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  • The Pericopes of the Pevensies
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    pericope /pəˈrɪkəpi/ noun plural noun: pericopes an extract from a text via late Latin from Greek perikopē 'section', from peri- 'around' + kopē 'cutting' (from koptein 'to cut') --- Various one-shots set around the Pevensies in their non-Narnian life in the 1940s- starting from their lives before the Wardrobe, to how...

  • Further Up & Further In
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    This is my attempt to add to the beautiful world of Narnia through my writing. Inspired by both the books and the movies, I have written several one-shots and short stories on a variety of themes and characters, and as long as the inspiration keeps coming, I intend on writing more. So, I hope you will join me in journ...

  • Trials of Faith
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    Adjusting back to being typical British school children after reigning as Kings and Queens of Narnia isn't easy for the Pevensie siblings.

  • hold every moment | peter pevensie
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    A Peter Pevensie one-shot taking place directly after the events of Prince Caspian and exploring what goes on inside his head after he leaves Narnia for the last time and has to deal with growing up.

  • Susan Of Narnia
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    Will Susan find the strength to remember, or will her grief consume her? It was only supposed to be one week, not a lifetime. The mirror wasn't supposed to invoke insanity. Susan hadn't meant for her family to hate her ... all she'd wanted to do was embrace reality and forget childhood fantasies. But now ... now it...

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    Copyright (c) 2015 - S. C. Watchman "The books [The Chronicles of Narnia] don't tell us what happened to Susan. She is left alive in this world at the end [of The Last Battle], having by then turned into a rather silly, conceited young woman. But there's plenty of time for her to mend and perhaps she will get to Asla...