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  • Beatle Songs As Mclennon Smut
    16.9K 325 10

    McLennon smut using the Beatles songs title/lyrics as prompts, some might be covers that they sang as well. (Some of them sometimes don't directly go with the meaning of the song ex: I used 'Day Tripper' as a prompt for prostitution. Even when the song is about drug tripping.) Don't own the Beatles this is just fanf...

  • One of the Beautiful People
    10.2K 336 6

    In this alternate universe, John Lennon is a young adult struggling with his sexuality. After he realizes he isn't exactly straight he decides to visit a local gay strip club. There he meets Paul, a young dancer who captures the hearts of every client he's every danced for. At first John thinks their relationship is p...

  • Polly [j.l + p.m]
    2.4K 110 4

    he must become greater, I must become less. (In which Paul gives up power to the wrong person)

  • The Love You Take = The Love You Make - McLennon
    736 35 1

    Sticks and stones may break one's bones, but words can really hurt. McLennon drabble because I had the urge to write one.

  • Is It Worth It? (Mclennon Fic)
    26.1K 1.1K 12

    In 1964, two Liverpool lads are both on top of the world, and feeling the weight of it on their shoulders. Paul McCartney and John Lennon are half of the band The Beatles that is taking the World by storm, yet when they discover they are both undoubtedly attracted to each other, things seem to become more complicated...

    6.3K 233 19

    John and Paul have been the closest mates for quite a while now. They're best friends. But soon, John begins to get these feelings around Paul, a butterfly sensation in the pit of his stomach. Whenever he touches Paul, fireworks go off inside. Something like..Love. Paul begins to feel this too, but pushes it aside in...

  • A Different Kind of Love (McLennon)
    3.8K 163 6

    John blows up in Paul's face after he kisses John's cheek in his time of mourning. Then, the extraordinary happens that neither of the two boys would ever expect. 《 XXXXX RATED M FOR MATURE! XXXXX 》

  • It was just a game, Paul (McLennon)
    1.2K 73 1

    John, Paul, and George are at George's house playing a simple game of truth- or- dare. Complications ensue when John is dared to kiss Paul...

  • Come As You Are // McLennon
    17K 741 13

    modern au / 2018 Highschool senior John Lennon was a role model for many of his peers. the punk rock loving, openly bisexual teen was likeable to many and an inspiration to those stuck in the closet. One of those being Paul McCartney. A kind, shy musical theater geek who wasn't seen much. He spends most of his time w...

  • The Things We Said Today (Beatles Fanfiction)
    1.7K 53 1

    John and Paul get in a fight. Tears and hugs ensue. McLennon if you squint

  • Arms Unfolding
    5.1K 257 23

    Paul ran away after John cheated on him. They're trying to work it out. A Mix of Say No To This and Burn AU Set in October 2019-March 14, 2020 Inspired off of the Dodie song Arms Unfolding Thank you for #4 in Mclennon!

  • Any Time at All - McLennon
    569 36 1

    John wrote a song for Paul to tell him how he feels. One shot written for the 35th anniversary of the death of John Winston Ono Lennon.

  • Blackbird // Mclennon
    90.2K 3.3K 39

    TRIGGER WARNING: contains child abuse, homophobic slurs, drug/alcohol use and NSFW content !!!! ============================ "Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly. All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise." Paul McCartney has been going to the same seco...

  • I'll Follow The Sun (Alternate Ending to I'm only sleeping )
    85 7 1

    Same book as I'm only sleeping but with a new ending and more chapters on after ●●waring may cause triggers if depress please read at your own risk●● james paul mccartney was a super depressed lad in the 1950s. he was 16 years old with no friends and every one makes fun of him as he was queer. the only time he ever w...

  • In My Life
    4.7K 215 13

    Modern AU McLennon: Dr. John W. Lennon is a medical attending at Sgt. Pepper's Hospital. He's a very experienced doctor who teaches interns and residents daily, but Dr. Lennon is short fused, easily annoyed and has a hard time dealing with his colleges. He just wants to help his patients. Dr. James P. McCartney (who p...

  • Ticket To Ride
    716 49 1

    A bus from Liverpool to Scotland carrying 15 year old Paul McCartney and 17 year old John Lennon ends up in a horrific crash and leaves them not only wounded but also left in the middle of nowhere. *Mclennon One-shot* (Angst, Sad)

  • Along Came Paul
    521 28 2

    July 6th, 1957. John Lennon and Paul McCartney met. The rest is history.

  • words of love (mclennon)
    6K 169 18

    'I stood in the crowd of people watching a small band perform. The frontman had an orange flannel. He had a cute teddy boy styled haircut. All I could do was stare at him. He was so handsome.' tw//homophobic slurs

  • I've Just Seen A Face (McLennon)
    9.3K 216 6

    This is a fanfic based off the song "I've just seen a face" by the Beatles. It's a story of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

  • Mclennon-The Notebook
    35K 1.3K 18

    (High School Era) John and Paul were classmates. John always got into trouble, and Paul didn't. They balanced each other out perfectly, and their friendship was perfect. Until, John found the notebook.

  • The Two Of Us- A McLennon FanFiction
    4.4K 139 11

    When John Lennon and Paul McCartney meet for the first time will they be able to become friends, enemies, or just a lot more than what friends would expect to to find out!

  • McLennon
    1.2K 29 2

    John is madly in love with Paul, he has been for a while, denying it. After finally accepting it, John realizes he needs to have Paul. But what could get in the way for having what he wants? Her name is Jane Asher.

  • tell me why || mclennon
    1.6K 73 4

    "He's killing you mate, isn't he?" or alternatively, Paul McCartney and John Lennon are hopelessly in love with one another, but will either of them ever admit their true feelings?

  • Art and Obligation
    21.2K 1.1K 23

    1820s. John Lennon (24) works as the apprentice of a well-known portraitist and is tasked to do the picture of the young Mr Paul McCartney. He is the eldest son of Jim McCartney, a wealthy and powerful landowner, and has the reputation of an arrogant, spoiled brat with a pretty face, who has a way of wrapping anyone a...

  • How to Change the World
    4.9K 307 22

    The 1960's: a time notable for its racism, sexism, and change. However, homosexuality was off limits, seen as unanimously unethical and abnormal by the general population. That was until 1966, when people began to acknowledge the existence of this, at the time, wildly outrageous topic. Who was there to thank? Of cours...

  • Please Please Me * McLennon * DISCONTINUED
    1.2K 110 12

    Homophobia is at its peak in the 1960s. Homosexuals are getting murdered more and more by the hour, and a scheme conducted by the police force to kill off many LGBT+ people has left John Lennon uneasy. He's a police officer, he has to do his job, he knew that. But what to do when your task is in all ways morally wrong...

  • Why Don't We Do it in the Road?
    553 21 1

    Paul and John are on a long trip to meet their friends, George and Ringo for a couples' camping trip when John gets desperate for some attention. But just how long can Paul deny him? (Modern AU!!) This was just for a little fun. Its not meant to be smutty or anything its just humor. And I know that the story of this...

  • Here Today - McLennon
    453 25 1

    SPECIAL fanfic! John died two years ago, and Paul looks back on their relationship. Angsty Mclennon one shot songfic.

  • I'm Looking Through You -Mclennon
    2.2K 112 10

    story about the boy who falls in love with a ghost

  • Yesterday (McLennon)
    17.1K 739 13

    After John is murdered, Paul has to learn to live without him, all while trying to sort through the memories of the relationship they had during their time with the Beatles.