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  • Eighteen » [lashton] √
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    ❝The one where Luke just turned 18 and has a point to prove to his parents, so he moves in with 21-year-old Ashton ❞ - Loosely based on 18 by Anarbor -

  • together [lashton] ✔
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    in which luke and ashton are inseperable younger!luke older!ashton any chapters with tw's will be labeled as such started ; feburary 10th, 2018 ended ; august 19th, 2018 hit 1k - august 23, 2018 | mariya © 2018 |

  • ghost of you ➳ lashton ✓
    14.6K 833 10

    Where Luke ends up alone ever since Ashton left. He doesn't know what to do without him around. © 2018 all rights goes to aestheticlashton_

  • Locked Door / Lashton
    32.9K 2K 22

    "I worry about you, Luke, all you do is sit behind that locked door." cover done by me

  • Hemmosexual [Lashton AU]
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    BangableAsh: I'm a heterosexual male, i don't want to see ur dick HemmoAddict: maybe you can be... HemmoAddict: hemmosexual. BangableAsh: bro

  • Golden Retriever. // Lashton AU
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    where ashton gets a puppy and his neighbour loves puppys

    Completed   Mature
  • Christmas Kisses » Lashton ✓
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    In which Luke and Ashton go from best friends to lovers in the span of 25 days. [an update everyday from the 1st of december 'till the 25th of december, my christmas gift to you] [ cover by me ]

  • 10-56A ↨ lashton ✓
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    [complete] "sheriff hemmings, we have a 10-56A. would you mind checking it out?" in which ashton attempts suicide and luke talks him out of it [HIGHEST RANK! #1 in #lashton!] 2014

  • Freedom - Lashton ✔
    3.9K 242 6

    Getting kidnapped after a rock concert isn't fun. But meeting a cute blonde who helps you get away is. Updates: Completed Chapter Titles: French Started: 13-August-2016 Ended: 13-August-2016

  • Co-Ordinates ⇝ Lashton ✓
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    In which, co-ordinates lead you to your soulmate LASHTON HEMWIN COMPLETED ASDFLKJHG5SOS 2015 russian translation: @sarcasticalum polish translation: @pandakoa

    Completed   Mature
  • beauty and the beast // lashton ✔️
    81K 5.4K 28

    ❝He has until his 21st birthday to find true love. If he doesn't, well- if he doesn't find true love we are cursed forever. Time is running out.❞ where luke saves his brother from a beast who lives in an enchanted castle [book one in the disney series] Copyright - All Rights Reserved @StyPotter August 10, 2015

  • Straight ⤳ Lashton ✓
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    [complete] "We can't keep doing this, you know I'm straight." "Straight my ass." Where the famous Luke Hemmings is straight, and the person he's been hooking up with is a dude. ____________ highest ranks ! #1 in ashton #4 in lashton

  • The Load {Lashton AU} ✔️
    203K 10.9K 41

    "Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition - such as lifting weights - we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity." --Stephen Covey or In which a shy, lonely Luke gets a job at UPS and meets a tough, but reserved Ashton.

  • captivated → lashton {editing} ✓
    268K 12.5K 27

    Luke receives notes in his locker on an almost daily basis from 'x', and he has hopes they could be from his crush, Ashton. However, what happens when Luke founds out who the sender is? Will he be shocked or happy? // tw for stalking, rape/non-con elements, abuse // cover template © lottesgraphics pictures © pinterest

  • the smiler → lashton ✓
    113K 6.5K 34

    The story went that if you saw 'The Smiler' then you were going to die, he'd lurk a distance away but make it unavoidable to see him. The only description people would point about him was the smile that was present on his lips, it was a way to taunt his next victim before he inevitably killed them. For every person w...

  • Ashton ⇝ Lashton ✓
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    In which, Ashton is Transgender and Luke adores him LASHTON HEMWIN COMPLETED ASDFLKJHG5S0S 2015 russian translation: @-totenlukey german translation: @x5sodx

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful Liar || Lashton ✔️
    25.4K 1K 16

    This is a beautiful lie My last lie Even if it hurts to death I am hiding myself under a mask for you __________________________________ Luke is in a toxic relationship with his girlfriend Arzaylea, and doesn't understand how deeply in love his best friend Ashton is in with him.

  • Beautiful Night || Lashton ✔️
    8K 468 14

    Sequel to Beautiful Liar (Read Beautiful Liar first) __________________________________ You're not alone, raise your head and look at me The word "love" cannot represent us Break free of the limits of your feelings Inside the understanding that exists between us, Open yourself completely ______________________________...

  • Locked Out | Lashton
    185K 11.2K 40

    (See very last chapter) After being locked out of his own apartment by his dog, a kind stranger keeps him company while he waits for the replacement key.

  • Invisible // Lashton
    54K 2.6K 7

    "dont worry, ash. everything is alright. they just dont understand." (lowercase intended)

  • perfect → lashton ✓
    94.2K 3.9K 15

    'I can taste her lipstick, and see her laying across your chest, I can feel the distance, everytime you remember her fingertips, Maybe I should be more like her, I can taste her lipstick, It's like I'm kissing her too and she's perfect.' In which Luke knows Ashton's cheating on him with someone who's perfect. {Fin...

  • I'm Not a Slut; Lashton au
    8.2K 512 25

    Ashton is a twink who attracts the attention of the football team at a party. They ruin his life and Luke tries to make it better.

    Completed   Mature
  • tramp // lashton ✔
    74K 4.2K 19

    ❝My father says I shouldn't talk to people like you.❞ ❝And what am I? A rebel? A tramp? There is nothing wrong with breaking the rules sometimes, baby boy.❞ where luke is from a rich family and meets ashton BOOK THREE IN THE DISNEY SERIES All rights reserved to Ana Rita @StyPotter May 9, 2016

  • the album ➳ lashton
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    a short story in which luke writes songs about ashton, the boy he loves. [lowercase intended] ©pavemint

  • hoodie ⇖ lashton✓
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    [complete] "i'm still rocking your hoodie baby even though it hurts."

  • Single » lashton
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    ❝Wont you let your baby be my girl.❞ Ashton and Luke used to always be together, never alone and never apart. Except for the time that Ashton moved away. Flash forward a couple of years and Luke's finally making it in the music industry, and maybe, just maybe, his first single's about Ashton. And...

  • help → lashton ✓
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    Ashton was moving into his first house, ready to start a new chapter of his life where he could focus on his job and career, but apparently that wasn't going to be the case. Not when he could hear the small cries of 'Help' from next door. // tw for rape mention, abuse, kidnapping // (Highest Rank #735 in Fanfiction...

  • wildest dreams ➳ lashton ✔
    121K 7.5K 38

    ❝ I loved what we had. Sneaking behind everyone's backs, sharing secret kisses and something occasional whenever we were alone - it was everything to me. I gave him my heart and he didn't even realise it. ❞ where ashton is an actor who has to make a movie with Hollywood's most precious star, luke hemmings All Righ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sex Metal Barbie // lashton
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    Dark rumors are just that - rumors, but Ashton's ruined image isn't a problem to Luke because even if other's can't see past article headlines, he can.

    Completed   Mature
  • Internship ⌤ Lashton ✓
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    [complete] The fluttering of a camera shutter and the fluttering of butterflies in your stomach are two separate things. Where Ashton is a photographer who happens to get an internship at Avantay Arts.