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  • Freedom's Pyre [Libertas Series | Book I] ✓
    98.7K 6.2K 48

    Kit Derore is the brother of the Chosen One. He has known since he was young that his purpose in life is to protect his Mage brother - even if it costs him his life. When his brother finally starts to face his destiny. Kit starts to realize what he's been told all his life - about prophecies, magic and his own place i...

  • Freedom's Ascension [Libertas Series | Book II] ✓
    72.9K 7.1K 67

    Kit Derore, brother of the Chosen One, has returned to the city in disgrace. Standing against charges of arson, desertion and murder, Kit must choose whether to go against everything he knows and wants in order to save his own life. Even worse, there is a series of attacks on those that Kit holds dear and it becomes c...

  • Freedom's Trial [Libertas Series | Book III]
    2.9K 302 5

    Book III of the Libertas Series. All that has been lost must be made right. Faced with a city ruined by Daegol's attack, and the loss of his own arm and leg, Kit must not only find the strength to rebuild what was lost but also to grow into the war leader everyone expects him to be. But it's not just the war against D...

  • Solet [Libertas Series Spin-Off Novel]
    4.4K 549 19

    Barcelona. Gaudi. Beaches. Sangria. And attractive barmen with eyes like marbles. When Kit agrees to go with his older brother to Barcelona, he doesn't expect to meet Shin, the attractive resort worker. He certainly doesn't expect to get caught up in a whirlwind holiday romance that changes his view on himself and his...