന്റെ രാജകുമാരി (Completed)
    24.6K 2.9K 32

    "I hate you Mr. Sheyin " Afeeha Sheyinന്റെ മുഖത്ത് നോക്കി പറഞ്ഞു... " ഇതിലും വലുത് Expect ചെയ്തിട്ടാണ് ഞാൻ ഇതിനിറങ്ങിയത് മോളെ " Sheyin കള്ളച്ചിരിയോടെ പറഞ്ഞു " ഇതിനു നിങ്ങൾ അനുഭവിക്കും " കരഞ്ഞു കലങ്ങിയ കണ്ണുകളോടെ അവൾ അതു പറഞ്ഞു നിർത്തി

  • A Muslimah's Story {EDITING}
    207K 10.4K 27

    Iqra Mumin is in her last year of university. After her mom's tragic accident a couple of years ago, her mum has become weak and tired. Iqra helped her mom so much and now the most hottest guy with the best personality ever has proposed to her. She can't seem to grip her mind on things, though, being the curious...

  • Her Dream to be loved.{Completed}
    1.4M 66.5K 28

    Ranked # 7 on 1 March 2018 "Do you Anaya Malik,daughter of Zubair malik accept Kaif Hashim as your husband?" The imam asked and I didn't reply.I was in shock of this turning point of my life. The thought of Kaif Hashim as my husband shivered me. The imam again asked "Do you Anaya malik daughter of zubair malik,accept...

  • Vampire Queen
    180K 7.2K 17

    *Featured Story* Rebecca never meant to be Chosen. She doesn't even like vampires! But when she's dared to go to the graveyard on Hallow's Eve, she doesn't have a say in what she wants anymore. Will she fall in love with the vampire who picked her and spend the rest of their lives together, or will she despise him and...

  • A Vow Of True Love ✔
    2.8M 113K 52

    Romance Ranking: #1 on 05/09/17 #2 on 07/08/17 #3 on 06/08/17 ----------- My phone fell down with a loud thud and he trapped me to the headboard of our bed. "Did you forget you are married?" I was silent. "Answer me!!" he roared and I shook my head in negative. " Whom do you belong to?" I was silent again and I was s...

  • ✔️Princess Ugly Duckling (Completed)
    1M 21.2K 44

    (Highest Ranking #1st in Historical Fiction on 9/04/18) "I challenge you Prince Aditya, though this wedding was without our consent, I would make sure that you would fall in love with me. You would crave to have me as your soulmate. I will make sure that I would win your heart and soul. Inspite of my average looks" Gr...

  • Limitless (Completed✔) Editing
    320K 15.9K 41

    # 3rd in Spiritual (1st April 2019) # 12 in Spiritual (11th May 2017) # 13 in Spiritual (6th May 2017) Aliya 21 single, princess of her Father and caring friend. Family is her first love next to Allah. she loves to make others happy even by making small things. she is known for her cooking skills among her frie...

  • The Best Part of Hello [sample]
    857K 20.9K 48

    Kayla's senior year trip is supposed to be the icing on the cake. Good grades, a perfect boyfriend, and a future she's always imagined. But when their plane emergency stops in Rome, Italy because of a record-breaking storm, sixty seniors have to learn how to adapt. But in an airport not prepared, a language barrier an...

  • Happy To Be His ✔️ [Published In Paperback And Ebook]
    556K 7.4K 20

    Book II ("Forgiving my love") has been published. Check it out in my profile. _______ I started walking towards her, she looked up in my eyes when she felt my steps towards her. She started walking back till her back hit the wall. I kept taking steps towards her till I stood right in front of her. I placed my hands on...

  • My Wattpad Love✔️
    50.1M 1.6M 34

    Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own stories. But are friends, fans and votes all she will get from this site? Or is it possible to find love as well?

  • My Best Friend's Brother ♡
    809K 10.7K 23

    I couldn't breath. He was so close to me. "Don't worry... She's not home..." He whispered in my ear. My heart raced. My legs were ready to tremble. Then he kissed my lips so soft, and I kissed back. Brianna and Alexis are best friends. The day Alexis invites her for a sleep over, she meets Logan- the love of her lif...

  • Babysitting The Bad Boy's Little Sister ✔ (editing)
    16M 546K 57

    Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction (21/Sept/2016) ♡ Completed (30/Aug/2016) ♡ Catherine is a teenager who has recently lost her parents in a car accident. Her life is mostly about high school, work and taking care of her little brothers. Having her best friend by her side makes her think that maybe life isn't treating h...

  • At The Boarding School..... ✔️
    3.3K 389 6

    Boarding സ്കൂളിൽ എത്തീട്ട് കുറച്ചു ദിവസേ ആയുള്ളൂ... പറ്റിയ കൂട്ട് കിട്ടിയതുകൊണ്ട് പൊളിച്ചു നടക്കുവായിരുന്നു.... ഒരു ബോറൻ shortstory...... 🤦 Best ranks : #7-Humour(10-7-2019) #3-കഥ (10-7-2019) #1-friends(10-7-2019) #15-friendship(10-7-2019) #8-മലയാളം(20-08-2019) #1-story(20-08-2019) #8-shortstory(10-7-2019) #5-myster...

  • The Journey of Two Hearts | ✔
    424K 23K 77

    Highest ranking #1 in chicklit and also #1 in realization many times. #2 in chicklit on 7th july Two people,Two lives,Two hearts.... can they become one. Have you ever seen a girl going crazy for a guy whom she loved?? A girl can have a lot of crushes but her heart belongs to only one guy.. Aditi Kapoor who is madly...

  • ✔️ My Crazy Window Neighbour (completed)
    71.4K 5K 23

    "I didn't know his name, yet my day couldn't go on without seeing his smile, his face and his waive across the window" Kuhu is fascinated by the guy who had just moved to the house opposite to hers and both share opposite windows. What's more, he too seems interested in her. Enjoy the fun ride of two completely diff...