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    in which the school's resident badboy helps a seemingly unattractive loser win the heart of his best friend. it sounds like a good idea at first, however, it's all fun and fake dates until somebody accidentally falls in love. a taekook fanfiction. onelasttae © 2020

  • Vengeance || Taekook
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    "What are you doing?" "I'm getting the hell out of here." ~ In which Taehyung, a shy and innocent former nursing student, gets convicted for the murder of his own brother and becomes the cellmate of none other than Jeon Jungkook, the most feared inmate of the prison. ~Updates every thursday~

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    ❝30 Points if you kiss someone, 50 Points if you make out with someone and lastly 100 Points if you get to fuck them. We'll see who got the most points at the end of the month and the lucky one'll get 200$ from every single one of us. No cheating!❞ - ❝It's only for the points, right?❞ - in which taehyung fucks his be...

  • Tattoo Boy || j.jk +
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    "M-m-mr? How long are you going to keep staring at me?" - K.TH "As long as it takes for you to bring that plump ass of yours over here to my lap, beautiful" - J.JK Fluff ensues and maybe angst too #1 in vkook on September 1, 2019 #1 in fanfiction on November 24, 2019

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    ❝you still haven't showed me any constellations, you meanie!❞ take a peak into the married life of the nerd, jeon taehyung and the meanie, jeon jeongguk. top!gguk bttm!tae •[sequel to ❝nerd❞]• •(lowercase intended)• started: 25/05/2019 ended: dd/mm/yyyy

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    There are roles, titles, labels-- things that people socially assign you to based on your personality, friends, but mostly looks. Kim Taehyung is the school's bad boy. Jeon Jungkook is the school's most innocent boy. With titles like these, you should know how they act like, right? TOP! KOOK BOTTOM! TAE YES YALL T...