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  • Drawing Brian May
    61 5 1

    Brian May flicks through some of Freddie's drawings....

  • Dostana (Friendship)
    244 16 4

    Freddie and Brian bump into each other while looking for an apartment to rent. Falling in love with the same apartment, they decide to pretend to be gay in order to acquire the apartment. Soon they realize their acting is getting real from the day one. Female!Roger and crazy John.

  • Gay Queen Smut Oneshots
    203K 2.3K 18

    Gay smut!! 18+, kinks, vanilla, all types of smut here! Message me for requests ;)

  • We Ship Froger
    1K 21 5

    This is a story of two legends getting shiped and getting locked in closets.

  • Froger story
    1.1K 15 6

    Smut/rape/spanking/bdsm/rough/abuse also this is gonna be a very diff fanfic, so you will be shocked to find out who the dominant ones are ;))

  • Queen Gay Oneshots (Maylor/ Frian/ Deacury/ Froger/Dealor/Breaky) Smut And Fluff
    16.3K 269 12

    Just some random gay queen stories that come out of my head because I have nothing more important to do

  • Our Story
    13.3K 501 12

    Now an old man, Roger Taylor never thought that he would speak of his first love, the greatest love he's ever had ever again. Until one day, while visiting, his granddaughter Anna discovers an old photo album filled with pictures of her grandfather and a man she's never seen before happily in love. When confronted abo...