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  • <Wilbur soot x reader> ✨I'm in love with an e-girl✨
    104K 2.3K 28

    Omfg 40k reads 🥺🥺 i love you guys so much Hey guys, i hope you enjoy this x reader! If Wilbur sees this, then hi! And if Wilbur, or any others mentioned in this book would like me for to take it down, I will! This is a female reader insert, but other genders are always welcome! Eventually I will change the pro nouns...

  • Saved (Dream x Reader)
    358K 11.1K 25

    A popular female youtuber who's never shown her face gets raided during a twitch stream by another well known youtuber who's never shown his face. She may not know it yet, but this little encounter changes Y/n's life forever. ~ slow updates , sorry If any of the ccs get uncomfortable with this, I'll take it down ~ *Wa...

  • Coder Girl /Dreamwastaken/
    3.6M 131K 109

    [ Dream (Clay) x Female OC (Eliza) ] What happens when a coder girl gets asked to work on Dream's new minecraft video ❗Warnings❗ •This fic contains mature jokes. •The chapters that contain smut are extra chapters (they're not important to the plot) and will have disclaimers at the beginning so you can freely skip the...