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  • Soulmates | bts x reader
    42.2K 1.6K 17

    22-year old Y/N Y/L/N moves to Korea with her best friend Lea. Little did she know, that this specific change, would change her life way more than she ever imagined. Both for the better and the worse. She, like everyone else, was born with a soulmate tattoo. Hers finally got a meaning. -Updates every Sunday - This...

  • Black Swan || BTS X READER
    42.5K 3.2K 11

    "What are you going to do to me now, Swan?" When 7 boys encounters a lonely swan who brings more than they could cope, emotions flooded through them as if there was no tomorrow. Secrets were meant to be hidden, but as time grows on, secrets were nothing but a gateway to the beauty of what they thought of something ugl...

  • Behind The Curtains [BTS x Reader]
    59.9K 1.7K 26

    ;BTS; Constantly dreaming and imagining about meeting them, dream turns into reality! But it happens in a weird way, a way that will change your life forever.

  • New Family - BTS Hybrid
    275K 7.9K 34

    After receiving a promotion at work Y/N realizes that she has more free time so she decides to use this time usefully and ends up volunteering in an organization that rescues abused hybrids. What she doesn't know is that this will completely change her life!

  • What's A Hybrid? (BTS Hybrid X Reader) DISCONTINUED
    80.7K 3K 15

    Welcome to my story! I'm really bad at story descriptions so I'm just going to let you get on with the story. Please enjoy!!💕💕 #2 - animals #66 - fluffy #40 - mysterious

  • Three
    20.9K 1K 5

    One girl. Two hybrids. What could go wrong?

  • [DISCONTINUED] 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐋𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐖𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐞 || A BTS Fanfic
    25.9K 1.1K 11

    ❝You did what?!❞ 7 Letters. Who knew that 7 little letters could change your life. DISCONTINUED Published: 12/22/18

  • Pack - OT7 BTS x Reader
    253K 9K 19

    You went into a pet store looking for a cute little dog or a cuddly kitten, and walk out with 7 hybrids that are supposedly mated to you. You weren't quite on board with taking home seven fully grown hybrid men, but apparently, since you were mated to them, destined to be with them, they'd die if you didn't take them...

  • You Belong to Us || BTS ff
    431K 11K 38

    BTS hybrid x Reader - smut - mentions of depression - more smut - kinks - violence - smut, smut, smut (just a warning, if you are under 18- I actually don't care cause I'm underage) I walked aimlessly through the mall, just taking curious glances in the shops here and there when a particular one catches my eye. I walk...

  • Hybrid Troubles | bts au
    527K 25.8K 58

    "Please don't use your puppy eyes on me." "Why? I'm cute when I do this!" You're living an ordinary life. Wake up, go to work and go to sleep. A routine that is hardly broken, maybe with the occasional hang out. But are you ready to handle life (and possible danger) when you have seven hybrids that are going to take y...

  • Wild || BTS x Reader (DISCONTINUED)
    82.6K 1.9K 28

    What happens when you find 7 stranded hybrids on your way back from a horrible day? Y/n Y/l stumbled across an alley from her boyfriend's, I mean, Ex boyfriend's house. She hears rumbling in the trash can and steps closer. Will she regret her choice by stepping into the alley? One word. Nope. ©️dearxbangtan warning: s...

    21.8K 720 5

    Hybrids. They've been a part of humanity ever since I was young. But ever since the incident happened there hasn't been a hybrid in sight. Not a single one. So when a couple of animals show up on my doorstep I didn't think anything of it. That is, until they showed me what they really were.

  • G A M E O V E R || BTS x Reader
    78.4K 3.6K 20

    "Where the hell am I?!" He yelled out as he frantically ran around the unfamiliar forest. "Calm down, princes." A subtle, almost calming, voice said from beyond the trees. He stopped dead in his tracks upon the unfamiliar voice. He turned around slowly to meet the eyes of a girl. Her eyes looked dull in the low light...

  • Extinct {BTS FF}
    783K 29.9K 46

    "Wait I thought you guys were extinct!?" " we are?" Hybrids have gone extinct, or have they really? SMUT WARNING KINK WARNING YANDERE WARNING READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

  • Werewolf Queen | bts au
    277K 12.2K 67

    "You're our Queen." Every 4th generation, a female is chosen from the Werewolf King's bloodline. She has the pure blood for a werewolf line, meaning her children will be the best of the best. A threat to other werewolves. Now it's time for a new generation to give the best offspring. Sort of like a curse. She must ch...

