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  • Undercover [p.j.m]
    17.6K 878 23

    Choi Haeun, a woman that works for the police force is assigned a daunting task of going undercover. But how long the assignment was didn't matter, it was who she was assigned to. Park Jimin, the local enemy that everyone feared. As the owner of a dangerous business, he knew that the police would send anyone to bust...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trouble from the Past || BTS Detective AU
    9.2K 381 21

    A previously wrongly accused girl, called Lee Ara, works with seven detectives to get to the bottom of the murder cases that have been occurring all over town. Emotions are re-discovered and developed as the case goes forward. What happens when Ara's best friend ends up getting attacked before she herself gets kidnap...