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  • Secret Marriage: Wife Spoiling Husband
    179K 4.3K 87

    On the day of her marriage, Li Xiaolu was forced to watch her beloved younger sister marry her fiancé. Betrayed by her love, her family, she was killed. However, she is reborn to three years before where it all began. She aims to take her revenge while also fulfilling her dreams at the same time. Still one day, she fa...

  • Life With A Little Bun And A Big Bad Wolf
    155K 6.5K 22

    For Lin FangJun,having a fujoshi as a sister is really tough. He had to listen to her, as she babbled on and on about bl. Also she shipped him with random hotties. One day, he was fed up and stormed out of the house. And then,this is a bl what do you expect,of course he transmigrated. In this new world he has a bun an...

  • The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆
    13K 96 11

    She is an elder miss from a modern secret society family. She is very cold and heartless, but her appearance is very enchanting. She thinks of men as playthings. She was schemed against and her body was thrown into the sea. When she woke up again, she had transmigrated to become the youngest Empress Dowager of the Fen...

  • Overlord, love me tender
    894K 30.7K 120

    In the 21st century, she was the talented leader of the hidden family clan, once she crossed over, she became the number one waste? Break off an engagement? A good-for-nothing? Open your ​​eyes and see clearly! This lady here can just throw you into the skies and let you be closer to the sun. With a red fan in hand to...

  • Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce
    124K 3K 48

    Description "When I tell you to proceed with Plan A, you can't just ignore it and go with Plan B," said the king. "Sure", she replied; she'll just go to Plan C then! No biggie. "If you were told to go eastwards, you can't just ignore me and go in the opposite way," the king added on. "Yes," she said while nodding. If...