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  • Undercover [Zarry]
    380K 26.9K 68

    " me Harrie." *1st place in The Bromance Awards: Season Two *Highest ranking as of 12/02/17: #345 in Fanfiction ©2016 Prisonerwithavision

  • ♥ How Much For An Heir's Heart? ----- { ZARRY} ♥
    19.1K 1.8K 17

    {COMPLETED} ~~~ "You're looking in the wrong place for my love, Don't think because you're with me this is real." ~~~ For people who knew what is going on in the business world knew that danger meant Zayn Javadd Malik in a designer suit. A corporate raider, who sets his sights on a company and it's his, by hook or by...

    Completed   Mature
  • Irresistible [A Zarry Fanfiction].
    3.1M 71K 67

    He was the teacher... He was the class bad boy... He was Irresistible. Zayn Malik was known throughout Greater Bradford High School as the bad boy. When he’s in lessons, he barely listens, talks back to teachers and his quick temper lands him in many quarrels, with both teachers and students. Harry Styles is a young t...

  • 🎄 Underneath the Tree 🎄 Zarry
    22K 1.6K 14

    Covering his eyes with his left hand, Harry sighs, interrupting his mom. "Fine, I'll bring him over. But I'm not promising anything because he has a family too and he might want to be with them." "Try your best, okay honey?" Anne chirps. "Then give me a call as soon as you know. Love you, sweetie. Good luck with exam...

  • Drawn Out Dreams. [A Zarry Fanfiction.]
    1.5M 46.4K 58

    Zayn Malik was always different compared to the other children as he grew up. He was never understood, and in turn never understood the others, so he lived in his dream world of doodles, colours and drawings. He finally reaches out to the tall, curly haired Harry Styles, but how will the popular Harry react to the qu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dark [Zarry]
    1.6M 37.5K 51

    Harry Styles is dark and mysterious, Zayn Malik is cute and innocent. What will happen when the two worlds meet?

  • he's mine » zarry ✔️
    217K 12.9K 123

    harry styles lived a normal teenage life, until he meets a strange guy on instagram, who takes a sudden interest in him. he's hiding a dark secret, and once it's revealed to harry, his entire life is flipped upside down. copyright © 2019

    Completed   Mature
  • Art [Zarry]
    402K 21.5K 48

    "Why-Why are you naked?" "I've been told that you enjoy painting naked men. Did I misunderstand?" "An aggressive sex addict and a shy, yet incredibly kinky artist falling in love with each other? I agree, that does sound a bit strange." "You're like my therapy, babe." *1st place in The Bromance Awards 2016 Zarry c...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'll Find You [Zarry] part one
    97.2K 7.8K 41

    "Something is seriously wrong with me. It's like I'm living two different people's lives. I can see what he sees. I can feel what he feels. This is big."

  • Alien [Zarry]
    310K 21.4K 62

    "I think I saw Jesus last night..." Warning: Story contains mild drug use/references along with sexual content and bad language. Story also contains a decent amount of ZIAM in the beginning. ©2015 Prisonerwithavision

  • You're worth it (ZARRY AU)
    51.9K 2.3K 27

    Harry Styles grew up in a rich family and the appointed new owner to the Styles' real estate company. After his father died, Harry, at the age if 25 became the youngest CEO of all the real estate companies in the city. Zayn Malik uses his looks and charm to enchant people to like him and get what he needs, which is Mo...

  • Breathe With Me » Zarry ✔
    243K 10.3K 35

    Secrets, secrets everywhere. It hides in beards and curly hair. It might be hidden, but please beware. There's one that might come back to scare. Seventeen year old Zayn has his reasons why he's quiet. Sixteen year old Harry has his reasons why he's not. When Harry's Frisbee hits Zayn in the chest one day, it is the...

  • "See?" » Zarry ✔
    118K 7.1K 31

    Things in Zayn's life haven't ever gone exactly as he planned and as a result, he's forced to move back home and face the facts: It just wasn't meant to be. Between looking for love and trying to kick his smoking habit, the last thing he expects is for a certain curly haired and optimistic blind man to walk into his...

  • Mine for 47 Days [Zarry AU]
    296K 18.1K 55

    ✔[Completed] [UNEDITED] Harry Styles always had a smooth life. He belonged to a fine crowd who aren't really popular but neither dumb. The school was always good for him. His grades weren't top class but he was doing fine. His relationships were usually non-existent because nobody used to ask him out and he doesn...

  • Paranoia (Zarry AU)
    218K 8.4K 31

    ''And once the storm is over you won't remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won't even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm you won't be the same person who walked in.'' - Haruki Murakami (Finished in 2013)

  • Him [Zarry]
    164K 11.5K 37

    "Harry this isn't healthy. You're obsessed. I can't believe you go to all that trouble just to look at him." "Of course I do," "I have to." "I love him."