  • Seven Sins | BTS x Reader
    514K 25K 53

    Since ancient times, on January 13th of every year, a young human is the Chosen One - descending down sheer endless stairs into the cave where the demons live. The Seven Sins. This year, you have been chosen, and you leave behind your family and all of human kind to once more protect the world from the wrath of the...

    Completed   Mature
    57.5K 1.7K 28

    "you say you want it big and bad, don't you" "everything you never had, baby" "you say you want it big and bad," "i'm a sinner, a savage, but mostly," "im the wolf" -Wolf, Miguel

  • Robots
    30K 1.3K 14

    Humans create things,only to destroy them in the end. And when they lose control over them,the whole world dies. --- In the year 2026,a scientist managed to create a robot form of humans. These were called Androids. They were released to the public by January 2030. They,looked,sounded and acted just like humans. Thei...

  • The Seven{BTSxReader}
    577K 32.6K 44

    "I'm crazy? No, darling. What's crazy is that the world refuses to let me be with you." * * * * * Mafia!Au Slight Yandere behavior. #18 in btsxreader #1 in btsxreader

  • Fangirl // BTS X Reader (Instagram AU)
    66.3K 1.8K 15


  • Instinct (On-Hold)
    59.9K 1.8K 11

    (Slow updates, sorry for any inconvenience) BTS x reader (Werewolf) You've caught the attention of seven lovely, beautiful, gorgeous men. You, an ordinary-looking, feisty girl. Feelings blossom, instincts take over and none of them can let you go... so they agree to share.

  • My 7 Hybrids & Me / BTS hybrid AU
    157K 4.8K 31

    " Uhh ? " °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°∞°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° There's hundred of thousands of universe . This story is in one where human and hybrids exist , Y/n is a young girl who live alone in a big house. She's always lucky or unlucky , there no between. But the day when She founds this hybrid in the forest , was she lucky or unluc...

  • Double Trouble
    2.4K 160 10

    As a twin sister to your popular, beautiful, 'outgoing' sister, you share quite an opposite trait. The fact that no one knows that you are her twin, sure has it's perks. Except for the fact that your twin will leave you to dress up as her in order to reject and shoo persistent boys. But little did you know that reject...

  • The Seven Princes || A BTS FAN FIC || BTS X READER
    94K 4.3K 25

    You stopped at your tracks as two voice called out to you. "Stop!" You panted as you tightened you grip at the boy you're carrying. He whimpered quietly and he hugged you tighter in fear. You kept your head low for your hood to hide you face. "Please,turn around. We won't hurt you or the boy," the voice kept coming cl...

  • Time || BTS
    10.7K 491 23

    Seven souls died because of suicide, another soul is still living and trying to find out the truth. Will they crash together? Will the soul be able to find out the mystery behind it and save the lost souls? Started: Begin of September 2019 (I think lol) Ended : ㅡ 12. puzzle [15/06/19] ㅡ 64. btsxreader [22/06/20] ㅡ 1...

  • Coffee Shop (bts x reader)
    286K 8.3K 30

    BTS x reader soulmate au warning: -their ages are altered a bit -poly relationships -adult themes -swearing -horrible writing (hint: unedited) -pov switching -little!(not gonna tell you who it is just for the element of surprise mwahaha)

  • Work Hard, Play Hard [BTS Harem] {BOOK}
    61K 2.6K 22

    You work in an office. The work is tough. The pay isn't even that good. The boss is a nightmare. But you still work there. Why? It might be because of a certain group of boys. [This is a BTS reverse harem story featuring YOU as the protagonist and you will meet each of the boys whilst you work at the office].

  • Noona | bts
    145K 5.3K 15

    ❝aww, they're all so cute, are you their mother? ❞ started : xi.iv.xvii

  • Pocket Sized |mini bts x reader|
    67.1K 2.8K 17

    bts fantasy au | y/n decides to visit the park near her apartment, then she suddenly finds some very cute pocket sized people. "are you kidding me yoongi you said that this was the right way" "shut up..... wait where the hell is namjoon and hoseok" ~ "Holy shit why the crap are you guys so small"

  • "I Want To Hear You Babygirl" [BTS eightsome] 21+ ff
    206K 1.6K 13

    These 7 men are so fucking hot they will show you their love in such a sexy way Follow me on Instagram: @serendipitys_filter Follow me on twitter: @WhippedMoon