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  • From spider to man
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    What if peter parker wasn't originally human, but a regular spider, caught and sent to a lab for experimentation, resulting in the only successful spider turned human, mostly. Two scientists, Richard and Mary Parker, fell in love with the spider boy, and when they found out that the boy was going to be used as a weap...

  • the villain?
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    (This story has ended but don't worry because it's a full story) deceit quote on quote kidnaps Virgil when he was 13 and forced him to become a villain Virgil who is a minute which doesn't like to hurt people but he's Force to Roman Logan and patton Our Heroes and we'll soon find out about Virgil tricky background oh...

  • I'm The Dark Persona (Sander Sides Fanfiction)
    33.1K 1K 20

    Obviously I don't own the characters of this story! They belong to Thomas Sanders. Also I don't own this amazing book cover! Credit to it's amazing artist! This is my second book I hope you will enjoy it!

  • Deceiving Anxiety
    24K 821 6

    When Deceit comes into the lives of the sides, Anxiety is forced to relive their shared past. Virgil is haunted by the presence of his "former" worst nightmare. All Deceit wants is to make amends and rekindle their love... or so he says. Prinxiety and Deceit/Anxiety. Possibly some side logicality

  • Tension (Prinxiety)
    67.3K 2.8K 16

    WARNING: TW. SELF HARM. ANXIETY. DEPRESSION. DOMESTIC ABUSE. TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS. SEXUAL INNUENDOS/JOKES/CONTENT. So much tension between Virgil and Roman. Who knows when it will thin? Who knows if it will thin? Chances of it thinning keep getting worse.

  • ~CUTS~ a sanders sides story
    49.6K 1.5K 14

    I literally have no idea what I am doing! But I'll try....Ok, Virgil is a depressed teen who is being bullied/abuse/and etc , he is depressed and yeah...... (dang it I am really bad when it comes to summing up a story.....)pretty much his only friends are Roman,Patton,Logan who are like..worshiped for having a friends...

  • Disappear (Prinxiety)
    82.8K 2.7K 27

    Its been a week since the Sander Sides video Moving On and Virgil has been feeling a lot more panicked than usual. Roman, Patton and Logan are starting to really worry about Virgil. Can they work out what is happening to Virgil before it's to late. Is there something doing this to Virgil or is he doing it to himself?

  • Prinxiety
    23.6K 783 5

    Anxiety, has anxiety, fear, panic, hate and depression. He copes with them, to keep Thomas safe. If he didn't they would haunt Thomas instead and make everyone's life a misery. So he keeps them hidden, so he is the only one that hurts. But when it all becomes too much, will Anxiety keep them hidden, or will they creep...

  • House Of Cards (prinxiety)
    330K 12.5K 61

    Anxiety's only goal was to protect someone and everyone in the Mindpalace from what has been haunting him for years. But lately, it all got a little too much and all the walls he built in order to keep his secret and protect everyone are falling down. Will anyone notice that what they thought was a rock is crumpling d...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hold Me Back || Prinxiety
    80.8K 3.6K 14

    An insecure Virgil, a confused Roman, and a sickening misunderstanding leads Virgil to make a painful decision 'for Thomas's own good.' When Roman makes a fatal mistake, leading Virgil to the edge, will he be finally able to admit his true feelings to himself and Virgil? *Complete* -------It hurt. Everything. Anxiety...

  • Unstable || Prinxiety
    233K 10K 28

    #1 Thomas Sanders || 8:2:18 Virgil never sleeps. He never eats, never drinks. All he does is work from the comfort of his room, never talking to anyone; never going outside. Without realizing it, he has become famous to all the other sides - "The Drifter," as the youngers' like to call him. Never showing up for meeti...

  • Double Date (DanPlan) *Discontinued*
    13.8K 518 9

    This is a discontinued fic I will miss Danplan but I can't write about them You can read but it's not any where near finished

  • I May Not Show It: Prinxiety
    47.9K 1.5K 19

    Virgil seems to be more upset than usual. Roman starts noticing and when Deceit suddenly turns up, Logan and Patton become aware of the drastic change in Virgil's behaviour. Will they be able to help him? #1 Prinxiety (27/3/19) #2 Deceitful (27/3/19) ••...

  • Virgil X Roman
    33.5K 571 20

    It's a crappy and sexual Prinxiety fanfic. Seriously, it's gets a little sexual... don't hurt meh. I don't own the cover art because I can't draw for shit. The lovely person who drew this can be found here at Check them out! ⚠️Possible TW⚠️ Smut ...

  • Why Am I Here
    75.3K 2K 22

    Virgil Sanders is hated by the other sides or so he thinks Especially Roman but when they finds out that Virgil is going through it might just break them.... Trigger warning I do not own any of these characters they belong to Thomas Sanders

  • Please Help //Being Rewritten//
    34.4K 1.1K 13

    Prequel to broken //⚠️trigger warning⚠️// Part of the book: '"Dee please stop! I'm sorry!!" I yelled as he was hit me again and again. By the time it stopped I was in the middle of a panic attack. The knocking on the door slowly getting louder "Kiddo?"'

  • Promises
    148K 4.2K 40

    Marinette and Adrien happily married. With a daughter named Emma. You know how they say "and they lived a happily ever after?" Well not quite. Emma made a stupid decision that changed her future forever. Hers and her parents. ↟↟↟ ↠ All characters belong to hawkdaddy. (Exp...

  • Ezra's Past Life
    31.2K 659 10

    Ezra's past life is a mess I think we can all agree right? It doesn't help that he is reluctant to share it, especially with Kanan. In this story in a meditation class between Ezra and Kanan, Kanan picks up on Ezra's memories. He then spends extra (aka forced upon Ezra.) time with Ezra to help him get through as fathe...

  • Peter Parker. Red eyed boy....
    110K 4.8K 15

    Written 2018-2019-early 2020- discontinued Peter turned 16... and let's just say some weird things have been happening. Why are his eyes red?? So I started this out in my one shot book but decided it would be super fun to do separately as it's own book...