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  • Tangled (A klance AU)
    14.9K 574 23

    Keith Kogane, a young boy with long, Magical hair. He dreams of leaving his tower to explore thw outside world but most importantly, See the "Floating Lights" that always appear every year on his brithday. The only problem is that his mother, Honerva, Won't let him go cause "The outside world is crule". Lance McClain...

  • Princess Alaina of Voltron
    3.3K 105 17

    In this rewrite of Voltron, Allura isn't the only royal Altean left. Her younger sister, Second Princess of Altea, Alaina, also known as Lana, also managed to escape the destruction of their planet. 10,000 years later, four humans discover the Blue Lion on Earth, and are taken across the universe where they find the C...

  • Prisoners klance monster au
    20.2K 550 7

    Allura and Coran both witches have been in hiding for ten thousand years until a certain avian named pidge picks up the trail of magic and tells her friends Lance who is merman and hunk who is a angel

  • Trust your instincts <klance>
    535 23 2

    In this world basically everyone is born as human but somethings a little different Some have half the body of a horse and other are part fish with dazzling tails that shine with their scales And then their are creatures like Keith, who have wings. Let's just say that if you have wings you might as well just die but y...

  • Red and Blue makes purple - Klance
    508 7 2

    Cover art drawn by me! A week after finding out about Keith being half galra, lance and Keith were separated from the team and stranded on an undiscovered planet with no way of communicating to the other paladins and no way to get off the strange planet.

  • Survival of the Innocent (A Voltron fanfic) (Book 1 of Fates Entwined)
    41.4K 1.4K 44

    One deca-phoeb, a Galra female by the name of Krolia kept the Galra from finding the Blue Lion. However, her ship received damages and she crashed. A human found her, badly injured, and took care of her. With time, this human gained Krolia's trust and her affection. A baby boy was born to them and they were happy. The...

  • I Love You, Not Her (Klance)
    319K 13.1K 32

    To end the war between the Alteans and the Galra, the princess of Altea and the prince of the Galra Empire must be wed. There's just one teeny..tiny....problem. The prince may be...just a little bit...... g-a-y.

  • At the Beginning With You
    6 0 1

    The last surviving child of the Altean Royal Family joins two con men to reunite with his older sister, Queen of Arus, while the undead Lotor seeks for his death.

  • Klance Anastasia AU
    1.1K 71 15

    Plot is from the animated movie Anastasia with characters from Voltron

  • Something Strange (Altean Lance x Galra Keith)
    6.7K 187 4

    A love story between a galra and an altean.

  • How can we do it?- Klance story
    229 7 5

    Lance and Keith have a secret... They are a couple. They don't want the team to know because they are Voltron, for sure they are against a relationship between two members, or at least this what they fear. What will happen when they found out? And then what will happen after? -The cover isn't mine- -I don't own Voltro...

  • Set in stone
    168 11 1

    Keith, cursed to be a gargoyle until night strikes, only to return to stone by daylight. Lance, a boy destined for an arranged marriage with one he does not love. What shall come of their fates intertwining?

  • Chocolat
    22 1 3

    Lance and his little sister, Pidge, settle down for the winter in a small french town during lent. To the chagrin of the mayor, Coran, Lance and Pidge open a chocolate store, which intrigues many members of the small town. Keith works in the local bar under Lotor, who reminds Keith often how lucky he is that Lotor le...

  • Heart of Ice; Soul of Fire
    1.2K 76 14

    Klance. Fire and Ice

  • 52 Songs About You
    26 4 4

    Keith Kogane works in a dead end job until one night he visits the Geronimo bar and his life changes forever.

  • That Was Years Ago
    1.2K 69 8

    April 1965: 21 year old Keith Kogane died in a motorcycle accident by the side of a deserted street at midnight while on his way home from the bar. April 2018: Lance Sanchez is getting beat up on the same street just praying god to either help him of end him already. My little take on the Klance Ghost AU TRIGGERS: H...

  • klance ghost au
    202 5 3

    lance is human and Keith is ghost i dont own the show or the cast i just wrote this au

  • Just one ghost hunt // klance au \\
    109K 4.2K 22

    Keith is a theory nerd and loves the supernatural, he's always wanted to go exploring in the town most haunted building but he has no one to go with and he haft brother shiro won't go with him so when a kid from his history class says he'll go they set out in a adventure but do they make back alive or something else

  • Oh my god we were roommates
    6.5K 339 4

    A klance au where Keith and Lance are ghost haunting their house and messing with everyone that went in there. Follow the dead duo through their fun (and sad) adventures of haunting.

  • Nearly Witches [Ever Since We Met...]
    3.7K 220 12

    Keith is a young witch, just trying to make his way through the human world. Lance is a young human, also trying to make his way through life, but doing considerably worse. Tempted to turn this into Leakira lmao. *not my art or characters

  • Married???
    10 0 1

    Keith rarely took business trips and when he did it was somewhere landlocked. It wasn't that he didn't like the water he just preferred to be on drylands, like the desert or the mountains. *** Lance was staring at him. "YOU!" "Me?" Keith asked weakly.

    56 1 4

    He tries to give up and move on, but it meant everything to him. He tries to pretend everything is fine and smiles, but he's hurting inside. Two high school boys with an unrequited love for the ones that meant the world to them. Despite never getting along, their similar circumstances brought them together as they co...

  • The Moons Colours (Voltron au)
    2.3K 113 5

    Thousands of years ago in the city of Altea, when manly humans walked the earth, a daring teenage girl stumbled upon a cave overwhelmed with quintessence. She was given the abilities of the most powerful witch of all time. Power hungry, she turned two unsuspecting humans into a vampire and a werewolf, they were filled...

  • Blood | Klance Vampire AU
    71.5K 2.1K 14

    Keith is a vampire. Lance is a human. They fall in love. Started: June 22nd, 2018

  • Vampires can be paladins!
    5K 245 17

    Keith has never fit in with the others,ever since they had found out he was Galra. But he wonders what they would think if he told them he was a vampire,and was running out of blood.

  • Blood and Tears
    4.6K 188 26

    In a world where vampires are starving, Lance has no choice but to find a crime-fighting sidekick by becoming a warrior. During this adventure, Lance finds himself falling for the one and only sidekick that will help him save the world. Will their love grow until the end? Or will it break into pieces? (This is a VOLTR...

  • Being Human
    4.7K 125 16

    Shiro & Keith are roommates. but not just any ordinary roommates. They're supernaturals. Meaning Shiro is a Vampire Keith is a werewolf. both get along pretty well but also get on each others nerves both just trying to live an normal life but how could you if you're a Vampire and werewolf? also did I mention there's a...

  • klance vampire au
    55 4 2

    Keith is a vampire Lance is his best friend who is a human what will happen when Keith tells Lance he is a vampire