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  • The Alpha and Omega√ (BxB Polyamory)
    99.4K 4.9K 53

    *Revised version with New Content Available on Amazon for preorder! * Alaric Hale should have grown up to be the Alpha of the Waning Moon Pack. That was until a group of Hunters known as the Knight's of Gillivray (Servant of Judgement), slaughtered most of the pack, including his f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Taking Responsibility (MxM)
    1.7K 122 23

    Jonah: Everyone has their secrets and I'm no different. I'm keeping several of them. If those secrets fell into the wrong hands, it could be the end of my species as well as the rest of our world. But there comes a time when the burden of keeping those secrets is too much. So, after 34-years of hiding the truth, I've...

  • X Bond (MxM)
    542 40 9

    As an Omega in the McKenna family, Sei always knew that he would have an arranged marriage to an Alpha of equal standing upon his 18th year. He used to loathe the idea, until he found out his betrothed was one of his childhood best friends, Jayce Eden. Sei believes he's lucky to be engaged to someone already close to...

  • The Boys for Me (BxBxB)
    19.4K 624 34

    JUDAS: I was the first one to befriend that lonely kid in class back in 2nd grade. I didn't know why the other kids ignored him. His name was Killian Foster and he was my first love. And then his family moved away in the 5th grade, but not before I gave him a farewell kiss on the lips. There's also a boy named John Ba...

  • The Blessed Curse (BxB)
    630 34 7

    Julien has known from the time he was 8-years old that he would be offered up and contracted to a demon upon the evening of his 17th birthday. However, he will be the first boy in his family that was ever chosen for this and no one knows what to expect, especially Julien. As someone that favors men and is repulsed b...