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  • I Love You ~ Beronica
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    Veronica has been crushing on Betty for her two years of being at Riverdale High so far. What will happen between the two as the boys start to drift away? Find out in this story of "I Love You".

  • Rivergays | A Riverdale Groupchat
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    josieee: so betty josieee: you say you're straight bcooper: um because i am? bironica: oh babe bironica: you literally sucked face with me at the vixen's tryouts bcooper: well you kissed me first! what was i supposed to do? run away? ~~~ The Riverdale gays start a group chat and some interesting things come to light...

  • Beronica One Shots
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    This will be a collection of beronica oneshots. I plan to write more beronica fics in the future so keep checking my page for new info or for the fics. Happy reading!

  • snapchat; beronica au
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    veronicaalodge: hey sexy ;) betty.cooper: excuse me? ©nevermcnd 2017