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  • Twenty Cents / 20 Cents (Boyxboy)
    88.5K 2.7K 11

    Ryder Kings. Leader of the mafia gang - Wolves. He doesn't give two shïts about anything. At the age of 23, he became the youngest, yet strongest mafia gang leader. Noah Mason. A little waiter working in a local vintage coffee shop at the age of 21. He's a innocent cinnamon bun, like what his Best Friend, Kayla, alwa...

  • Conversion Academy [boyxboy]
    1.1M 68.3K 28

    When Killian's parents find out that he's gay, they decide to send him to Constance Academy in hopes of fixing him. Nicknamed Conversion Academy, the brutal school is known to the students for it's harsh methods implemented to change their behaviors. Kaz Warrick is a problem student who gets a kick out of pissing off...

    Completed   Mature