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  • Instincts [A Mavin Fanfiction]
    27.5K 1K 14

    Michael has always lived in fear and hatred for the humans. That is, until he escapes his prison and finds himself in Austin, Texas. This is where Michael's life changes. This is where his new story begins. (I hate the tag system on Wattpad!! If anyone could explain how to delete tags, please explain it to me!!)

  • EnderOni
    475K 18.6K 47

    It all started with a letter. A letter that brought them to a mansion. A mansion that then trapped them inside with a monster. A monster known as the EnderOni. Now 13 unlucky minecrafters are trapped inside the EnderOni's mansion, forced to solve puzzles and fight battles to even keep alive, let alone escape. But it d...

  • Jerome: A Merome Story V2
    185K 3.3K 38

    In this epic first book things go on a real crazy ride when Jerome and mitch fall inlove things go a bit wild when the dark amy shows up who are they and what do they want?! well find out ((there will be smut, sadness anger and feels will be broken so get tissues :3))

  • Just A Thought (Merome) ~under editing~
    750K 12.6K 82

    MEROME! YEAH! (Cover by @My_Nightmare)

  • Team Crafted One-Shots
    155K 2.2K 69

    Hello all you Miles out there. This is Smile, and do you like like Team Crafted? Do you have an OC? If so please follow me in an exciting adventure where we find out about how people are different.... Ah whatever. This is Team Crafted One Shots!!!

  • Merome: Im a Monster
    32.4K 1.1K 26

    Cold blooded killer, never to be loved. But things change, and people change

  • SetoLox- Hybrid of Love
    144K 5K 38

    Seto is an escaped science experiment, a hybrid of cat, sorcerer, and human. When another hybrid comes along and the scientists, Seto has to chose between going back, or going with the hybrid that is the exact enemy of his species that he fell in love with.

  • Just One (Team Crafted FanFic.-Merome/Skylox/And More)
    23.6K 744 15

    Team Crafted with powers!! Main Ship is Merome. (NOTE TO SELF CREATE INFO ON BOOK) This Fanfiction is their Minecraft characters and take place in a futuristic Minecraft. It's sort-of hard to follow, so i apologize. Merome and skylox and others >:3

  • Love Me (Mavin Oneshot)
    1.1K 36 1

    Michael's mad about the night before and confesses his feelings to Gavin.

  • Counting stars -Merome-
    38.9K 1.3K 21

    Merome! Jerome has been hanging out with Mitch for years, until he begins to have feelings for him. Mitch begins to hang out with Jerome less and less, until Jerome finds out a haunting secret about Mitch that Mitch wasn't saying...

  • I Wont Let Go (Merome Fanfiction)
    80.3K 2.3K 29

    Mitch and Jerome's birthdays are coming up. Mitch comes up to Jerome's house for a surprise visit. Things go missing, get messed up, or end up smashed and broken beyond repair. Will love mend a broken heart, or are the pieces to small? Find out by reading - I Wont Let Go. *Cover art made by @ishipmerome or on tumblr...

  • Little Notes (Skylox)
    122K 3.6K 15

    First fanfic ever published. I hope I did well. Feedback is very much appreciated (P.s. Yes... I drew the cover art.)

  • What Goes Bump in the Night | Novahd Oneshot
    3K 120 1

    There's nothing gay about playing a prank on your friend and spooning in the middle of the night, right? James thinks so. Aleks, on the other hand, seems to have a different idea-- One that leads to a certain realization for both of them. Slight Slypkc but main ship is obviously Novahd. Cover by the amazing radicalrum...

  • Rayvin: The Winged Duo
    4.8K 188 32

    It's a rayvin, or Ray and Gavin fanfiction. Gavin grows wings one normal day and so does Ray. They Were mutants, which wasn't allowed in the kingdom. They have to live their lives running from the king and his kingdom. What happens when the king is always there, around the next corner, trying to kill them? I'm pretty...

  • Guilty {a skylox fanfic} (discontinued)
    8.3K 149 11

    Tyler is sent to prision for two years . when freedom is offered he refuses to leave. With no family, no friends and no where to go, what will happen when he becomes friends with the wardens of the Team Crafted Prision

  • Stash of Minecraft One Shots
    82.4K 1.4K 51

    Minecraft youtuber one shots. Prompts are open for now, and hopefully I can write more one shots cause i miss it a lot.

  • -SkyLox : I Really Do Love You : Two Shot -
    5.8K 155 4

    Ty has a plan....but will it come out like he wants it too?

  • Why-A Merome Story
    111K 2.8K 36

    Luke wants revenge on Jerome for stealing Mitch from him. He has the perfect plan, and Mitch and Jerome have no idea what's coming....until it happens.((Second book of Merome: Forever and Always))

  • Is it okay if I love you? (mavin fanfic)
    86.3K 1.5K 25

    On the night of Michael's birthday, all he wanted to do was have a few drinks, party a little, then go home and sleep. Sleep alone, to be exact. Too bad Gavin had to mess that up for him, and turn his life into an unusual romance. (COMPLETE)

  • Hybrid [Mavin]
    23.5K 830 13


  • Holding On Tight (Skylox Fan Fiction)
    176K 4.6K 48


  • TeamCrafted in Warriors (Skylox,Setosolace,Merome)
    9.1K 104 23

    When teamcrafted drank setos potion soon after Seto discovers that he is kicked out of teamcrafted and has a grudge on teamcrafted.And Setos own prohercy to fulfil Magic and Gold will face each other until the blood is split.

  • An Unlikely Occurrence [Immortalfox]
    3.7K 141 8

    Eddie's on his normal walk through the forest towards the lake. But he finds something he never thought he'd see or want to save.

  • Sky's Amulet (Skylox)
    53.3K 2K 17

    Sky accidentally uses a potion on his amulet to make it become a human. Skylox (oh really, now?)

  • collection of one-shots
    2.6K 47 20

    A bunch of shipping one-shots and short stories. enjoy

  • Dear Jerome-Merome FanFic (First Book In Dear Jerome Series)
    8.1K 364 20

    JeromeASF Was a big minecraft player. Was. Unfortunately, Jerome knew that he could never date Mitch as he had a girlfriend. The pain became unbearable and he eventually committed suicide. He Lefted a letter to Mitch explaining how he felt and the reasons behind his suicide. Mitch then broke up with his girlfriend and...

  • Merome : Heal You
    39.8K 1K 18

    When Mitch is bullied beyond compare, he decides he's had enough and locks himself up. For good. However when a worried bacca shows up, is he able to coax the male out of hiding? And will he be able to fight off any further attacks on Mitch? Cover by MC---creeper.