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  • Forbidden {Gene X Reader}
    3.8K 164 14

    Falling in love with your brothers enemy, is one of those things to keep hidden. (Y/N) is the twin sister of Laurance Zvahl, and he is super protective over her. He told​ his sister everything, and she told him everything too. But, here's one thing he never told her about; The Shadow Knights. He thought he wouldn't ne...

  • Snooter for Love // Daniel x Reader
    41.1K 1.1K 16

    Snooter for Love Previously the Number 1 story in the #DanielXReader tag The Number 6 in the #MyStreet tag - A Daniel X Reader, from the universe of MyStreet, created by Aphmau ((Pure fluff, as this is Daniel we're talking about)) Being a little anti-social, and a werewolf, you expected your high school experience to...

  • Scars To Her Beautiful: PDH X Reader
    12.1K 247 35

    Y/N L/N is a transfer student from O'Kasis Prep that moved with her 2 brothers, Jake, and Max, along with her sister, May, her mother, Martha, and her father, John. What will happen to Miss Y/N? To find out, read the story!

  • My life at Phoenix Drop High pdh x reader
    3.6K 50 30

    "Y/n get up! You're gonna be late for school!" "Ok mom!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My name is Y/n. I have two childhood friends. They are twins. There names are lilla and dellila. We are all freshmen. We are so excited! What will happen? Who will we meet? Will we fall in love?Will we be bullied? Who knows? Read and find out! ~~~~...

  • He Loves Me【Zane X Reader】[ Completed ]
    32.2K 1K 34

    CONTENT CONTAINS : SELF HARM SUICIDAL THOUGHTS DRUG USE & STRONG LANGUAGE IF YOU'RE EASILY TRIGGERED OR UNCOMFORTABLE, DO NOT READ!! • " But your so cold to me sometimes " " I have anger issues " " From now on, can we like, be more than friends? " " Like, we're dating? " " Of course " • I was put in the orphanage by m...

  • MyStreet X Reader
    364K 10.1K 62

    (Y/N) (L/N), a girl with a tragic past meets some interesting people on her street. Or should I say MyStreet? #20 in minecraft #2 in Laurance

  • Inner demons x reader
    31.7K 718 13

    Aphmau fans Get ready for a bit of depression but the possibility of you dating a demon from deamos! Highest ranks Pierce:#4 mid:#14 noi:#17 rhys:#31 leif:#22 myinnerdemons:#44 Asch:#255

    51.6K 1K 19

    You are Ava's friend who just moved into her apartment to help her out. You have a dark past, so dark your mind erased it from your memory. But they're starting to return now, and why? At the same time, you allow some 'daemos' into you and Ava's apartment, but can't help but feel connected to them in a way. Why? I don...

  • (Mystreet X Reader) ♡ Kinetic Energy (Completed)
    103K 2K 78

    ❦(Y/N), she's a funny, loving, girl who forces herself to move from the city she lived in, to a new place called Mystreet. This is because of her ex-friend that new her secret, she was a popular star named Kinetic. This "friend" told everyone about this. Her life was a nightmare. Since then she's made new friend. Some...

  • I'M FINE. ~ PDH x reader
    17.4K 385 20

    Y/n L/N, probably the most stressed out person in school. Teachers expect perfection because her perfect older sister just graduated. And Y/n is just a freshman. Her parents are usually away on business trips.. by parents I mean her dad. Her mother divorced him. When the father is there he is always stressing Y/n out...

  • Not Leaving Again| Katelyn X Reader
    23.6K 563 20

    Y/N hasn't seen her friends in years. High school didn't last forever, and now Y/N wants to reunite with the people she called family, especially her best friend, Katelyn. But what will happen when she does find them again? Will everything go as if high school hadn't ended? Or has too much happened while she was gone...

  • Phoenix Drop High x Reader
    184K 3.9K 70

    Y/n is a new student at Phoenix Drop High. Entering her freshman year and moving to a new school isn't perfect like a lot of people think it is. Especially when you make friends with Aphmau. She and her friends give you a warm welcome, but what you don't know is that the guys all developed a crush on you and they are...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Other Side Of Me ✔️ | Garroth x Laurence x Reader PDH
    45.1K 1.7K 39

    Y/N L/N and her younger brother haven't had the best start to life, but it was getting better. After being abused by a careless and drunk father and a mother that didn't care for the kids, they were adopted by a nice family. Now they were both attending Phoenix Drop High. Y/N being a sophomore and her younger brother...

  • Aphmau One Shots |♥|
    10.4K 170 15

    This Aphmau One-Shot book, has sections. Each section contains two or ships. There is also a random section where one shots of just one ship will be. If your confused read the first chapter! Suggestions are welcome! Just comment inside! ✿SECTIONS INSIDE ✿Garrence ✿Random ~More sections to be included~ Credit for...

