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  • The Heirs
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    Well, what would have made me leave my one month daughter in front of the orphanage door , as her mother what pushed me to the extent of leaving her,not being there to see her first sit,crawl,walk ,hear her say her first words hoping it would be related to me, hear her call out to me when she cried, stay up at night w...

  • Stranger Danger (ONC Entry)
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    Longlisted - in Wattpad's Open Novella Contest 2019 (April) Shortlisted - in the Monthly Gemstone Awards (July) ******* After the sudden disappointment and break up with her long-time fiancée -- Spencer, twenty-five-year-old Melissa Johnson decides to take the bold step and return to the family she left because of Spe...

  • A Faith To Hold
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    A Spiritual Short Story Wale is no stranger to tragedy, at age twelve he'd lost his father and brother... and also his sense of living. Adams is a man who doesn't give up, his deep abiding faith has led him through his darkest days. Will Adams be able to bring back a lost Wale to his first love and show him where ho...