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  • Three Stars
    429 80 14

    Three Girls. Three Paths. One Story. When Danica Allen escapes from the monster who ruined her life for something she wasn't even a part of, she decides to leave behind her dreams and live a secluded and simple life forever. But she crosses paths with two Angels who change her life completely. Zoeana Eversley finally...

  • Enkindled
    2K 209 9

    Enkindled (On Fire) ∽🍒∽ Priya faked her own death and had been hiding under a fake identity and living a fake life. But things changed when she accidentally tuned into something dangerous. Unaware that her past was catching up to her, she started dating again. As per her pushy friend, a better way to meet and f...

  • Aquamarine : Daughter of Fire [On Hold]
    497 114 10

    Aquamarine: Fire runs in her blood but born in the kingdom of icy cold blizzards. Her only motive is to destroy her father whom she never met. A battle of the four elements against darkness and a prophecy changes her life forever. Will the pieces of the puzzle start to fall back in place? Will she ever find out the...

  • Dead End
    1K 45 23

    Apollo is glad to say that he came back from the dead. Twice. He isn't too happy about nearly dying twice, but being a ghost wasn't so bad. It all begins one cloudless, summer day... He is rock climbing, as usual, and a challenge against an arch enemy goes horribly wrong, and Apollo ends up in the hospital. But his st...

  • When She Forgets Me !
    1.4K 283 36

    "Nothing is lost, as long as we remember it." "And what if I can't remember it too. I have just lost everything. Everything which I don't even know what?! " He tugged her close to him. He don't want to lose her too, and he knew that even if he have memories of her he can't live in them like he is doing till now. He wa...

  • Ice - The Fae Chronicles Prequel - Can be read as a standalone.
    1.4K 176 16

    This is a dark, fairytale, romance without a HEA. It's told through snapshots from Princess Eira's life. When Eira turned thirteen, she finally met her betrothed. Prince Darragh was a young boy; full of wonder. They fell in love. At sixteen, Eira visited the Summer Court and caught the prince with another. It was the...

  • Return Of Spirits : A Classic Blackwater
    3.3K 248 29

    Two spirits lost in time return to their tribe and bless two young shape shifters . Will they accept the fate and love each other or try defy fate n fight it. Will they fight fate to safeguard their heart against betrayal once again or will they give it a chance... Will they be able to love each other or and if so wo...