  • Texting Zu | Zane x Flirt!~ Reader
    7K 527 31

    Y/N - Hey there bestie! Zane - Hey there Y/N - let's have a chat Credit for all the characters and setting is for @Empress_Aphmau And BlueJay Studios All except for Y/N who belongs to you. started - 3.1. 2020 Aphmau #98- #4.23. 2020 |

  • |Secrets| Aaron x reader PDH
    30.5K 718 16

    "The stars and moon in the dark sky mix." Aaron x reader Heeey! So yeah it's a bad description. I know. I know.

  • The Homicide 【 Laurence X Reader 】
    911 45 7

    《 He may love me but once I tell him the truth he'll leave me like the others did... 》 【 Started: July 16, 2018 】 【 Finished: 】 !! Story may contain blood and all that sorts of stuff, you've been WARNED !!

  • Popularity « Vylad X Reader » COMPLETE BOOK ONE
    28.8K 754 21

    My names Y/N L/N,I'm the most popular girl in Phoenix Drop High. Yes,All the boys are all over me and follow me everywhere,I'm not interested in any of them actually. Until one day in the library I bump into someone who kind of changed my life (#1 in romeave 12-3-18)

  • Feelings 『 Laurence X Reader 』CONTINUED!!
    1.1K 38 9

    ♡ Will the string of hope stay together forever ? ♡ ♥︎ Or will it just snap..?♥︎ 『Started- 5/19/18 』 『 Finished- 』

  • Ripping apart Vylad X Reader Book 2
    1K 45 2

    !This book may contain depression and self harm! Book 2 of 'popularity' my Vylad X Reader!🍃🌼

  • Changed 『 Gene X Reader 』
    23.4K 638 15

    Y/N moves into Mystreet and sees a lot of old faces she misses. But one she wishes she never saw again.

  • The Light in His Darkness: Zane X Reader
    30.3K 629 20

    Y/n L/n is a guard in Phoenix Drop. Everyone talks about the evil high priest of O'kasis Zane R'omave. One day, when Y/n is in the forest she meets a mysterious man. He won't reveal himself to her. The next day Zane shows up. Something about him seems...familiar... That night Y/n has a dream about her best friend from...

  • A battle worth winning- Zane X Reader
    102K 3.6K 25

    Ever since you were ten, Zane never changed. Cold, quiet, never showed emotions. From when you were small, you were friends. Inseparable at that. He grew feelings for you overtime, and this never changed, despite his views on the world. You and him were stuck in the Irene dimension for 15 years. After all of this wa...

  • Being Grateful (Laurance x Reader) | Aphmau Fanfiction| UNDER IMMENSE EDITING
    29K 1.1K 59

    Being Grateful: SAGA ONE It wasn't going to be long before (Y/n) was going to freak. No, not from being scared, but from being stuck on this stupid island right when she was planning to leave. Then there is this Cassanova; Laurance (or whatever his stupid name is) who thinks he can pick up ladies like a magnet. Not on...

  • My Angel (Garroth X Reader)
    140K 3.3K 36

    This is a Garroth X Reader in MyStreet. So basically you move in with Aphmau, Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan and live with them. Then you start hanging out with Garroth until you fall for each other.

  • Garroth x Reader The Secret [complete]
    194K 4.3K 36

    Book 1 Your kingdom got attacked by Shadow Knights. While you were running you stumbled into a village called Phoenix Drop. But will you be able to hide your secret? Or Will it be exposed?

  • Garroth x F!Reader
    183K 4.3K 63

    ~UNDER EDITING~ Um. Hi there. Fair warning, this story is missing two major chunks at the moment. I'll be completely rewriting them :o Other than that, I've been working super duper hard on the existing storyline and I think y'all will like what I've edited so far!

  • Hidden In High School ~ (Garroth x Reader)
    143K 4.3K 47

    Highschool is hard enough as it is. Homework, tests, higher expectations, stress. But it's even harder for you. Your favorite person in the world was shot in front of you just before, and your mother is always drunk and never around. But what are you gonna do when two people try to rescue you? Only one can win you ove...

  • Our Story {Garroth x Reader}
    42.8K 1K 20

    You are Katelyn's younger sister, [Y/n]. On your way to a cosplay convention, when your friend, Gina, forgot to fill the car up with gas or that what it looks like. And now you are in the middle of no where....great....JUST GREAT!!!!

  • Garroth x Reader
    32.6K 748 31

    I will try to make this a little different than other Garroth x Reader stories, I will hurt my hand a lot, but I will do for all of you! You move in my street and meet wonderful people, but you find yourself in some situations you can't get out of.